44 YO, Mother to 2 Young Women 19 and 14. 5' 112 Pounds - Raleigh, NC

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After breastfeeding two daughters that are now...

After breastfeeding two daughters that are now young women, and supporting a military husband and family I am finally able to do something just for me. I have always wanted to have my breasts done, but when the children were younger it simply would not fit into our budget. I am super excited about this opportunity to have this done after all this time.

Current pictures

Pre-op today

I had my pre-op appointment today! I have my prescriptions and everything Im thinking I will need for my recovery. My PS and I agreed to do 320 cc Saline Dual Plane with overfill to 350 (possibly) . Im super excited as the day gets closer but I just hope I don't have a panic attack between now and wednesday worrying about so much.

Counting down the days… I hope I'm ready

Well today is Monday and I think Im ready. My surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday and I have to be there at 7:00 am. I started taking the Miralax yesterday in hopes that I do not get constipated from the narcotics. I have all my things prepared for my recovery period with the exception of my wedge pillow and that SHOULD be delivered today. I finally told my daughters about the procedure, but have yet to tell my mother,my plan is just to SURPRISE her :-) Im pretty good right now, trying not to worry and stress myself unnecessarily but I'd be lying if I said Im not worried about the pain. I keep telling myself you've had two babies so surely you can handle this. SO far thats NOT working… Im just gonna try to relax and enjoy this time before my new boobies get here……..

Today's the day

I'm headed In for my procedure and my nerves are mush!! Talk about having butterflies ..

I've got Boobies

Well as soon as I arrived at the office, they took me right in, got marked up and ready to go. I did get one last picture in the scrubs and then I was into the. OR. I remember the IV and then the nurse saying I've given you the margarita mix,.. Next thing I know she was calling my name saying are you ready to go" . The ride home actually wasn't bad. Once I got home was another story. I tried to go the bdthroom and ivy grew up all over the place. After cleaning that up my DH got me in the bed and there's where I will be all day...how do I feel? I can honestly say it's not "Terrible" pain but definitely pressure. I also have on the strap and I feel likes it's cutting off my airway .i cannot move around on the bed because it hurts to do so. Sleeping at an incline is a nightmare and not comfortable AT ALL. I can definitely tell I have boobies so I'm trying to focus on that . Ok I think that's all for now .

Post op Day 1

Well thank God, today is SOOOO much better. I have been able to keep my medicine down for 24 hours now so I am starting to feel great.I realized the reason I was in so much pain yesterday was because everytime I threw up my meds came back up. The secret to keeping them down was Ritz crackers before, with and after my meds. I have been sleeping A lot today but no pain so I will certainly take that. I ate a bowl of soup yesterday that also came up so as of now the only thing Ive actually eaten is the crackers. I have not showered yet, but plan to later today as my PS said I could. My PS also gave me the band to wear over my breast and it is the DEVIL and hurts like hell. I also have been getting sharp pains in my right breast that can be rather painful so I will ask the PS about those when I talk to him, Even though I am sleeping a lot it is certainly not a restful sleep as I am a back sleeper and this wedge pillow is not very comfortable but I will follow doctors orders and stay elevated. I also have been icing so I can't really say that I am very swollen. Overalll I love my new boobies and I will love them even more when the pain goes away. I know my update is all over the place and Im sorry but Im kinda in and out with these great meds :-) I will attach pictures after I post this update because they are on my phone. Thank you to all the ladies that reached out to me and sent me good boogie vibes on yesterday it was certainly appreciated….

post op day 1

post op day 2

well its been 2 days and Im feeling pretty good. my breast are feeling ok and I actually went out yesterday. I tire very easily so i know i am not back to100 percent thats for sure. I still mostly sleep all day, but Im really just trying to follow my bodies lead and rest when she says so. I m really liking the way the girls are looking though. I found out from my doctor that he put 360cc, dual plane saline implants in. My appetite has picked up so yesterday I was able to eat almost a whole meal from cheesecake factory. I also was able to shower (with help) and take off the strap for a while. I am now wearing a$7 fruit of the loom bra I bought at Walmart and it is amazing. When I woke up this morning my breast were pounding with pain, is this the morning boob" and if so when does it go away? I am still at the place where I feel weighted down with my new boobies so Im sure Im walking like a cripple.. I've got to work on that for sure, its not very graceful. Well ladies thats all for now, I think my meds are starting to kick in.. Have a great day..

Post op day 2 pictures

post op day 5

Well its day 5. My girls are looking great but gosh they are HEAVY!! I feel like a bloated cow and like I am being stretched to the ends of the earth. Yesterday was the first day that I actually was out all day… It was simply too much. I learned that I still need to take it easy because my body is not back to 100% yet. I am not having pain but the stretching feeling is extremely uncomfortable. Last night was also the first night I had a full nights sleep since my BA. I have finally found a comfortable way to sleep on my left side(with my pillows of course) and I was able to rest well. Overall I am doing ok but boy oh boy will I be glad when this weighted down feeling goes a way

Day 4

1 week post op appointment

well yesterday was officially a week with my new boobies. Although I am absolutely loving how they look, I wish I could say I love how they feel. They feel like I am walking around with watermelons on my chest. I went to see my PS yesterday and he assured me that I was in fact normal in how I was feeling and that was extremely reassuring to me. He took the strips off of my incision and that made me feel pretty good. He told me that I just needed to give it time at this point for the girls to feel like a part of me. I can honestly say that I am finally sleeping through the night and last night was actually the first night I was able to sleep on my back and that's heaven for me. I am still taking my muscle relaxers at night before bed because I swear the morning boob is THE DEVIL.. It is truly the worst part of this whole experience.

New pics

I'm finally feeling somewhat normal!!

almost 3 weeks post op

Well its been a while, thought I would take some current pictures and update my boobie friends. Tomorrow I will officially be 3 weeks post op. I am feeling better, much closer to normal but I still cannot really sleep flat on my tummy, I am definitely sleeping better but sometimes still having morning boob. My incisions are healing pretty nicely the one on the left is very smooth to the touch already but the one on the right seems to be taking a little longer to smooth out. They are certainly closed though, so I am not worried at all. I am still mostly wearing sports bras but I have purchased a couple of really nice wireless bras from Victorias Secret that I absolutely love. I just recently came back from trips to South Beach Miami and the Bahamas where I was more than a little excited to wear a bikini AND take pictures for the first time since nursing my baby girl over 13 years ago. I am IN LOVE with my new girls and love how they look. It's very interesting to see people that I haven't seen and how they look at me when they see me.. You can tell they are wondering but in most cases anyway, wouldn't dare ask.. I have shared with quite a few people in my family but not very many friends and none of my coworkers at all. I am a teacher so it should be interesting when I go back in a few weeks. I have always been very petite and therefore always bought Xsmall tops, I have now actually realized that Xsmall is too small and makes my boobies look HUGE especially in a tank top or fitted shirt. I have found myself taking more time when picking shirts to buy. All in all, everything is going well.
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