tecera Rhinoplastic and I Still Dont Like the Result

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So when I was 19 I decide to get a nose job cause...

so when I was 19 I decide to get a nose job cause my nose was big. it turn out to be a bad decision my nose end up horrible so I was relly depressed. people started to make fun of me and make comments so I avoid going out. And I was in college so it was horrible. now I just went for a third revision an I still dont like the result I look bad and Ithink te tip is turn up and also does not look natural. but for the first and second nose I like the third one better.

so I would like to now what you think.

PD: sorry for mi writing english is not my first language.

3 months post op

i think is looking better, but i still think that is to turn up.I am cosidering a fourth revision rhinoplastic

months post op

3 months post op

third rhinoplasty

7 months post op still the same for me not happy with the results :(
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