44 Yrs Old Tummy Tuck ... I Can't Wait, but I'm Nervous - Quincy, IL

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I'm 30 days away from something that I have waited...

I'm 30 days away from something that I have waited forever to be able to do. I'm not a small women. 5'6 230lbs curvy and I like my shape minus my gut! Wanting to enjoy wearing underwear that doesn't roll down when I wear it. Concerned about how much pain I will be in. Sleeping in a recliner doesn't sound fun no sex doesn't sound fun how much moving around Will be expected of me or will I know how much I should move around. The going to the bathroom scares me as I owe my pants almost the minute I wake up. Help any suggestions??

getting closer

Went for my pre op yesterday. Blood work today. Im a little excited and still a touch nervous. My partner is more worried than i am. He says he can't believe i wsnt to put myself thru this. Im okay with hiw he feels he is unsure of what he will have to take on with my recovery he doesn't like my crabby side.

12 days away... starting to try and figure out f I have everything

Help does anyone have suggestions for things i may need for my recovery. My first few days i have help but after the weekend i will be alone with friends checking in on me. Will i be ok? I have a bathroom very near where i will be recovering i set up my office with a comfy chair that is electric. I got a toilet riser and now what else do you all suggest...

i did it!!!

Well ladies im 2days post op. I'm very pleased with the process. Not used to not moving around when i want but I'm managing ok with the help of my partner. My surgery went well my after care isn't that bad. Can't wait to bathe tomorrow. I did get a shower chair to sit on so i can enjoy the water on my body. My knees hurt a little bit my butt is sore also from the sitting but i am moving around the recommended 10minutes every 2hours. Sleeping thru night pretty much. 5day check up on Wednesday that walk will be my challenge I'm sure. I will share my pics eventually when i can upload them. Happy with the care I've received from my doctor and nurse practitioner and of course my wonderful boyfriend.

my Dr was amazing!

He has given me what I always wanted. Dr. PHILPOTT you rock! Thank you for everything! Your staff is excellent!
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