Rhinoplasty Hump Removal - Quebec, QC

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Hello , I'm 35 and I have scheduled a rhinoplasty...

Hello , I'm 35 and I have scheduled a rhinoplasty to remove my hump that I got from dear grand-mother (lol) and I also want to correct the tip of my nose (bringing it up a little bit) this I got from my father this time ! ... included is my nose (now) and a morph I did with photoshop . I have always hated my nose for as long as I remember.

more pic

more pic

Well I've got some comments telling me I dont really need a rhinoplasty since my hump seems very small well here are some new pic to show the hump


wow look at the morph
Web reference: http://www.facialsurgery.com/RealSelf/RealSelf_AL.html

it is from the Dr below he is very to have done this for me .. I'm gonna show this to my surgeon and say thats what I want .. :O) here is he:
Steven M. Denenberg, MD
Omaha Facial Plastic Surgeon

saw surgeon yesterday

Yesterday I have an appointment with my surgeon for the last time outside the surgery unit , I asked him all my questions , I showed him the morph I had from Dr Denenberg.. he said "well yes it could look a lot like this" like he did not want to commit on a picture.. I can understand it .. so it went well overall , I now know he does a lot of nose a year and thats good thats it for now. :)

I let it go

Hey just to let you know I decided to let it go , I was able to live with it 35 years old I think I can go with that nose for the next 60 or so lol, you know I spoke to some (a lot) of women they all told me the same thing (I did not see it before u spoke about it) so If no one sees it then fuck it .. I aint got no money to waste and time .. I'm gonna take the kids to disney instead ! thx realself tho this was great . take care all and good luck ..
Michel Roy

Dr Michel Roy , La cité médicale , I had researched a lot on rhinoplasty so when I went to meet him, we had a good talk about it , he explained everything all the procedure, everything was exactly what I read so I guess its a good signs he knows what he's doing. He was nice the first time I met him and very calm ... I forgot to ask some questions so I called back to have another meeting with him on august 13th to clear some questions out of my head. On the 13th I will get all the papers I have to sign then talk to him again...

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