Yilys De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

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While I waited to see the Dr. my gfriend & me...

While I waited to see the Dr. my gfriend & me started conversation with the secretary and gather some info into this surgeon the facility and some of the things seen there. After a loong wait!, I MADE A LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENT! wich equals to a loong waiting period of time. i guess my bad:
The Dr. arrived we discussed all my options and we discusssed the possible effects positive and negative. Anesthesiologist, pre op exams, recovery, meds etc!

Breast lift + aug & tummy tuck

I'm back and decided i would go with breast lift+implant & tummy tuck.
I am currently 150 pounds I started a healthier habit today! Yey mee!
I am striving for 125!! Lord help mee! 25 pounds may sound like nothing to some of you but Lord knows!! My heart!! I will get there!. I've been Reading and watching youtube videos of breast lifts and tummy tucks I guess it has become my new obsession!! Hehe Any ways! I'll be going again in july to DR this time to check the Recovery Houses and other stuff. I would like to see Yily again to discuss things one more time.
I am starting on vitamins and buying stuff little by little.
Yily girsl looking gooood! Praying for all of u. Blessings

17 May 2013

  • 17 May 2013

So, this need to become who I wanna be physically has led me to what I want to do spiritually. Helping others is one of the things that has always made me feel like is my purpose in life. Reading and reading I've come up with this amazing women sharing their testimonies about there experiences the good the bad the unwanted!
I have the blessing to maybe be closer to DR and the flexibility to go back and forth to check the facilities and confirm information. but not all of us do!!
So I am sooo thankful for u all showing your strength & weaknesses without anything in return giving others advice and sharing ur experience. So far I am trying to gather as much info as possible about safe transportation, recovery houses, (not just any RH), after care, food and all the alike.
-To all of you who are closer to ur surgery date, STAY POSITIVE AND STAY HEALTHY!!
-To all of you who are in recovery! Remember your body is HEALING doont streesss!!!
God bless!! ;)

19 May 2013

  • 19 May 2013

So... I keep reading and reading and reading.. A lot of times girls are traveling alone without a loved one that can be there to watch over them and make sure STRESS is not in the midst of it all. After all STRESS is a big part of a good or bad recovery. Lots of times you don't speak the language (spanish) you are in pain and maybe want to call and talk to a family member a friend a loved one.
I wouldn't have surgery in another country where I'll be alone and didn't speak the language.
I am a big girl TRUST ME.. Had my baby at the early age of 15, natural birth 7 pounds 8 ounces all alone without family in NY in the coldest month..
I have grown into a young adult women and with that I've also become soo sensitive and fragile with myself and others. I often read this stories the ones that have gone great the ones not that great, the ones where girls are alone. Just thinking about u all at the end we all want to look and feel great!!

2 Jul 2013

  • 2 Jul 2013

I'm back this time with the news that apparently at CIPLA center a 27 year old female died while getting surgery. At this moment I do not know who she was getting surgery with. She's from Holand. Theres the link. http://www.algomasduro.com/noticias/videos/29442-muere-en-cirugia-altagracia-mejia-en-el-centro-internacional-de-cirugia-plastica-avanzada-cipla-

28 Jul 2013

  • 28 Jul 2013

Switching DURAN!

After serious consideration and seeing before&after's and aftercare!! I choose Duran!

31 Jul 2013

  • 31 Jul 2013

My surgeon go's by the name of Agustina Hilario Duran! I love every single patient she has worked on. She has given me a quote for tt, lipo sculpture and bbl! I would love to get my boobs done instead so I am waiting for her answer! Other than that I am looking forward to having it done in OCT. so We'll see what she says. I had decided on Yily I even payed an evaluation with her back in may. My heart now inclines over Duran for a lot of reasons.. With that said I guess I am more excited!


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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