The Countdown Begins!!!!!!!! Size E to Hopefully a Size C or Small D! - Princeton, NJ

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I'm less than 48 hours away! My goals are to...

I'm less than 48 hours away! My goals are to feel better about myself emotionally and physically. To not feel back/shoulder/neck pain or the digging of my bra straps on my shoulders to finally be able to wear a strapless top! I've waited long enough...I'm 44 and I finally decided that it's OK to do this for ME!. I didn't go through insurance to avoid all the hassles and approvals... I really got to work around my schedule. I weigh about 154, I'm 5'5 and I'm ready!

Day 2 of recovery

I have been home recovering from my BR surgery and its been a lot harder than I thought. I know its still early but I guess I expected something less painful. The surgery was a full 5 1/2 hours!!! I don't know why it was so long, and I also woke up with a horrible pain in my arms. As if I were maybe being held up by my arms during the procedure. I couldn't stand the pain but it is now subsiding. Coming out of the anesthesia was a lot worst than I was expecting. I was vomiting and felt horrible. They kept me in recovery for over 6 hours til I no longer felt nauseuas. Tomorrow I get to see my surgeon and I get to ask her all these questions, but most importantly, I get to see what I look like!!! I can already feel the lightness of my upper body. Its just an incredible feeling to not feel so top heavy...Feeling super grateful for having done this. Will post pics as soon as I am able to, hopefully by tomorrow

Day 5 post surgery

Happier than I thought I would be! I'm actually ecstatic with the results and the recovery. I have basically stopped taking the pain killers and am only taking the antibiotics. It's really surreal to see my new breasts! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting this procedure done. Don't settle for big breasts, this WILL change your life! Tape will be removed in about 4 days, can't wait!

Going to get my tape removed tomorrow!

Well I am now 10 days post op and it's been a pretty manageable process. I do get certain sharp pains every once in a while and I also get nipple sensitivity. I'm wondering if this is normal? My nipples are constantly hard and I am happy because that means that I haven't lost my nerves BUT I am wondering if they will remain like this at all times??? I sure hope not. I get to see my PS tomorrow to get the tapes removed which means I get to see my scars and finally get to see my areola.....Which was not pretty before surgery so I can't wait to see if they are round and neat and not spread out (crossing fingers). Hoping to find out if anyone knows of the best creams that have worked for them in regards to minimizing scars. I know I will always have scars but hoping I can minimize them as much as possible. Any suggestions welcomed!

8 days post surgery

Tape is off. Reality is setting in. I'm now able to see the scars and I'm in the process of making sure I heal correctly, so nothing opens up or gets infected. I'm still wearing post surgery bras and camisole tops( can't believe my girls fit into one of these!). The scars at first are a bit scary. I'm getting used to the fact that they aren't as bad as I thought they'd be. I know this is a process and I also know my breasts will take on a more natural shape with time. I have to rub nepsporin on the scars twice a day and since its summer I have to be careful not to overdo it since I can develop a yeast infection from too much antibiotic ointment. Due to humidity..makes sense to me. So I'm just taking it easy and not going out in the sun for too long. The scars itself aren't too bad considering I had over 950 grams removed. My left breast still looks swollen and the areas where my scars are still hurt sometimes. Like a stinging sensation. Always worried I'm going to bust open! LOL. I'll continue to post as I move along. I'm finding this community very helpful and hope to be of help to others...

18 days post surgury-stitches out

My doctor used disolvable sutures but
I still had some extra stitches sticking out that needed to be removed today. It was painless and super quick. I really just had a little knot like suture under my breast in the center...she wants me to continue the nepsporin for 2 more days and then start the Biocream which she says helps me heal faster and diminishes scars. So far so GREAT! Every day I feel better. I'm back at work and even though I still get stings, zings, and other shooting pains on either breast, it's just nerve regeneration. Knowing that makes the pain more bearable. I'm still dealing with nipple sensitivity so if you know a way to help ease that please let me know.

I am starting to shop around for clothes but I'm noticing that psychologically I'm still not used to my new body. I find my self still looking for clothes I would wear to make me look smaller and all in size L which don't fit me. It's work in progress!

Needing suggestions for restorative creams post surgery

I'm currently on Neocutis brand Bio cream which has some patented products related to stem cell and the reviews seem great. This was recommended by my PS and she has lead me wrong BUT I wanted to know what everyone else is using so I can perhaps see what works best for me. Thank you in advance for suggestions
New York Plastic Surgeon

So far I've only the most pleasant experience. From Carol who works closely to Dr Hazen to Dr Hazen herself. They are the the ultimate professionals and have been very helpful during this process. I have been told by many people that Dr Jill Hazen is the best and she's had nothing but success stories with breast reductions. I cannot wait to be able to see my results!

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