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Well I've been struggling with a weak jaw and chin...

Well I've been struggling with a weak jaw and chin for years. I got a rhino a couple of years ago and it was wonderful, but a smaller nose made my jaw line appear even weaker. I've thought about everything. Jaw surgery. Chin implants. Neck lift. Lipo. Etc. I'm a skinny girl. Barely 100lbs so the stubborn area under my chin had ALWAYS been noticeable. Even when I was young. I first heard about kybella thru my rhino doctor and was pretty intrigued. But it's so expensive. Anyways I did my research and had multiple consultations with multiple doctors. Most thought I needed more drastic action than kybella. Which is why I went with the only doctor who suggested kybella. He understood that I was hoping for a non surgical option after already having rhino. And thought that I'd be a great candidate for kybella since I'm young and thin and only want a small change in my submental area. Ever since I made the decision I combed he Internet for reviews and since it's so new, there aren't many. So I guess I feel I need to contribute. Even tho my pics are completely embarrassing! Ha.

I had my first injections yesterday. Two vials at $1200 (all together). THE SWELLLING! Holy crap. From the few reviews I read, I was expecting significant swelling. But mine is extra intense. It started immediately and has only increased.

Day Four

Seems much better today. The swelling hasn't gone down very much but it's definitely not like the first day. Now it looks about what I expected. It's very tender so I have not touched that area to see if it's firm or soft or numb. It appears very soft tho.


No change

Round 2 on 12/7/15

So I had my second set of injections. I did see a small amount of improvement from my first round, however it was very very minimal and I wanted to go ahead and get the second round out of the way for the holidays. It hurt pretty much the same as the first time. The injections went very quickly (about 5 mins) but I was stuck in traffic for an hour on the way home and the gel packs they gave me for the drive only lasted about ten mins. Ha. So I was in a LOT of pain for that hour. My suggestion to anyone planning to get this is to schedule this procedure during late morning- early midday to miss rush hour traffic ;-) otherwise, once I've was on it was easy. Swelling was still significant but it is not Thursday and I'm already walkin around without my scarf! I hope to start seeing some real results soon. Fingers crossed!

One and a half months after round two

Almost two months after my second round and I definitely see results. They're not as drastic as I was hoping, but I can now see the muscles in my neck. My jowls have not improved MUCH. But directly under the chin has seen a huge improvement. If this procedure was cheaper, I'd be recommending it to everybody. But since the results vary so much, and it's so expensive, it's hard to want to lead someone down the kybella path. I may do a third round, but right now I've spent enough money and I'm happy with the results. I had a huge amount of swelling both rounds but it went away after two weeks. Little pain except during right after procedure. For me, it was easy. Just not easy on the wallet.
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