Rhino Scheduled in Prague - Prague, CZ

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This site has been very helpful to me, so I have...

This site has been very helpful to me, so I have decided to share my story with others.

I am temporarily working in the Czech Republic and have decided to take the plunge. I have thought and done some initial research into on and off rhinoplasty for many years but never had the money, time away from work, and right situation to go ahead with it. Now the time is right. I have had two consultations and my surgery is scheduled two days from now. I'm really anxious and wondering if I am making the right decision. I feel that I am an attractive person. I'm not unhappy with my looks, nor insecure about my appearance. I'm lucky that I look young for my age (just turned 40) but I have always had a nagging dislike of my big nose, I feel that it is my worst feature and disproportionate to my face. I want to have minimal work done--just a gentle refinement of a few parts of my nose I dislike, but I am now worried that I will end up with a very different nose. I like having a strong angular nose, and as I said, I just want a bit of refinement with a bump and bulbous tip, not a radical change, not a dainty nose, nor shorter and definitely not upturned or skislope. I have been reading stories of successful nose jobs as well as unsuccessful ones and am getting more and more nervous. I think my surgeon is very good, and I like her before and after pics, but she has also told me that there can be no 100% guarantees because she will not know anything about the constitution of the nasal bone and tissue until she is actually operating.

Another thing that is preoccupying me a bit is the reaction of friends will be when they see me when I return home to the US. I am really not that obsessed with my appearance, and am frankly a bit fearful of being judged as such. I have only told a hand full of friends that I am doing this. Some are very supportive and some are dead against it and tell me I am crazy. I am secretly hoping that my new nose will be close enough to my old one that it will not be immediately discernable to those who do not know me that well. Any experiences about facing friends post-op would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all the posters who have shared your experiences on this site!

Surgery went well, and recovery is a bit slow. Day...

Surgery went well, and recovery is a bit slow. Day 3 and 4 were especially difficult, but feeling much better now although I am still rather bruised, and breathing is still difficult. I have been laying low.
My surgeon wants me to keep the splint on for 2 weeks, so I can't see the results soon, but already I see a change in the tip. Tomorrow I will venture out for the first time. Big breath.
Thanks again for the many stories on this site!
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