34 Year Old Mum, Hates my Bobble Nose - Prague, CZ

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Booked in for rhino. Getting very nervous as I...

Booked in for rhino. Getting very nervous as I have an unusual shaped nose and can not see any like mine to compare results . I have a slight hump and a very bulbous tip. Hate my nose and have been made fun of for it .

I am going to Prague for surgery as I know a friend who went there. However his nose had a massive hump. I feel my nose is probably a harder job .
Anyone have any thoughts?

It's done

Despite the comments on my last post I decried to go ahead with op. I was happy with what I had seen from the work ds Singerova done on my friends and after a consultation with her I liked her portfolio.

Was very nervous on day of surgery but all staff were great . Pain wasn't so bad afterwards either .

Day two

I am not in any pain but I feel so battered . My swelling is very bad! I have decided to stay in hospital an extra night as I feel safter with the staff around me . I have a lovely room to myself and a wrist band with a buzzer to call staff when ever I want. I did not expect to be this swollen. I think it is the one thing I didn't prepare myself for

Beaky nose

I know it's too early to tell but can't help feeling I have a beak!

Day 3 is this normal?

Still feeling and looking very battered . My whole head aches and I feel so worn out .

Swelling :(

Swelling is just so bad , my nose looks huge :(


Day 5

Getting better very slowly ..... Tip of nose is still very very swollen and so red !

Day 6

Bruising is improving around the eyes. Feeling so much better in myself today! Am worrying about the tip though. Is this swelling ? It looks a bit flat . Am happy I can smile properly all ready

Cast off!

Oh God what a strange experience. At first I had to look away and then go back to the mirror . Nose is still very swollen buy omg it's straight an neat.

Day 8

Eyes are getting better hopefully be gone by next week. Back in work today have had a bit of a headache. Nose is still sore but not requiring pain relief . So far son good

Day 10

My face is starting look better every day . Nose is still sore and numb . I think I have found the swelling the hardest to cope with , more so than the black eyes . Was having pressure headaches last two days seem to have eased off today

14 days

I have reached 14 days so have been out of the house and met up with friends . People say it's strage to look at me at first because I do look different . Sometime I catch myself in a mirror and I also feel that I don't know the person . It's funny how much a small change to your face can be . Here are some before and afters

15 days post pics

Almost 3 week update

Tip of nose is still very swollen and painful. Wondering if there is something wrong ?

18 months later

Before and after

Dr Singerova

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