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Well, after posting pics of my deflated 36d...

Well, after posting pics of my deflated 36d breasts and have had many great answers from the docs, I've decided to go with the lollipop lift...I found Dr. John s. Lee...I research the neck out of anything I'm interested and after months of research, I found his work to be beautiful and with great reviews..honestly he was my first consultation but I knew he was the ps for me.. My pre-op appointment is Thursday (04/21).. Our first appointment we had decided on 350cc moderate profile but after looking at so many reviews, I think I may want to go a bit bigger to 400ccs to be a full 36D.. I'm 5'3 and 142 (trying to lose a few before my surgery scheduled 05/02)..anyway my journey has begun and I'm very excited after years of being saggy after my 4 children!

Getting body prepped for surgery...vegan diet!

Today is day 2 of my attempt at going vegan for at least the next two weeks...I've been researching that healing is so much faster when eating healthy and getting the vitamins we need...I do drink a glass of wine nightly but I heard I should abstain so think I'm also stopping the alcohol. I've been told by docs (from having children) that I'm a bleeder (never to a point of transfusions) and I read red heads don't take anesthesia well (which I've noticed I need more of typically).... a bit concerned so if anyone has any advice on anything, it's very welcome!

Pre op today! Go big or go home is my saying of rhe day haha!

Well at first we were thinking 350ccs would be sufficient but after trying on some bigger sizes I found that with my body shape (curvy with a booty) I can handle being a bit more busty...so this is the weird thing I haven't heard before..the implant I tried on and am going with says it's 398ccs but the nurse said the sized says that but will be more like 500ccs....that seems huge but she explained that every body is different so 500 cc can look completely different on many different women...so here's a pic of me and my 398cc sizers...I'm so excited..between eating healthy and clean and working out I'm at an all time high and just very excited to get this done ;)

Less than 24 hours till surgery

The last few days I've had thoughts and emotions that I hadn't .. I think ots the whole cold feet thing. Part of me is like hey, I look great worth a push up bra in clothes so why should I care so much about how I look naked. I'm single again and figure any man that gets to see them should be great full and love my saggy girls the way they are... But then I looked in the mirror this morning and just so unhappy with how deflated and saggy they are now ( especially after losing so much weight) and now I once again know this is for me and not for the guys..I of course have all the normal concerns of recovery and if I'm going to big or small.. One concern k have is that I'm an exclusive belly sleeper and it's almost impossible for me to sleep in my back.. I mean even at the end of pregnancy I was always able to use a body pillow to prop my belly to the side and still sleep on my stomach somewhat.. Anybody else like me that is able to sleep on your belly after getting large implants? I guess I'll learn to sleep how I can when they get done but it's an odd but real concern I have. anyway less than 24 hours so I'll post pics as soon as I can after the girls are here tomorrow!!

The girs have arrived!!

Well I don't remember much of anything during the procedure but I just took a few pics and so far I'm love

So they wound up putting 450cc in and I was schedule for a lollipop lift ( they decided for that today..which I was ok to get as An anchor lid give my breast the very best result

Peaked and saw my nipples for the first time !!

Peaked and opened up my damages to see my nipples. Thoughts? I like them but I'm a perfectionist . My nipple spook symmetrical but do the look too close together.. I level of they set a little less wid as my befores I'm still very happy thou!!

Post op appointment

Well, I finally got to see my new girls at my post op.. Right now in not happy with how they look though.. I have the Frankenboobs happening. I've seen this on RS and the final results looked great but I have the fear that they won't drop or I'll get double bubble.My PS gave me a band to wear across the top to help aid dropping but for now they look long and square;( has anyone else had this happen after bA/BL

Update... Update!!!!!! Seeing major changes!!

I am so ecstatic this morning as I woke up and did the usual feeling the boobies routine and it felt softer and not that high ridge feeling as I have noticed the last 4 days since my surgery giving me the dreaded "spongebob square boobs" or "Frankenboobs" . I see major changes. Let me know if you see it too... I am feeling so much relief that they're already dropping and fluffing .. Although this may be just a morning noon thing for now.. Still shows me that they'll eventually go where they need to haha

Second post op appointment

Well my PS is more than pleased with my progress.. He taught me some massage techniques and removed the tape and clipped off a few stitches. I couldn't be happier with his work. My areolas are placed perfectly symmetrical and I have literally not felt any pain in my incision area as of yet. I'm starting to love my new girls and excited for the full drop and fluff which he thinks should only take a few weeks to see some major results since there's already been some significant changes.

12 day post op pics

So the girls have dropped a bit since last review.. I'm using how many fingers from collarbone to implant as a guide (scientific I know haha) and last update I believe was 3 and now I can put 4 fingers in between.. The bruising looks almost worse (but no pain honestly there)as it's almost healed and my incisions are almost completely healed.. I had some brain fog and that's gone so just a bit of tenderness around incisions and very mild general boob soreness remains at almost 2 weeks post op.. I'm absolutely loving the work of my surgeon. His skills have been proven with me.. I apologize for the scar sheets covering the vertical scars (just started using last night so didn't want to take them off so early) but I'll tell you the scars are just very thin lines at this point so I know once healed and with the right scar treatment they should be almost invisible!

2 weeks post op with incision pics

Well I know I just updated but I had the scar sheets on so wanted to share how well my vertical incisions are healing ... Also wanted to share a few weird new symptoms. So up until a few days ago I had nada for pain around my nipple incisions. Well things have changed!! I now feel a burning pain around those incisions. I googled of course and I hear this is normal as the nerves are known to "wake up" around this time. It's not unbearable but not fun haha.. The other thing I've noticed is that I felt a bit of tough tissue ( almost a limp) beneath the dark blue grey bruise. My pics show that one pretty clear but hoping its normal and will soften up over time. I'll bring it up to my ps but I assume it's a small healing hematoma ( which is essentially a bruise). Amy feedback is appreciated . I admit I read other horror stories on here of complications and although my experience so far had been seem less I still worry about complications that could still arise since it takes quite a bit of time to fully heal. Happy healing to all you ladies btw!!

Mondor's cords... Anyone heard of this?

Well I've noticed the last few days increased pain when lifting my arms too high.. And I'm talking about the kind of pain where you scream.. Although brief, it's the biggest bitch I've felt in a long time.. Well I decided to touch underneath my breast as I raised my arm and I felt these cords running vertical down my incision. I looked and you can see them which freaked me out big time. I called my ps and was told it's probably nerve pain... But being the detective I am I googled.. Of course it brought me here and I found pictures of exactly what I had and read stories exactly to the T what my symptoms are and it's called Mondors cords ( aka disease bands) ...( Btw I would take a pic and post but it hurts to raise my arms to show it in a pic so feel free to google to see what I'm talking about)....Its actually inflamed veins under the breasts that happens ever so often after breast augmentation. Everythkng I read said it's harmless and just to take ibuprofen and heat and massage the area and goes away on its own after a few weeks or so...anyway just sharing my new complication... Thankfully minor but painful ... Pretty much is helping me follow doctors orders and not raise my arms though now haha

Pics of my new developments

Just thought I'd show what I was mentioning with my last update... Nothing too noticeable with dropping or otherwise.. Just waiting for the morning I wake up with zero discomfort .. Totally bearable but still a bit achy and sore incisions :)btw the lighting in the pics makes the scars and marks much worse than irl

3 weeks post op pics

Not a whole lot to update as I've made some recent ones but thought I'd post wom pics. You can really see how high they still are and need to drop into the empty lower portion of my breasts.. I know this takes time and am at least starting to see them round and fill out just a bit more. Tomorrow is my s find post op so hoping I get cleared to work out as I've gained close to 5 lbs at this point:/

I'm free!!!

Had my 3 week post op and I'm cleared for everything! He is very pleased with my hearing but did confirm my Mondors cords so I just have to be easy on myself when working or lifting.... Honestly the very best thing though oddly to me is to get rid of the damn sports bra!!!!! I'm so happy to be able to wear a normal bra now who hoo!!! Healing great but still need these suckers to drop though. If all goes well I won't be seen for two months though so I'm so so happy that everything looks great to him:)

Almost 7 weeks po

Well.. I wish there were more significant changes and more dropping of the girls but they seem to be just chilling out in the same spot the last few weeks. I do notice my right side is a bit lower and more square than my left (tattooed boob).. I am still very happy and have been wearing as many tank tops and "boob shirts" as I call them as possible just because I love not wearing a bra and just letting the ladies hang out at this point.. And honestly it's so much more comfortable too. I have very rare aches and pains now. Healing nicely and I do the scar strips for a couple days a week so I think that helps. The only strange symptom I have noticed (and please ladies tell me if this has happens to you) is that my areolas are very dry.. I mean to where the skin feel rough and tough. It's more on the right side which I lost sensation in the nipple and areola anyway but it's a bit concerning and hoping it's just because the skin is still adapting.. Anyway I got a few updated pics but not seeing much of a change myself anyway

8 weeks post bA/lift update

I'm finally at a point where I love my boobs.. As you'll se on the pics they still need to drop a bit but overall the shape, size and minimal scars make me very grateful it all turned out so well. The only issue I'm having which mumps said he's never heard of before is that my areolas are extremely dry to the point of the skin feeling like a thick scab. He told me to moisturizer twice a day and if it's still going on next week to come in to see him. I actually started thinking about it and wonder if it may have something to do with wearing these pasty things over my nipples when I wear shirts without a bra. I know the adhesive can be a bit irritating so I'll either wear a bra or just let the bios be free when I wear tank tops a while to see if it helps the problem.. Other than that I'm loving these girls of mine????

Revision scheduled late January

Although I feel my breasts look great for the most part (compared to before BL/A), they still have saggy skin at the bottom so I've consulted with Dr. Lee and he agrees a minor revision to take out the excess skin and lift the areola will give me the result I want. The great part is the implant itself is in a great spot so just a few incisions and no messing with the muscle or implant so recover is only a few days... and i only need a pay for anesthesia and room fee. Here's a pic to show how they have changed (or lack of) since my may surgery (now 6month post op).

Revision is complete! Before and bandaged up pics included

I haven't been on here much to post statuses as my breasts haven't changed much but scheduled a new lift after my augmentation had left them still a bit saggy. My doc was great and only charged me the room and anesthesia so I'm hoping once healed I'll get that look I was going for!

Dat 2 post op revision

I know it's only the second day but have peaked at my breast and they're very lumpy and the areoles as set very high.. if anyone has had similar results following a lift please let me know if it wound up settling a bit. The difference with my situation is that the implant is already settled from my last BA/BL so the implant won't move but still very hopeful the skin will stretch to not look so coney and lumpy...

3 days PO revision

Well yesterday was a killer and felt so much pain but woke up feeling alive again. I see the yellowish pink bruising but I'm starting to feel better and think once my skin loosens up a bit I'll have perfect perky girls like I was after. Here's a few new pics although not a whole lot of change from a day

4 days past BL revision

Well I had my post op and now I feel I totally get the situation. My doctor said basically that I have terrible skin. I think it has little elasticity which makes sense since I have so many stretch marks and was saggy even after my first BA/BL. So he told me he went very aggressive with the lift so it will actually hold . So I feel very confident that my skin will relax and they'll settle and round out to what I asked for and wanted (kind of wanted that ski slope look if that makes sense) here's some pics to show the progress. I have little pain but the yellow bruising is in full effect!

1 week po revision with pics

I had my one week post op and I got my tape and stitches out and I must say I'm very pleased with Dr. Lee!! I was scared right after but I'm seeing them round out and looking like the look I am going for is going to happen with these new ladies of mine????. Here's some pics to show the one week progress

11DPO and loving them!

Here's some updated pics... I'm loving them and sorry I ever worried. Out bodies make so many changes after a procedure so I'm hoping that my review shows all you interested in this that you see the process and how you can never make assumptions either way on how they'll turn out.. patience is what it take and although I have little, I'm definitely getting better and my Dr. Is just amazing!

2 1/2 weeks PO

Healing well and loving them more and more. Scars are a bit red and bumpy but that's all part of the healing process. Here's some updated pics

3 weeks 1 day PO

Just some updated pics.. loving them so much now!

32 DPO

Just over a month since my revision and I'm very happy with the results so just sharing an update of the girls

6 weeks PO

6 weeks PO revision and healing well.. can't wait for the scars to fade but I'm patient and know they will
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John s. Lee made me feel very comfortable and his confidence was apparent and his staff was very polite and professional as well!I am now a week post op with a breast lift w augmentation and I am amazed at the results so early in recovery. His attention to detail is proven with everything symmetrical and my incisions lines are so perfect and thin that I know my scars will be almost invisible if I follow his post op treatment plan.. Seriously, I would recommend him to anyone as he is truly an artist!!

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