Athletic 31year Old - Getting a Rounded Booty - Portland, OR

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I work out 5-6 days a week and two of those days...

I work out 5-6 days a week and two of those days consist of lower body. I'm fit but have trouble with my midsection - abs and flanks. I am 5 feet and 115 lbs so maybe 5 pounds over what I want to weigh ideally. I have decided to have liposuction on them and Graft it to my booty. Why not?! I have small behind figured I might as well recycle the fat :)

Before pics

Here are my pictures - stubborn flank area and back roll.

Getting nerves and anxious

So it's 2 days before the big day - I'm starting to feel some of the anxiety that this is really going to happen! Trying to relax and not think too much about it - I'm sure everything will go as planned :)

Post op day 1

My surgery went well! Dr. Connall and his staff were amazing! Everyone was super sweet from the time I started getting prepped to the end.
I only remember getting there - getting iv in and talking to dr connall before the proceed. Then the nurse walked me back into the operating room - had a scrub down. Jokes with the staff about feeling like I was at spa because of the scrub down and the massagers in my legs.
That was it - I woke up in my side. Nurse helped my hubby get me in the car.
When I came home took my meds and fell asleep. I was sooo sore and felt weak. After a couple hours of sleep got up and walked around - then meds and back to sleep on my tummy. Every time I kept waking up I would walk around in my house and that helped me feel better. So feeling better and better as hours go by.
Today I woke up super sore took my meds and just feel a bit of soreness after the meds kick in.
Shout out to my amazing Hubby who has been pampering me and helping me get up or go potty! We will see what tomorrow is like!

Post op first week pics

I have a lot swelling and bruising can't wait for it to go away.

Post op week 1

Today I met with dr connall and his team. Took the stitches out. Booty had gone down by an inch since last week. My swelling in my legs is also going down, thank goodness! Sorry for the mess in the background, dog threw a fit while I was gone and I can't bend over to pick it up. Have to wait for the hubby to get home :(

13 days post op

Feeling more like myself now. The majority of my swelling has gone down except for my thighs. I am wearing a spanx garment since the post op garment gave me a lot of bruising and a couple nasty blisters from rubbing. I haven't taken narcotics for almost a week now since I felt really out of it while I was on them. I had my stitches taken out by dr. Connall last week and the sites are closing up nicely :)
Dr. Connall said I would still have some of my booty go down so it hard not to get attached :( but that's fine since I want it to look natural.
I measured it at 41 inches after the first day of post op and I am down to 39 inches now. I will update pictures soon, I have been working from home so I have been living out of my husbands basket ball shorts these last couple weeks. None of my bottoms fit so I am waiting until next week when I start trying my own clothes on.

Loving new body :)

I love that u have no flanks and this is with the swelling! My abs are coming thru naturally so loving it!
The bruising is going away slowly :)

19 days post-op update

Okay so l made it thru a while 8 hour work day without anything swelling again!! Yeah!
I have more mobility in legs so my thighs are not are tender anymore. There is still tenderness and taught skin where he did the lipo. My back is a little achey and so are my flanks but better than yesterday. My bruising is slowly going away so I have been wearing long stretchy dresses to work. I still have burn marks from the garment so those are healing slowly. I have a follow up appointment with my doc tomorrow to see how things are looking.
My right side - hip flank and thigh are still swollen compared to my left side - maybe he will let me take ibprofen or Advil soon.
I still have that nasty blister from the garment which is also healing just taking forever. I haven't used the garment for almost ten days now and feel better without out. I sleep better too!

One month post op

One month has gone down and it has gone fast! I still have swelling in my hips lower back and lower abs.
My blister from the garment is healing slowly but healing. I have burn marks still in my skin probably from the garment since they are localized where I didn't have any lipo. Talked to my doctor he said they should be healing soon. I am seeing home every week since I developed hard tissue in my inner thighs.
Booty check picture - it's still there nice and perky ;)

7-8 weeks post op

So I think I'm on my 8th week post op.
Had my third massage on Friday with a new masseuse - she used a bit more pressure than the last person. She said I still had swelling in my abs ( which I can tell) and my lower back and flank area. I swelled up after but the swelling went away within hours. I'm went to Macy's to buy a waist cincher for compression to help some of the swelling in my lower abs.
I still sleep on my belly on a body pillow it's more comfortable than my back since I can feel the swelling more on my lower back when I lay down. My right hip is still swollen more compared to me left
Hip. I still have the stupid blister - it's just dry and nasty looking I hope it doesn't scar. I know it's healing slowly but I'm running out of patience knowing I leave to cabo in 3 weeks with my hubby for our anniversary. It's in my inner thigh so I wouldn't be able to wear a bikini without having to cover it - really annoyed. I have a follow up check in with my ps next Friday.
I started working out this week again. Light body weight workouts - I lost my endurance and strength I feel. I hope to get back at it soon. Well that's it for now :)
Portland Plastic Surgeon

So far I have had 2 interactions with Dr. Connall and his staff who are amazing! Everyone is super friendly and really welcoming. Dr. Connall took his time during my consult to explain the procedure and what kind of realistic expectations I should have for someone my size. I am petite and have just enough fat to do the procedure. He was clear I was not going to be no Nikki manaj but would have something more natural and rounded to fit my athletic petite figure. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and has experience with performing bbl's. He was recommended by two of my friends who had procedures done by him.

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