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I had the procedure done on the 7 June 2013. This...

I had the procedure done on the 7 June 2013. This has been a long time coming. I'm 36 yo 67 inches 174 lbs, I have three children all natural births and haven't been able to lose the baby fat in lower abs and flanks. I decided to do the upper and lower abs, waist hips and flanks. Im going to post pictures after my one week check up:)

Weekend and first day back to work

When most of the pain meds wore out and My husband got me up and moving he told me that I shouldn't have been allowed to have my phone, I was sending him some Crazy text messages after the procedure! Hahaha.

I slept most of Saturday and Sunday, I was able to take short walks throughout the day. I started to feel ill Sunday afternoon and started vomiting. I later realized i took my meds without eating anything... I thought I caught it in time and took some bites of a sandwich ....nope!

Monday i was back to work. I stoped by the gym and walked on an 4.0 incline at 3.0 mph for 20 minutes. I actually worked up a sweat ( i usually run 5 miles a day and do the elliptical for 40 minutes) so I'm happy to be upright. Since I wear a uniform to work there really is no guess work on what to wear. Its materiaI is thick making my day hot and uncomfortable. I found when touching my belly, parts were numb and hard - like my belly had a stroke. I tryed to massage my sides throughout the day without making it look obvious there was something wrong with me. I am also experiencing itching on my sides and back. I didn't read anything in my aftercare on that. I would recommend to everyone to take a week off from work.

As the aftercare paperwork stated abou the bruising migrating south... Well it's totally true. Looking at my nether regions, it would seem that was the area that was worked on. In general, the bruising and swelling is steadily going dow

I need to call the office and get my before pictures so I can post today's photo in comparison. I

One week appt...

I it's found out they can't email before and after photos (HIPA) supper bummed they didn't tell me to bring one during any of the appointments. I do have 2 photos attached 3 days post! I will post more tomorrow.

Notice the dangly tummy In the front.... Well now I'm swollen and the bruising has gone from purple to yellow so I'm healing nicely.

Day of procedure... Back tracking, I got some time

I was told I could eat the morning of, small meal like yogurt and toast. When I arrived, I was taken back and told o change into the garments they call bra and underwear. The nurse came in and gave me my two zanex, took my BP and called the DR in to draw on my areas.

I'm feeling pretty good and don't remember walking to the surgery room. I'm laying down and felt a pinch in my left arm and the nurse said it was Demerol and phenergan (sp) for nausea. Mostly I heard noises, snipping and humming, I felt very little through out the whole thing. I don't even remember getting wheeled out to the car.

That night when I finally woke up to use the bathroom, I swung my legs over and saw blood an fluid running down my leg and on the carpet. My husband moved me quickly to the toilet to do my business. When I stood up, the same fluid surround the base of the toilet. The husband cleaned it all up, what an awesom man. I changed my pads that covered my incisions and put on sweat pants... Hoping nothing would seep through.

Suggestions: buy poise pads for your incision areas. Put a trail of towels from the bed to the bathroom. Keep a bottle of water next to the bed. Buy another compression garment, one to wash, one to wear. Thank yourself for buying the hubs a morcycle, he deserves it!

I don't know what others do when they have plastic surgery (I'm putting this in same category), but i don't talk about it with anyone. There are two people Who know that I did this and it's my hubs and a really awesome friends you had something simuliar done. She too told no one. People at work think I had a female surgery, my family is far enough away that I don't have to explain my pain.

It's personal an I did it for me, no one else!

8 days post op photos

Posting 8 days post op. I'm swollen and uncomfortable. I need to get to the gym for some light cardio. These photos look awefully like my Pre-op photo, I hope the swelling goes down significantly because right now I'm hugly disappointed with the result!

10 days post photo

I cropped the photos in so you all can have better look.

10 Days post review

SO Today didn't take any meds, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm thinking Im going to have twitches and soreness for awhile but very happy that I'm feeling better.

I was thinking about Sono Bello not being able to give me photos electronically. As much advertising this company does you would think their clients would at the very least get a CD. It would be free publicity! I would expect them to anticipate their clients to ask for photos and not wait for the question to be asked. What I got was black and white on regular paper, I can't see distinction between the before photos and the 1 week photos. I guess I was expecting to be treated better, after all the money I plunked down! My rant over with.

Rough day- day 11

My plan was to post every week, I had not intended to turn this into a blog about my experience. As the title says 'rough day'. I was cramping all day, the tissue under the of my abdominal area got harder to the touch, making it difficult to move or stretch. Motrin didn't help and I refuse to take anything stronger than that. I continually try to massage and stretch, I try not to sit down during the day because it makes it tougher to get moving again. I hope this passes soon as I'm getting tired of feeling disabled...

I was reading on another blog that swimming help, I'm not ready to get into the pool because I'm afraid of the bacteria. I might try this weekend, if it doesn't pass.

18 days post

I've been hitting the gym in hope the 'hard' areas will soften up quicker. I've noticed my body is not responding to my work outs like normal, It's taking a lot longer to recover and I'm feeling exhausted by the end of the day... I hate that.

My areas are tender to the touch, my flanks are still numb and swollen. I'm wondering what else I can do to speed that along. I still wear the compression garment during the day, it feel good, almost like a security blanket.

Workout was awesome

I uped my workout by using dumbells for side bends and squat, low weight because I'm still stiff and sore and sensitive. While doing side bends I felt a tug and a warm sensation in my side. I massaged it a bit and notice the hard spot that was there previously and diminished drastically. I'm feeling so much better today.

On another note, I've noticed some puckering just above my naval. It's really not attractive so I will keep an eye on it.


Still tender

Is this norma?? I'm still really tender to the touch in all my areas, the hubs has to be careful when he touches me and plays with me. I'm really frustrated because we play rough and chase one an another around:(

I'm still looking for results, I just don't see it!

Photo update

I took the advice of...

The nurse. I bought a stage 2 compression garment, I feel a difference. I was wearing the stage 1's anyway and I thought why not try it, it's like a hug all day:) its zipper less and a lot more comfortable to wear all day.

Starting to see changes, I'm still waiting for that big WOW moment. Still tender to the touch and the numbness is still there.

Photos Aug. 1



San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I loved talking to him, he was upfront and honest about the need for pain management, the need for a compression garment and told me to call anytime. I felt very omfortable with him an his staff!

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