37 y/o Man with Unclear Jawline

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So it's always bugged me, not having a strong jaw...

So it's always bugged me, not having a strong jaw line. I used to think I needed a jaw implant or something until I realized after seeing other people that it wasn't my jaw per se but that there was such a soft transition from it to my neck. Nothing near horizontal from my chin to Adam's apple. But surgery was always too much for something so slight.

But I read about Kybella and after I was found to be a bad candidate right now for lasik I thought of what else I could to to help myself. This isn't my first touch up, having gynocomastia (male breast) reduction and love handle lipo several years ago. And more recently, Botox for frown lines.

So I had Kybella done yesterday early afternoon (less than 36 hours as I write this). Pretty typical experience. The needle pokes were not much different than Botox. You need to remember these needles are far finer than those used for your flu shot or whatever.

It burned a bit once in. That gave be a Baggie of ice to hold for 10 minutes or so. The ice numbed any pain though. A little what felt like motion sickness but nearly too much to mention. After 15 minutes max after the shots I was on my way home. Moving my head far left ppt to right ( like looking over my shoulder to change lanes) made under my jean a bit sore. And turning my head up.

I did nothing special other than taking it easy. The rest of the day. The on,y thing that stayed for the rest of the day was looking up soreness.

Today after a night of sleep, practically no feelings. If I throw my head back far it feels a little tight. When looking down my chin feels very doubled. But either way no pain. Yes, it looks like I a Hollywood makeup team has put another chin on me but men take note: with creative bearing it's pretty easy to camouflage as just a new beard shape. The most noticible thing to me when I look at myself now is that I have no Adam,s Apple: from the point of my voice box to just u dear my chin, it's a smooth swell of stuff. It just feels sort of numb and full of fluid. But that's to be expected when you inject stuff in a small, sensitive area.

Pre Kybella

One month after first treatment

New pictures to add to the first poor one I have.

2 hours after second treatment

Seriously the thing about pelican neck is no joke!

I really went here because the other place in the area offering it had less experience and was difficult to get out to. So far a great experience. Very friendly, they put you at ease, and make sure you're totally aware of what to expect. He offers it with rounds of radio-frequency therapy for the area too, to help with firming up the area.

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