28F, 5'2", 120lbs - Portland, OR

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I started Botox this year and learned about...

I started Botox this year and learned about Kybella. I've never had much of a chin. I would probably benefit from a chin implant but I'm just not willing to do that. I am healthy and in great shape but have to whittle my frame down to about 100lbs to get rid of the fat under my small chin. The fat is just always there, so Kybella seemed like a great solution that didn't go as far as surgery.

I was nervous going in, but the procedure was not as bad as I expected. I had one vial (about 8 injections) I had no ice or lidocaine. My provider does not use the grid as you frequently see, and does far less injections than most. She is a trainer for Allergan so I trust her completely.

Immediately it felt like I had been stung by severa bees under my chin and this persisted for about an hour. I was allowed to ice for 15 minutes, but was told NOT to use any more ice and NOT to use any sort of compression. You actually want the area to swell and not try to hinder the reaction between the acid and fat cells.

I took some Tylenol, wore a scarf, and went out bowling with friends after. Area was tender and one of my friends (who knew what I had done) said i was moving like I had a stiff neck. No one else said anything.

2 Days Post

Still swollen. Maybe even a bit more than yesterday. It doesn't hurt at all unless I touch it. It hurts to look up or stretch my neck. Feeling hopeful!

3 days post

Far less tender today. Can move my head more easily. Doesn't look like any bruising has started. I think it looks a bit less swollen today??

Almost two weeks

I feel like I got more swollen about 6 days out. Still swollen. I have two huge hard tender lumps under my chin. From what I've read this is normal.

Back to baseline?

Almost 2.5 weeks out and I think I'm close back to pre-injection. This week I had these two massive hard lumps under my chin, and they are starting to go down. At this point I'm not feeling too confident about results but I know I need to wait a few more weeks.

Just over three weeks

I don't see any change yet. Lumps are almost gone and the tenderness is going down as well.

Five weeks post.

I don't notice any difference which I find disappointing. Give it a few more weeks I guess.

I was told I would most likely get away with just one round, but I am not hopeful at this point. I'm not sure I want to do a second and go through looking fat and sore again.
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