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Same story as most of the other reviewers on this...

Same story as most of the other reviewers on this topic. Big boobs young and they never seemed to stop growing. Breast feeding was an incredible feat as to not suffocate my young. Excercize in increasingly difficult. Terrible neck, shoulder and back pain. I have started getting headaches the last few years too. I do hate the pain they cause and I do not like the way they look anymore (waaaaay too long and saggy) but I made sure I wasn't going forward with this procedure because of some type of self loathing or inability accept myself as myself. There is legitimate pain and my quality of life is compromised by the size of my breasts. I can relate to the pain so many gals go through. I am happy to be going forward with this and I have such gratitude to the contributors on this site. I would have NEVER had the courage to persue a reduction or the knowledge on the topic without you all. Smaller boobies COMETH!

Check in for surgery at 6AM tomorrow! Yikes!

Here is a topless shot for the records. I have been building courage to post this.....
I hope I sleep tonight.

I had surgery yesterday..

Surgery lasted 3 hours. I had 2 pounds removed from each side. I'd be lying if I said i'm pain free. I am very very sore on the sides where lipo was performed. I also feel a lot of burning and stinging sentations in each breast. They are so hard and swollen. The drains aren't so bad. The doctor will look at them tomorrow and decide if he wants to take them out.
I can very honestly say that even though this isn't a cake walk, I am so glad I went through with it. I feel so small up top. I feel young and my neck pain is aleady 100% gone. I will post a photo ot teo tomorrow.
Back to sleep I go....
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