5'3", 104 Lbs, Got 255cc Anatomical Mentor, from 32A to 32D/34C

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I used to fit into 32 A before i had 2 kids, but...

I used to fit into 32 A before i had 2 kids, but after breastfeeding them, my bras became way too big and i was always struggling to buy bras or swimsuit. I finally decided to get a BA done. My goal was to be a full 32B or small C. I didn't want to go too big and be obvious to others, i just wanted something proportional to my body frame. Also because i am a runner and i do a lot of exercise, i didn't want to be bother by them while exercising. I got 255cc anatomical Mentor gummy bears implants under the muscle. They were about $1000 more expensive than the round implants but they are supposed to give a more natural look which is what i was looking for. Because i didn't have a lot of fat, we decided that it was the right size for me in order to avoid any ripples (that was a big concern for me).
I am now 3 weeks post op. I think they still need to drop some more but I am very happy with the size so far (no ripples!). I tried a few bras at VS and i am now 32C which is perfect!

1 month post!

Update pictures

1 month post

1 month update

I thought that i would give my 1 month update: i am still pretty sore in the mornings and at night and i can't bear to lay on my side more than 5 minutes. Other than that, things are going pretty good. The surgeon will remove the band-aids this Thursday (finally!) so i'll know how my scars look.
My nipples are still sensitive so i am still mainly bra-less most of the time (thanks for nipple covers!). Since i used to wear bras that add 2 cup sizes, without bra, nobody seemed to have noticed my new attributes as i only appears slightly bigger. However if i wear a bra, it's noticeable. I didn't tell my mom and when she saw a picture of me, she emailed me so ask me if i gained weight or if i was expecting...lol...not sure what to tell her yet...am not ready to deal with people judgmental point of view. Let me know if you have any advices.
Anyways, i still can't believe and i still love them!

5 weeks and my first time running

I went to see the Dr on Thursday. He removed the band-aids so i was able to see the scars for the first time: they were still swollen and kind of dark. For scar management, he said that i could either do the silicon strips for 3 months, or laser treatment if i really wanted to minimize the scarring or do nothing if i wasn't worried. I tried to strips for a couple of days but they don't stick very well: 1 strip is supposed to last 3 weeks (washable) but without a bra, they aren't very secure. I'll try that for about 1 week and if it bothers me too much, i might do the laser treatment as i am worried about the dark marks i have. Let me know if you have used it too.
Besides that, i was cleared to start exercising again. I am feeling better these days, but still limited movement and soreness. This afternoon, I put on my new Incredible sport bra by VS and I went to the treadmill: there was a little bouncing (that felt weird) and pressure initially but not bad enough to stop so i ran 2 miles slowly. Pretty happy to get back at it and can't wait to reach the 6 weeks mark!

5 weeks pictures

6 weeks post anniversary!

I am 6 weeks post today. Finally! Progress are slow but steady. I can't say yet that i am pain free but hopefully in a couple of weeks i will be able to say that. I have started running slowly as well as doing fitness videos but running is just weird because i can feel my right implant moving up and down in my chest...i think my muscle are still sensitive. i hope that feeling goes away soon.
Well i started the scar laser treatment (another $395) at my Dr office this week as my skin reacts very easily and was dark on the scar but also from the surgical tape left for 5 weeks. I tried to use the silicon strips that my Dr gave me but they kept falling off. So one day i use a bandaid to tape the strip down. unfortunately after 12 hours i developed a rash from the bandaid :( From there i had enough of the stupid strip (no way i was going to wear it for 3 months!) and decided to just do the scar treatment. After i told me Dr, he gave me a silicon gel NewGel to apply on instead of the strips. Much easier to use! Scar treatment is 4 sessions over 4 months. We'll see how that goes.

6 weeks pictures

2 months post pictures

2 month update

It's been 2 months today since my BA. I can't say yet that i am completely pain free but it's getting there. I can now sleep on my side for a couple of hours but then after that my scars start hurting. Anybody else still have scars that are sensitive when pressure is applied?
I feel like my boobs have gotten bigger over the last week (maybe the fluffying everybody is talking about?? or maybe i just gained weight ..lol). I still haven't done the formal bra fitting, maybe in a couple of weeks i'll go. I love the shape of my boobs, i just don't like the darkness around the scars. I still have 3 laser treatments to do so hopefully those will help clear things up. I am still applying 2 times a day the silicon gel as well.
I have had moments of boob greed as well, but i think it was because i started reading too many reviews and since most people usually get more than 255 cc, somehow it made me feel like i went too small. But every time i look at myself in the mirror, i don't feel like i went too small. I was focusing too much on the cc's # rather than how i looked. So i stopped reading that many reviews and now my boob greed is gone and i feel much happier.

3 months ago...

On Dec 24th 2015, i started my boobies journey. We were at a Xmas dinner party and talking with 2 close friends about BA in general (not for me) and they said there was nothing wrong with getting a BA. That opened my eyes and i started wondering: why not? why not ME? I have never thought that it was possible for me to do something like that before for many reasons: what would people think? is it healthy? how risky is the surgery? the pain, do i have the money? what about the maintenance? revisions every decade etc...what will i tell my 2 daughters? is it the right message for them? Anyways it was just not something that i ever thought would be possible for me. But that discussion really made me wonder and the next day i started browsing about risks, maintenance (yearly MRI costs), cost of surgery etc. On Dec 27th, i asked my husband: what if? would he support it? His answer at first was: he is not sure it's healthy so better not do it. So i didn't insist and dropped it. But the next morning, to my surprise he told me: "you can do it if you want as long as it's healthy and i will support you". WOW! i couldn't believe it.
From there i just marched on (before he or I changed my mind): i started looking for the top 5 surgeons in the area and started calling them one by one. I just picked the one that was first available (with excellent reviews of course). I got my first consultation on Jan 7th 2016, i paid the deposit right after the consult (my friend told me to sleep on it but i didn't want to, i was sure) and asked them when is the next surgery availability. They slotted me for 2 weeks later on Jan 22nd. Et voila! in less than 1 month after that famous conversation, i did my transformation and i don't regret it! My husband is still (pleasantly) shocked every time he sees the girls.
In a way, i like that i did it so fast, i think it avoided me being torn and second guessing myself if that was the right thing to do.

My mom still doesn't know, i will see her in June and surprise!! maybe i'll post a picture on FB before as a heads up ;)

Funny thing is i always loved racerback tops but i always thought they didn't looked good on me: i never like my arms because i thought they were too big for my body. Well, i realized that it was not my arms that were too big for my body, it was actually my boobs that were too small and made my arms look big! Duh! lol..anyways, can't wait to wear racerbacks this summer!

Official bra fitting

Ok i couldn't resist and i went for a bra fitting at VS: 32D! Holy guacamole! I didn't realize that 255cc would get me from barely 32A to D! Ok my boob greed is definitely gone and I know it sounds stupid but this is confirmation I needed to be really happy with my size. Any bigger would have freaked me out!

My first strapless dress!

And I don't even need a bra to fill it!

2.5 month pictures

Happy to see that i can bring them close for cleavage with push-ups bras

3 month pictures

3 month update

It's been almost 3 months since my BA. Overall, i feel very good, pain is limited to scars at the end of the day when i have been wearing a bra all day. I tried to wear it as loose as possible but still, my boobs still scream "let me out" by the end of the day. Little trick: if you are 32, buy at least 1 34 bra for the days where you really need to be comfortable. I have been able to sleep on my side for all night since week 10 which is nice.
Also been exercising 6 days/week: running and Beachbody videos. Running has been ok: i don't feel my "bags" moving anymore, but i still feel my pectoral muscle being tight. Pushups is much better as long as i do them on my knees.
I have been to my 2nd laser treatment 2 weeks ago. I still see darkness around the scar, especially where the surgical tape was but it's getting lighter everyday. Hopefully by the 4th treatment, everything will be gone. The scar itself is pretty flat already.
I gave a heads up to my mom on Facebook last weekend: I posted my first picture, with really tight top and the Ultimate sport bra from VS. I thought it was quite obvious but 1 week later, i still haven't heard any comments from her...maybe i need to post another one soon so that when i see her in June so she doesn't have a heart attack lol
32 D bras fit me very nicely and i bought some strapless tops as well for the summer so can't wait to wear those. I won't even need to wear a padded bra under, just need the nipple stickies :)
Just loving the girls!

4 months pictures

Still loving them!

Didn't upload 2nd picture

Proportion picture

Just showing boobs proportion compared to body, just regular bra, no padding

6 month update

6 month has passed since my BA. I didn't really notice a change in fluffing or dropping but i do feel like they are part of me now and they are softer now as well. They still don't bounce too much if i don't wear a bra as i walk which is nice because i can be braless and they don't bother me. The scars are much better now after my 4th laser treatment, there is just a line left. I am still wearing 32D or 34C, either works. I bought a bra in France and it was 85C.
I am now back to my normal exercise routine, which is running or fitness videos 5-6 days/week. I can do push ups without pain as well.
I did see my mom in June. I didn't tell her about the surgery: i wanted her to notice. Well, she did notice them but she didn't ask me if i had anything done. she just asked me how much weight i put on (which i did gain 3 lbs) so i think she thinks i put on weight and most of it went to my boobs! So in the end, i didn't tell her. Oh well, it's probably better this way.

6 month pictures

Squishness video

Squish video
This is how squishy they are

More before pictures

More pictures from before: nothing to see!

Pictures with clothes

Pictures with clothes so you can see proportion to body: am wearing a VS uplift bra which has more padding than regular but not as much as push-ups.


With uplift bra. Pushups not needed

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