Breast lift and implants!!

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I have been reading a lot about mommy make overs...

I have been reading a lot about mommy make overs and tummy tucks and I don't know. I feel like I am being selfish if I do it, but I also cry every day looking in the mirror. I have tried working out, been working out since Oct. and I'm 5'2 and weight 143lbs. I have a sagging 38DD and a tummy to follow...with disgusting stretch marks. My hubby is not so supportive as he thinks I am perfect the way I am, but I cry every day when I look in the mirror. I am a 30 year old mother of 1, a 2 year old. Can anyone give me some advice? I think I really at least want a tummy tuck.

My husband is finally on board with the whole...

My husband is finally on board with the whole idea, now it's just a matter of finding the right doctor. How many consultations did anyone go to before they picked the right doctor? I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a breast lift, augmentation, and a tummy tuck...the whole shabang.

Getting a lift and implants!

After a while I decided my tummy isn't too bad, but sagging breasts is a whole other story. I'm so self conscious and can't find bras that are cute and fitting, and let's be honest, I miss my big perky boobs. I'm traveling 140 miles to have Dr. Eberbach so it because he is amazing, he knew exactly what I wanted when I talked to him, and I'm calling tomorrow to schedule the surgery!

33 Years Old, 1 Child

The consultation went great, the staff is amaxing and knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Eberbach was great at the consultation and knows exactly what I want, except I forgot to mention a moderate profile, but I am sure he can still achieve the results I want, I am very confident I chose the right doctor!

Less than a month to go!

The excitement ismreal, I can't sleep, plus I am going for sinus surgery on Thursday, but I had a dream that I had the breast lift and implants and went to a size 34ddd and was super happy...I think it's a sign! I can't wait! I hope the anxiousness goes away, I still have a while. I keep looking at pictures to give Dr. Eberbach the perfect idea of what I want, is that the right thing to be doing? I feel like I can't sit here and do nothing.

3 days post op

I had a lift with implants done on Wednesday, I don't know what size I'll e when the swelling goes down, and they're not moving much now, and I'm not trying to from the incisions. I guess the giant blood scabs are normal and will was away, I'm wondering how long it takes the marker to go away. Overall pretty happy. I was able to move from the very first day and not in severe pain. My husband thinks the doctor did a great job and that they look natural! I can't wait to se what the next few weeks hold!

Totally Worth It!

I'm 33 and have a 5 year old. My breasts were sagging and made me very self conscious. I knew I needed to do something, and after researching doctors, Dr. Eberbach was the one for me. I met him and instantly he knew what I wanted, and he accomplished it. I wanted my breast to look like they did when I was 18, maybe even a little bigger, and he did exactly that. The scarring is only what is necessary, and everyone who sees them now thinks they look amazing. It's only been a few months and I'm regular bras, 34dd, I think I should be one up, but haven't had a chance to get sized so I'm on the last hook, but they don't sag, they literally look like they did when I was 18 before I had my daughter. Dr. E was amazing before, during, and after making me feel comfortable, and his staff are super friendly and caring through the whole process. He is literally a phone call away.

HindSight 20/20

I wish I'd known after that if I gained weight it would be in my chest because now my breasts are bigger and it's not what I wanted, they are popping out of my bras and they're 34ddd. Wish I had just gotten the lift, then I wouldn't have this problem. Wish I had talked to the door more, or someone who would have just suggested a lift. I thought after 5 years of thinking about it I knew what I was doing, but I guess you never know unail it happens.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

He was amazing at the consultation, made me super comfortable, and he knew exactly what I want done. He is very confident he can do what I want, and I am confident he will.

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