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Most surgeries in Poland are around the same...

Most surgeries in Poland are around the same price, this one was one of the cheapest (cheapest was £2000) but Nina was really responsive and helpful to my emails, which made me feel more comfortable than many of the other places i emailed.

Although I am very very scared for the procedure now! as i cannot find any reviews anywhere of MediConsult.
I'm scared of needles, and have a habit of fainting, and i'm scared something will go wrong with the surgery and i will be left with a worse nose than before. Currently I'm hoping for the best.

MediConsult Nina Manduk

Just over a week until i fly to Poland for my surgery. In the past few week's i've had a few panics, and Nina from Mediconsult has been so amazing, she answers all my questions on the same day and is very supportive of even ridiculous enquiries.

For me this is a very scary step, I am so scared of needles, so the pre blood tests and anesthetization have been really haunting me. Here is a little more information i found for people who may have the same thing: http://www.needlephobia.com

I have been doing self CBT- or exposure therapy by looking at photo's of needles to video's of phlebotomies and i'm getting so much braver and better, thinking about it doesn't make me dizzy or give me palpitations as much anymore and i hope to keep on working on it. I also use distraction methods- so i've downloaded a fast paced funny video for me to watch while they do the test/insert the needles, some calming music etc.

A little more background. I am 22 years old, and have wanted my nose done since i was 18. I don't have a particularly big nose or a bump, i am just unhappy with the shape, and every single say i am very conscious of it and always edit photo's and try to make it look as small as possible. My ex boyfriend who i was with from 17-21 years old was always completely opposed to it, he said he would consider leaving me if i got it done and he would just not be happy. However he cheated on me and we haven't spoken in a year so i think this is a good time to fix the things about myself to fit my image of myself rather than his.

I've been a bit of a nose obsesionalist since i was 13, after having a crush on a boy with a really big nose i started to observe noses and it all escalated to when i was 18 and had this idea of the perfect nose in my head, and i wanted that. Like i feel like my nose doesn't fit my personality, or it's not really a part of me, i know it all sounds weird but this is a place to be honest.

Also I'm worried about telling my friends and family, i live away from home and so the bruising will go down by the time i see them, although i think inevitably they will notice. I feel like there is a stigma attached to people who have plastic surgery (think of Rachel from friends or Regina George) that they are really fake or superficial. I am really not the sort of person who care's much about appearances or having expensive clothes or fake hair/nails, so i think all my family and friends would be really shocked to find out i spent so much money and the pain/time on surgery. Also people in the future may judge me for it. But i really feel like this is something I really need to do or i will spend every day for the rest of my life thinking i should have done it, or wondering if i'd be happier if i had it done.

So i payed a £250 deposit for my nose, the remaining price i pay for the surgery will be £1829 , plus £30 each way for airport transfers to the hospital. Which is just over half of what i would have payed in England.

I will keep this updated and hopefully add some photo's eventually.

Just come from recovery room.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning for the flight, then a private bus picked meup from the berlin airport for 37euro(which includes my journey back) When i arrived i couldn't even believe how clean the place is- it's spotless i've never been somewhere so clean in my life. The woman at reception can speak english and explained what was going to happen again even though Nina sent me many emails with lot's of information. I was shown to my bedroom- which again was spotless and was given towls, a dressing robe and my surgery tunic, hair net and socks. I filled out some simple paperwork. Nina came to see me to explain the alarm, bed and reassure me, she was very kind and helpful. I went for my blood test which was quick and easy and i didn't even pass out. The nurses here can't speak english but they are gentle, and you get a smack card of polish-english translations for anything you might want to say. There's free wifi, a tv and comfy bed in the room(also a faux fur blanket which i love and want to steal- it's so cosy. Then i waited an hour for my consultation- - just cuddled with my blanket, sent messages to my family and friends and watched movies. Then the doctor/surgeon ( Andrzej Dmytrzak ) came and introduced himself- he's very charismatic and kind. and i went for a consultation with two surgeons and two anaesthetists, all of whom speak english and are friendly. They explain the procedure in detail, discuss any problems and make sure you are getting what you want. I was then given two tablets to take and went back to the room, where the receptionist came and i made the payment. Then within half an hour a nurse comes with a wheelchair and takes you to the operating room where you are anaesthetised, which was the bit i was most scared about, but it was ok and he kept talking to me kindly so i was distracted. Then i don't remember much until i woke up in the recovery room, i had a bad headache and could feel the needle in my hand, but they gave me painkillers and antibiotics and i was allowed to drink (haven't eaten or drank since 7am- it's now 8pm) then when you are feeling ok they take you in a wheelchair back to the room where i am now and feel totally fine- just a tiny insignificant ache in my nose and hand(from the cannula) but i'm a pussy with needles/cannula's and a blocked nose, with a small amount of blood running from it.

The day after.

I woke up in the night with a really bad headache after the surgery, but they gave me some pain medication and i was asleep again in ten minutes. When i woke up this morning they gave me antibiotics through a drip, my eyes were watering and a bit crusty from them watering in the night and i had a gunky mouth. But i felt fine, and after the drip was removed i had a shower, wiped my eyes and mouth a bit (not anywhere near my nose) and brushed teeth. Then there was a breakfast prepared for all the patients so i ate quite a lot as i hadn't eaten or drank in 24hours or more.

There is water with lemon in constantly at your side for thirst, but its hard to drink and can feel the blood in my nose when i swallow or taste, can't breathe through my nose at all.

Also they have changed the bandage which catches the blood regularly. I had a small nap then they came to take some padding out my nose, which was painless and now i can breathe through my nose and there isn't as much blood or mucus. I'm developing one black eye, and there is quite a bit of swelling in my eyes mainly and i had a small headache again today. Just waiting for the lunch they provide now and watching movies.

Painless- really.

48 hours later and apart from two 10minute headaches in the first 12 hours the whole thing has been completely painless! I didn't have any morphine at the hospital- although they offer it whenever you need.
A pain which i had which i didn't expect is a sore tummy. It's from eating while reclining in the bed and also while i still had the padding in my nose taking in a lot of air trying to breathe and eat with my mouth. But if you eat slowly i don't think anyone else will get this.

Another note on the doctor Andrzej Dmytrzak, he lowered my nostrils in the surgery, a suggestion he made pre surgery which i was really happy and amazed about. I have been to many nose consultations before and they have always told me there was nothing they could do for my nostril shape, so huge thank you to Andrzej. On leaving the surgery both Andrzej and Nina came to see me to give me information for recovery, check how i was doing. They made me feel like they had the time for me even though they are very busy at the clinic and took time to give me all information and answer questions (as in the pre-emails) I could not recommend them enough. Although it is still 7 days until i see my nose and 3-6 months until the swelling goes down (sometimes up to one year even) so i will update this again once i see the result.

The nurses cleaned and changed my dressing regularly at the clinic and were extremely efficient at checking if i was in pain and administering the antibiotics. I have nothing bad to say about anything at the clinic, i'll repeat the fact it was immaculately clean and felt like a really nice hotel apart from the fact they break your face, haha. The meal was nice and there are fruits,yoghurts, cakes, juices, tea, coffee available at all times, and water with lemons left by your bedside at all times.

On leaving the clinic, with my forms and information i was also given a spray for cleaning the nose and drops to put in my nose to keep it hydrated (a sort of oil cream) the nurses had already used them on me so i feel confident to do it myself with cotton wool buds. Although i can still breathe very well through my nose and only had a teeny bit of scab come out when i cleaned last.

Pretending i have gotten away easily by saying it was painless, i can breathe easy, smell and have minimal blood/snots is all true i promise.

BUT i do have the worst black eye i personally have ever seen!!!! But i expected that i would have one, i just hoped in the first 12 hours i had gotten away with it. but no, it's horrible. Of course it's unavoidable and has nothing to do with the doctor.

Why would anyone do this in the UK?

The price in the Uk for the exact same procedure is extortionate. I have received exceptional treatment for half the price (including flights/taxi's) I would definitely return to this clinic for further surgeries should i ever decide to!

5 Days after Rhinoplasty

I feel great! In normal health, trying to get lot's of sleep, eat well and move around. Been on a few slow walks in the woods for fresh air. Still sporting a horrible black eye and the nose cast/plaster/tape/dressing thing is getting a bit annoying now. 5 days until i can get it removed still, it's a bit itchy underneath and i think without it and a bit of concealer on my eye i'd look normal again. ahh well not long now!

Result , two months later.

Most of my swelling and bruising was reduced after two weeks and i went back to work with a perfectly normal looking face. The tip was a little swollen and numb up until this week when it seems to have reduced dramatically. (I've been getting more sleep after the festive season)

I'm so unbelievably happy with the end result i couldn't have imagined a better nose. It's really improved my life and confidence, and has gone from being the thing i hated most about myself to my favourite feature. It really is one of the best things i've done.
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