Medial Thigh Lift with Rear Lipo - Plymouth, MN

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This will be my second round of plastic surgery. ...

This will be my second round of plastic surgery. I saw Dr. Fasching in January for lipo on my inner and outer thighs, knees, stomach and flanks. All the areas turned out fabulous except for my inner thighs. I had asked ALL the PS I interviewed about needing a thigh lift from the get go, and they ALL thought my skin would tighten up nicely. Well... that really didn't happen. I also think he was a little too conservative with the amount of fat he took off in the pockets way up on my medial thighs. The skin there has always been really crepe-y and I wish he would've just done the thigh lift to start with.

On the plus side, this round is deeply discounted since I'm just paying for the anesthesia and about 1/2 the thigh lift cost. I'm still kinda pissed that I have to spend another almost $5000 for this on top of the $7000 I already paid, but I feel like if I don't get this done, then the first surgery was for naught as I didn't get my dream of sexy non-rubbing together thighs.

The next 3 weeks are going to fly by! I have my pre surgical appt with my doctor and my PS Wednesday, get to pay all that money, then it's the start of school for my kids, a quick weekend helping my husband up north, then my surgery! I'm having my brother take and pick me up and then my hubby will come up that night to help "wipe my butt" since the nurse at the office said I'd need someone to help with that?! Not sure why, I'm assuming it'll just be hard to sit down. But I guess I'll find out in a few short days!

I had a lot longer to prepare for my first surgery, but with working more and moving schedules around, this is when it worked the best. Too bad my parents are out of town that weekend, it would've been easier for them to take care of me and not like I care if my mom sees my nether regions. My brother on the other hand, I may scar him for life.

I really need help knowing what to expect- I'm planning to get a female urinal, I already have chair height toilets, and am taking off 3 weeks from work. (the last weekend I have CE so I'll be sitting, but hopefully it will be ok by then). I'll have to take the kids to school/daycare after 3 days, so hopefully I can drive by then and just have them jump out and get inside. My PS said I have to not wear undies for awhile and I'll want to lie around with my legs frogged out to air it out. Not sure if I'll need a drain or not or if I'll be wearing another compression garment since I'm getting more lipo done. I hope he takes more off my inner thighs while he's in there since there's still too much fat in my opinion. I'll post more next week once I have my final consultation.

Before pics

Here's my before pics . If you want to see some more pictures you can check out my liposuction review that I did before. There's so many of them I didn't want to repost all of them. These are my most recent pictures as a about 1 month ago

10 days to go!

So I had my pre-surgical appointment 1 week ago, and it sounds like everything will be pretty straight forward. I may or may not have a drain depending on how things go. He will be taking more fat off of my thighs as well.
I'm supposed to come back the next day for a recheck and then a week later. Doesn't sound like I'll be having a compression garments but I will be bringing one up just in case.
He kind of rushed through the whole process but I was an hour early and I think he snuck me in a little early. He made it sound like it would be ok for me to drive home a couple days later as long as it wasn't too long of a drive, I flex and extend my feet quite a bit to prevent blood clots, and take a lot of breaks. I guess we'll find out shortly!
He didn't seem too worried about me over doing it with physical activity. He made it sound like I would know when I can and cannot do things. I'm still planning on taking it slow and getting back to exercise probably not for at least a month after surgery.
The next few days are going to fly by!

1 day post op

So I had surgery yesterday morning at 7 a.m. Surgery went very smoothly and I actually felt much better after the anesthesia this time versus when I had liposuction in January. I wasn't nauseous at all, and I was able to eat pretty normally throughout the day. There is definitely tightness in my groin from the surgery and my butt was awfully sore after the liposuction that he did on my rear.
There's a little bit more of a stabbing pain I guess in my groin today, and I've figured out what my limitations are. Definitely can't bend over too far if there's something flat on the ground there's no way I'm getting that! But I found different ways around it such as squatting, and hooking things with my foot and lifting it up so I can grab it. Most the time I've just been leaving stuff on the ground and my husband or kids can take care of it! I was able to drive myself home no problem- 1.5 hours. I just reclined my seat some to take pressure off my rear incision and moved my legs around a lot.
I'm done with the narcotics, I feel like they didn't do a whole lot, may be dulled the pain slightly but my doctor said I could start back on some NSAIDs instead of just using tylenol today. So I'm on Meloxicam and I'm also started taking some Arnica tablets as well just to see if that helps. I feel like they didn't do much last time but I have them, so I'll use them.
He did put me in a garment. It is kind of biker short length. It's a lot tighter in my rear than it is on my thighs. I do have a tighter garment but it's not as tight on my rear but it's tight around my thighs. As of now I'm going to plan on wearing the garment he just put me in yesterday and transition myself to the other garment that I have that's tight around my thighs after my swelling in my butt goes down.
I'm massaging my butt for sure as there's already some hard spots but those will go away after a week or so.
I'm pretty happy so far; my thighs don't touch when I walk and there still swelling where he lipo'd my inner thighs. I'm doing a good job taking it slow, and moving around some.
With the garment on my thighs are 24.5"- before were 24".

Day 2 post op

More mobility today, groin is still tight, but thinking this will last at least 2 weeks. Tried going to church this morning and boy, was it painful to sit! I've been moving around more and it feels better to be up and around vs. Sitting or laying down.
My butt feels like jello,I remember the feeling from last time. I hope he didn't take too much off my rear, but it'll be awhile until I can tell for sure.
I'm starting to get a red, hard spot on my right medial thigh but been warm compressing it and massaging all my sites.
I had a bm today :) Pays to stop narcotics asap. Not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, but that will pass as well.

1 week post op

I've been doing very well since surgery. Everyday I feel like I'm able to move my legs more and more as far as being able to take larger strides; walking up and down stairs is a piece of cake, everything is pretty good. I do still have some pulling when I try to step to the side or twist or do any kind of movements like that, but overall I'm doing very very well. I'm a little concerned as the way my FUPA is looking I guess. It looks like there isn't much of a crease right at the top, and a weird indentation just above the start of my labia but otherwise it looks pretty good. No vulva gap going on thank God!
The tape is still on, so I'm not sure what the actual incisions look like, but he told me to keep it in place until it started to fall off. My puncture incisions for my liposuction itch like crazy and my butt is super duper itchy as well. There's still quite a bit of bruising along my crotch incision and on my rear, and my butt is almost more sore than my thigh lift incision. Overall the thigh lift portion of the surgery was a piece of cake it's more of the liposuction that hurts more!
Here some pictures, sorry they're fairly graphic with my crotch and everything, but that's pretty unavoidable with this procedure.



Here's a picture of my rear scars bent over.

2 week update

Things have been going well so far. I did start to get a weird pain in my left groin whilst sitting at a conference last weekend. Felt like some pulling on the incision, but it all looked well and felt ok. I've been taking it easy the past few days except for returning to work Monday.
I'm still wearing compression garments, my weight has been stable as well as my measurements.
I'm very happy so far. I can't wait till all the swelling goes down to see if my thighs will still touch a little or not at all. Either way it'll be so much better than it was! I'm also super happy with my butt as well.
I had my recheck last week and the tape finally started to come off. The incision looks great. They rec. keeping tape on it for the next 2 months. It's supposed to lessen the scars. It's called Micropore by 3M. We'll see how it works

4 weeks

It gets better every day. Able to do more normal activities, even went hiking last weekend! It wasn't strenuous or anything, but it was nice to be active again. I did get sore afterwards, but nothing sitting on the ground with my legs up didn't cure.

I can almost sit cross legged but can't spread my legs much otherwise.
It still hurts a little it sit on a hard surface as the sorest part is my butt, but that's also getting better.

Because I was on a trip last weekend I didn't eat the greatest. I'm more swollen from all the carbs and have noticed some pockets on my inner thighs. Hopefully getting back to my low carb diet will help. I'm just so nervous about gaining any weight that it'll just go to my thighs and it'll be for naught. I feel like I'll never be able to indulge again.
I'll post pictures later today

Incision pictures

Here's pics of my incisions. I finally got waxed yesterday, so I feel much better down there! Now my tape wont stick!

5 weeks post op

Everything is still going pretty well. Most my swelling is gone I think, but when I tried to work without my garment last week,I swelled up quite a bit. I swell up about 1/2-1" by night time the days I work and are on my feet all day. So I've been wearing my garment still pretty much 24/7 still. I figure it's not hurting and may help, so why not?
I started lifting weights again last week. The first day I got a pulling sensation on my inner thighs while doing squats, so I greatly decreased the weight and was fine. 3 days later,I was able to do squats at my normal weight.
I tried running today. Besides being massively out of shape in the cardio department my legs felt great! Nice to run without my thighs rubbing together! Some giggling in the butt, but I remember that took like 4 months to stop doing that last time.

My skin has started to sag some, but not like before. My scars look great and I'm still using the Micropore tape 24/7. I plan to use it till I run out. My scar does look really good already. I don't think I needed the tape, but I'll use it.

All in all, pretty much back to normal! I was checking myself out last night and was like "I'm hot!". It's probably one of the first times I've said that to myself in forever! My hubby of course said I always look like that. I just don't listen :-). I'm still the same weight and measurements, but I haven't been trying real hard to lose extra. I'd like 5 more pounds off, but if this is my biggest, I'd be ecstatic! I love being a size 10, (I'm 5' 8.5") haven't been since I was 10 years old! I can fit into medium panties, and I actually like my butt now! As long as my thighs don't droop much more, I'll be a very happy camper!

Some side by sides

The first 3 pics are after my first round of lipo and today. The last 2 are before any surgery and today. You can really see the difference in my inner thighs and butt. Makes me feel really good looking at these. I feel like side by sides are the best way to objectively tell if there's improvements.
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