36 Year Old Getting Lipo on Thighs, Flanks, and Stomach - Plymouth, MN

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Well, I've literally been thinking about getting...

Well, I've literally been thinking about getting lipo on my inner thighs since I was a child. I've always struggled with fat inner thighs that always have rubbed together causing me rashes. I'm tall- 5'8" and currently 168#. No matter my weight- even at 140# in high school, they rubbed together. I've also became a runner in the last few years and my large butt causes me pain when I run.
After my 2nd (and last) child, I went on a low carb diet along with breast feeding and got down to 155# and felt great about myself, but the problem areas were still there. I have gained back some weight and am now at the heaviest I allow myself to be :)
I have my surgery consult scheduled for Jan 13th to over a bunch of stuff, and hoping the doctor has some ideas of what can be done with my rear. The ps i've seen for consults all said the shape of my rear is nice, but to me, it's very over fat and I'm not sure if they can remove that amount of fat along with my thighs in 1 procedure. My absolute dream is to have the "thigh gap" and not have my inner thighs touch again!
I don't have much for stretch marks which makes me very lucky, and I don't feel like I have extra skin on my belly, but I feel like I look about 5 months pregnant and I have rolls when I bend over and stretch. I've also been very lucky with having nicer, perkier breasts after having kids- thank you children! It may also have to do that I have hyperprolactinemia which causes me to produce milk constantly- not really a problem as it doesn't leak, but will come out if expressed.
My goal in the next 8 weeks before surgery is to drop another 10# and build up muscle. I've been doing a daily at home workout with tricep dips, squats, jumping jacks, abs, push ups etc and running daily. I injured myself this fall and have just been able to return to running, so I was in better shape this summer. I'm not super athletic, and am mostly a couch potato but this impending surgery is definitely motivating me! It's been hard during the holidays to keep to my low carb diet... I hope to tone myself up somewhat so there's more fat that can be removed as there's some state law that says they can only take off like 4L of fat at one time safely.
I'm mostly excited but a little scared- mostly of the anesthesia. I can handle pain- I had to be induced with 2 kids and I know the pain will subside eventually. I've had anesthesia before and never had an issue, but I'm a veterinarian and know there can always be unforeseen complications.

preop photos

Here's my before. I'm getting a little discouraged looking at others posts and that I won't have as nice of results. I'm thinking of getting my back done too since I'm getting the dreaded back roll! I have my final consult in 4 weeks.
I've been working out daily doing at home stuff (crunches, squats with kids on my back, pushups etc) and weight lifting 3x a week to help build muscle along with running, rowing, and HIIT running.

Not really on my low carb diet, but not over eating either. I'm starting to fit into some smaller jeans, but feeling super fat looking at these pictures.

10 days to go!

Well, I'm starting to get nervous and excited! I had my final pre op exam last Wednesday and everything is set to go. I'm a little nervous that he won't take as much off my rear end as I'd like, but I'll double check with him the day of surgery just to make sure what the plan is. I'll post more the day of. Wish me luck!

1 day to go!

Well, tomorrow's the day. I've been so busy working and parenting that I haven't really had time to obsess about my procedure. I'm heading up to stay at my parent's house tonight since they'll be driving me and caring for me post op for the first day.
I decided not to fill my scripts except for the antibiotic since I have a bunch of opioids left over from a previous sx. Maybe I won't even kneed that since my ps put me on azithromycin for my sinus cold Monday. Not super happy about being on antibiotics. I figure I'll fill the Percocet of I need it.
I'm most worried about an unexpected anesthetic complication, but I'm very healthy, so I know the chance of that is slim. Still, I'll be saying my prayers and my 3 year-old is letting me take one of his blankies with me????.
Wish me luck Realselfers! I'll post pics as I can.

day 2

Feel better mentally today, but feel very swollen and stiffer today. Got the Percocet filled yesterday and been taking that. Helps some, but skin still feels tight. Finally able to take ibuprofen too.
I took my garment off for a few minutes to take the bandages off my sutures. My skin is numb, but that's to be expected.
Some loose skin on my inner thighs but I moved my compression foam from my outer to my inner thighs to see if that'll help.
I'm actually not as bruised as I thought I'd be. And of course, my period started; thanks surgery! Able to eat real food today; hurray!
I can take a shower today, but I'm going to wait til I'm home tomorrow.
Overall, happy so far, not too painful; I can still sleep without pain, and walking helps quite a bit. Been keeping my feet elevated pretty much all the time.

close up post op day 1

day 3 post op

Yesterday was probably the worst day so far. I felt so swollen I felt as though my skin wanted to split open like an over cooked sausage! I finally took a shower, and washed my compression garment. It felt good to take it off and I was much more comfortable. I did feel like a big bowl of jelly without it on. My measurements are still the same due to the swelling, but I can begin to see what I'll look like once the swelling goes down.
I moved my pads to the outer thighs again since I had a lot of bruising yesterday. My goal is to move them every other day so I get better overall compression.
I do feel like my behind is wider where he took fat off, and hopefully that shrinks up more too. But since I'm sitting more, I worry I'm not getting enough compression on my rear.
Today, the swelling seems more under control and I took a nice long walk with the kids and feel pretty good.

Day 6 post op

The swelling isn't really getting much better. I'm pretty positive my garment is to blame. Much too loose and I think it's making the swelling worse since it's not compressing me enough.
I have tons of bruising as you can see and within that bruising is a lot of swelling. I'm pretty disappointed so far except for my flanks. I look like I have a much smaller waist.
We'll see what he says at my post op appointment tomorrow.

Feeling better

I've figured out how to handle the swelling in my legs- I've moved all my pads to my thighs and am wearing a high wasted brief that I had postpartum to keep my tummy flat and it helps a little with my butt. It's pretty constricting, but not overly tight. I can't wait until my new stage 2 garments come in 3 days! I have a lot less swelling in my thighs since I got my compression figured out, but I think it's going to be a lot more comfortable having just 1 garment on. Should've ordered it right away instead of hoping my PS would exchange my first one. Kind of disappointing to spend $90 on something I'll really only need for 1 week. Then spending almost as much on another one to wear for another month or 2.
I'm also thinking about buying some Under Armor compression capris for running/working out. I'm going to start my regular work out regimen of fast walking and weight lifting on Monday- we'll see how that goes! I'll have to change in a stall though, I don't want to freak out all the other gym goers and have people wondering if I got into a bad accident :) (I'm so glad I got this done in the winter!)
I'm overall feeling more myself- I'm able to be more active, going on walks with the dogs and kids, and getting back into my routine of fixing stuff around the house.
If I have any advice to give is this- try and get moving asap after surgery. I feel less stiff and I think I have less swelling as well since my muscles are moving and getting the fluid out of there faster.
The only perplexing issue I've had so far is this: I drink at least 10-14 glasses of fluid a day- mostly Crystal light very diluted with water (about 8 cups there), 1 caffeinated pop, and 1-2 decaf pops. I feel like I almost never pee and when I do, it's super concentrated. I'm trying to lay off the caffeine as much as possible, and skip it most days. You'd think with all this fluid sitting around in my tissues it'd be take up first, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any ideas out there?
I'll post more pictures in a few days :)

2 weeks out

Things have been going well so far. The bruising is getting better, numbness is fading but still present and I finally got my stage 2 garment today! The L fit the best. I think I could squeeze into a M, but I think it'd be too tight on my ribs and calves, so I'm just sticking with the L. Hopefully I won't have to continue to wear those dreaded pads with this new one.
Measurements today are:
Weight 162.5#
Waist 30.5"
Hips 41"
Thigh 24.5"
I'm getting thinner! My thighs still rub together, but it's getting less. Still can't fit into my thinnest pants, but I'm holding out hope. I feel like my fat hips are never going to shrink!
My biggest fear is that my skin will stay loose and not tighten up. I'm going to start working out again now that I don't have to mess with those pads and continue on my diet. It's been helping so far since I've lost 5.5# from surgery, but of course that could all be just from surgery too. But it's keeping me motivated all the same.

Things are leveling out

I've started to notice that I'm getting hard spots on my inner thighs- closer to my knees. I had a lot of swelling in that area, but now it's just firm. I've been doing nightly massages on myself both during my shower and after when I put lotion on. I'm really pushing and trying to help break down any scar tissue that may be wanting to form. It's not super painful, more like when I try to rub/roll out the knots in my muscles. A lot of my bruising is gone, and the ones that were the darkest are FINALLY starting to fade. Still a little painful when my kids jump on me, but not like it was at first.
I did my first full work out 2 days ago. I ran 1 mile and did some weight lifting. I did my normal routine, but I got kind of light headed towards the end of my lifting. The running went fine albeit I'm somewhat out of shape since it's been 2 weeks since I've ran. My legs jiggled some when I ran, but I'm used to that. It did feel a little weird, but not painful. It actually hurt more when I stopped to get a drink than when I was moving. The stretching out after felt the oddest. It felt like my underlying muscle was attached to my skin and was pulling weird- so I feel that daily stretching is probably a good idea along with massage.
I also looked up how to do lymphatic massage- seems pretty straight forward, but sounds like I'd have to do it for about 20 minutes a day for real benefits. I feel like most of my swelling is gone, but I'm sure it can't hurt...
So far, I'm kind of disappointed in my results. My right inner thigh is thinner and the left still bulges out almost the same as before. My outer thighs are slimmer, but still large, but my knees and flanks look great. I'm still pretty pumped about my new butt, but there's still a lot of fat on my hips that I feel he didn't remove. I'm a little worried about my stomach too- the skin is a little saggy, but really no worse than after I had my kids, so hopefully it'll tighten up especially if I get back to doing my crunches again.
I've heard of a lot of people see better results after about 3-4 months, so hopefully that's the case for me, but I feel like I haven't changed much and almost all my swelling seems to be gone- at least to me. I do feel like I need my garment and plan to wear it for a full 2 months at least since I still need to put my feet up and move around more if I've been sitting too much it hurts.

3 weeks post

Doing about the same. Still getting swelling even with my newer tighter garment. I feel like it's just not compressing me enough. Have to make sure I'm up and moving around a lot or I get stiff and swollen. Address back in my inner thigh pads with my new garment to help more. Massaging my thighs at least once a day to help break up any scar tissue.
Still not seeing much difference and thinking I'll be needing a revision. I feel more unproportional; my hips are still large while my waist is small. I think it'll be hard to find pants. Hopefully if I need a revision, he can take more off my hips/butt. I'm still watching my calories to try and lose additional weight, and I've been suck a few days, so that's helping :-).
Most of my bruising is gone so that's a big plus. Just not super happy yet.

Getting discouraged

Well, it's been almost four weeks now since I had my procedure. At first I thought things were going great, but nothing has really changed it all for me. My flanks and stomach seem to be a little bit smaller and I can definitely tell they are smaller in my pants, but my hips are still just as big and I feel like they haven't changed at all.
My butt is super jiggly, I'm not sure if I still have a lot of swelling or if he just didn't take enough fat off. It's kind of annoying especially when I work out it really hurts when i run now. I never used to have that much of a problem when I would run.
Then to also have my husband say that he doesn't notice a huge difference makes me pretty depressed as well too. I see what he's saying, my flanks are better I definitely have a nicer waist but I feel like I can't fit into any smaller size jeans that I used to own. I've kind of been thinking like well what was the use of this?
I've also only lost about a half an inch to an inch around each thigh. They still rub together almost as much as they used to. I can tell there is a little less volume but definitely not enough to make a difference in my life.
I'm still dieting and have lost a total of 8 pounds since my lipo. I kinda feel like I would've had similar results if I just lost the 8# with diet. However, my flanks/upper butt wouldn't have changed it all.
I look at other women who have had similar procedures to me, and they have way better results than I have. I've been super diligent about wearing my garment 24/7, using firming lotion and massaging my legs, abs, hips, and thighs every night. I'm working out and eating right I just feel like I can't win.
Just bummin out tonight.

Need opinions of compression garners

I'm in need of yet another garment-happy because I must be getting smaller (or my garment is loosening up), sad because I need to sirens even MORE money.
So, do I buy another marena? Or do I try another brand that may be less expensive but I can't return it if it doesn't fit?
What types do you all like? I've tried Spanks and Maidenform/ fat free capris- aren't tight enough. I have to order everything on line since there's nothing close by to try on.
Looking for suggestions :-)

Doing ok, hints of getting better

I haven't updated in awhile, so thought I'd do so. I've been doing ok, feeling somewhat better about myself. I've decided that I'd never be happy with myself no matter how many surgeries I have and that I need to love myself the way I am first. I'm thinking that I'll never get the body I want, and even if I do, I'll still think there's something not perfect. I can see how people can get addicted to plastic surgery and that you should have a stable self image before you decide to go under the knife.
With that being said, I feel I've been looking better lately. Been exercising 3-4 days a week, been losing a little more weight, and I've even seen a couple inches come off! And that's despite not eating the greatest... I can tell I still get sore around my hips during the day, which i'm hoping is swelling, and I still get sore/swollen after I sit around more than 20 minutes. I found some good compression running pants, and have run a couple miles at a go without too much jiggling and pain.
I'm amazed that I still have swelling 5 weeks out- you'd think wearing my garment 23/7 would eliminate that, but I can tell I'm swollen even with it on.
I ordered a medium garment, this time from Leonisa, so we'll see if this one is tighter as my current large Marena is definitely too loose.
Current stats as of this am:
Weight 159# :)
Waist 29.5"
Hips 42"
Thigh 23.75"- finally broke 24"!

Thighs still rub, but only a little. My left is still noticeably plumper than the right. I feel if I'd just lose another 1" I'd be home free! My pants are fitting much looser especially at the waist and under my butt which I find odd; unless it's from less thick inner thighs?
Still have some numbness on my sides but I'm sure that takes months to get better, but the hardness of my inner thighs is going away and I don't get the weird pulling sensation when I stretch anymore. Feels normal when I'm working out /stretching. Wish the scars aren't as prominent, but I'm sure that will fade with time. I figure it's a small price to pay if this works out.

Leonisa garment- going back

I was pumped to get my new MEDIUM! garment today. Put it on and the legs don't really compress much at all, and the hips/waist was so tight I thought I was going to rip it! The fabric was also really starchy and scratchy so I'm not too sad it doesn't fit.

I guess I'll just get another Marena in a medium; I'm thinking of getting one with suspenders too since I'm sick of always pulling this one up. I'm just afraid that a medium Marena will be too tight around my knees. The only thing I liked about Leonisa was that it was looser around my knees.
I'm too scared to get an above knee garment that it'll cut off my leg weird since I'm so tall and will come up much higher than it's supposed to. The "mid calf" Marena comes like 1" below my knee. So I can only assume a garment that comes "just above the knee" will probably land mid thigh :/

I just wish there was a magical store that you could try all these on to see what fits the best. I'm super sick of spending $90 every 3 weeks for a new garment. I know I don't "need" to wear one, but it makes me feel like I'm doing everything I can and it hurts when I don't wear one.

6 week check up

Well, I had my six-week checkup yesterday. I told him that I wasn't super happy with my inner thighs and my hips still. He at least said that we would check again in 3 months and if it's not better we could do a quick procedure in the clinic to get rid of more inner thigh fat. I was totally prepared to do battle with him, but he was pretty cool about it. He said the belly and thighs are the last areas for the swelling to leave. He said my skin should start tightening up soon as well.
I still wish my hips weren't so why did. They're pretty much the same as what they were before. It's still hard to fit into smaller pants even though my thighs and my waist and everything else I can fit in the smaller size just not my hips. He said my shape is nice I have a nice contour from my waist down which is true, but it still doesn't make me as happy as I would like. And has been so damn hard to not eat all the time because I'm working out so much I'm so hungry and I keep eating things I shouldn't. I should be losing more weight so that my hips get smaller but then everything else is going to get smaller and I'm still not going to be proportional.
On the up side,I found a good garment that dumpsters my inner thighs well but I have to use the straps around my bra to keep it up. And the crotch isn't big enough to not have to pull the whole thing down to pee. It's Julie France high waisted capri leger. I'm glad I got the medium size. Doesn't seem as sturdy as the marena. It's more like panty hose.
I'll post some pictures maybe this weekend

9 weeks

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted an update. I'm still about the same happiness level with my surgery as I was before. I still hate my hips, I still have fat thighs, but my flanks are okay.
I have days where I feel very swollen and sore especially around my hips and flanks, those are the days that I still wear my compression garment. Otherwise, I have not been wearing any garments for about the last 2 weeks.

Stats :
Weight 160
Waist: 30
Hips: 41.75
Thigh: 24
Pretty much no change. My weight fluctuates daily depending on if I eat over my calories.
So when is this magical skin tightening supposed to happen? Is that way I have some soreness? I'm just really disappointed. I feel like I'm never going to tighten up and I'm always going to continue to be jiggly forever.
I'm still continuing to eat right, and I lift weights 3 times a week and I try to run a couple times a week as well. I'm at least getting into shape. I feel better about myself, I just wish my outside matched how I feel inside

You're all right, and I'm nuts :)

Okay, so I took all of your advice and did side by sides. I definitely can see a difference. I think I'm just getting so used to the new me that anything that doesn't seem perfect seems not right. I can definitely see an overall difference in the volume of my thighs, abdomen, and waist. I still don't see much difference on my hips however, but I don't think he took a whole lot off that area.
I think it would bother me less if my thighs weren't still rubbing together. That was of course, the whole reason why I went ahead and got this done.
At least I know that he'll make it right if it's not what I want when I recheck with him in June.

10 weeks post op

Well, it's been 10 weeks now. I'm starting to like my body a little bit more, but still not exactly what I wanted. My measurements still haven't changed from the last month or so, and I haven't really lost any more weight. I've been fluctuating between 160# and 162 ish, but I haven't been eating like crap and I'm still continuing to work out. Maybe it's all that make I'm building!)
I keep getting swelling in my flanks which makes me feel worse about myself, so I've been starting to wear my garment again, just during the day, haven't been wearing it at night at all. Not sure when all the swelling is supposed to stop, it's really getting frustrating. Especially hurts more the day after I wear my garment if I decide to skip a day here and there. More so than if I just don't wear it at all. I really do like the shape of my butt, I just wish it wasn't so jiggly! I was admiring it this morning!
Sure would be nice to fit into a size 10, but oh well. I'm sure I'll be getting revision surgery done in a few months. The only concern I have is that I may still need a thigh lift when this is all done. I'll cross that bridge when/if I come to it.
Still waiting for that skin tightening...

Size 10 baby!

So Sunday I decided to try on some of my older size 12 jeans that have been too tight, and they all fit! They weren't all comfortable, but I could get them closed. I got rid of all the pants that were too loose as well. Also tried on some dresses from the late '90s and they all fit or were a little loose!
Went shopping yesterday and fit into almost all the size 10s that I tried on. Still have inner thigh issues, but so nice to know I'm changing and looking better! I think the last time I was a size 10 was in 5th grade (and was chunky then at just 5'3").
And my husband was pretty pumped for me too when I tried on all my new shorts tonight ;)
Still holding out hope for the inner thighs to get with the program...

Fallen off the wagon...

So... last week was a bad one. Let's just say it involved a lot of cake and gaining 6#. I felt horrible and did much better this week. I'm still exercising-lifting weights and starting to run more. I've found that running really helps to keep me regular. Since my surgery, I've had some issues with constipation, but if I go for a 2 mile run, it'll be no issue.
Any who, this month is super hard diet wise- I have my daughter's, nieces and my birthday within 2 weeks and my anniversary! It's hard to say no to the cake, but it's like crack for me. I start and I'm liable to eat the whole thing! I'm trying to eat normal for me which is low carb and I feel so much better when I do. Gotta stay strong!
My plan is to be a little thinner before my next consult mid June when we'll likely set up my revision. I think I'm letting myself go because I know I'll need revision so who cares if I eat bad? I don't think I have enough fear at this point. The disappointment in my initial results kinda set my emotional state in a downward spiral. I feel like if I would've gotten the body I wanted to start with I would fight harder with myself to keep it that way.
Just hoping to lose these last few additional pounds I gained, feel better, get revision and be a rockin' mom!
(I'll post more pictures once I'm feeling better about myself ;)

almost 6 months out

It's been almost 6 months and I've had ups and downs. I gained all my weight back then lost it again. I'm currently around 160.
Measurements haven't changed:
Waist- 30
Hips- 42
Thigh- 24
I fit in a size 12 and sometimes 10. I still wish my hips were 2" smaller and I'm still unhappy with my inner thighs. I am still happy with my flanks and back as I couldn't have achieved smaller flanks without surgery.
I know my PS will take more fat out of my thighs, but I think it'll lead to saggy thighs. I'm thinking of just having him do a thigh lift and getting it over with.
I've also been giving thought to a tummy tuck as now I have a lot more loose skin that hangs over my bottoms, but I'm not sure I want a huge scar, go through all that pain, and not have my cute belly button anymore :-)
I'm still planning to lose a few more pounds before my recheck in a month (got postponed due to the Dr taking vacation) and see what I'm looking like then.


It wouldn't let me upload photos on my other browser, so here are my most recent pics. My phone somehow erased all my previous pictures at I can't do side by sides; I'm pretty pissed about it.

Side by sides

I was able to recover my before pics. Here's some side by sides of now and before and 2 days post op as well.
Would still like to take a little more off my outer buttocks/hips and of course get my inner thighs squared away. Just 3 weeks till my next recheck!

Final recheck a few weeks ago

So I went in for my last recheck. All has completely healed, I'm still about 160#, I did get down to 158# when I was sick a month ago ;) He agreed that a medial thigh lift would be very helpful. I also asked if I could get some more taken off my rear as those measurements haven't changed. So I'm scheduled for Sept 16th to have this all done. I'm not sure what to expect after reading others reviews, and am planning on taking 3 weeks off. I'm super excited to get a thigh lift and have a thigh gap for the first time ever!
I plan to write another review on that procedure.
Thank you to everyone who supported me on this first journey and all the help I've gotten. This community is the best and I'm so happy I'm a part of this!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I met with 4 ps in total. I only interviewed doctors that belong to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as they're held to a higher ethical standard. They all said very similar things about what to expect, but they all had different approaches. I chose Dr. Fasching because I felt comfortable with him and he had some other areas that I could get done at the same time that I hadn't really thought about before. I went in for just my inner thighs and he pointed out about my stomach, upper pubis and hips could also be done at a reasonable price. These areas also bother me, but I've been so involved with my inner thighs that I wasn't thinking that much about it and thought it'd be crazy expensive. After reading reviews, Dr. Fasching seems to really care about his patients and everyone seemed very happy with their results. I liked how he took the time to do a good job on my surgery and even though it didn't turn out as well as I wanted on my inner thighs, he was very easy to work with in setting up an additional surgery to get the results that I want. My flanks, outer thighs, knees, and stomach turned out great and is very natural looking as well. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for liposuction.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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