Very Pleased with the Midface/cheek Lift with Lower Blepharoplasty/laser

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I am one month post op from a mid-face/cheek lift,...

I am one month post op from a mid-face/cheek lift, laser below my eyes to erase fine lines and lower blepharoplasty. My concern where: I was starting to get bags below the hollows of my eyes. I had deep smile lines around my mouth. I was starting to look tired. The pros- the results are better than I had expected. I have a beautiful contour to my face. It has improved my over all tone to my face. I do not even use foundation anymore! I use a fraction of the make-up I once used. I love my cheeks they look naturally high with out looking pulled. I no longer have the dark circles and hollows under my eyes and I still look like me.
Daytona Beach Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

I am a medical professional. I was extremely cautious in picking my physician. I have seen first hand the issues of patients that go to one size fit plastic surgeons, those who do lipo on one body part, breast, and lift your face at the same time. To me that is the fast food of health care and I do not want to be 1 million served. Detail is quality. If I see a plastic surgeon for my face, he will only work on faces and the know intricacies of the facial structure! I went to one clinic in Orlando for a consult and they had a non medical 23 year old give the initial consultation. They where like used car salesman they tried to sell me on injectables and thermage. Which are non permanent and do not show a tangible improvement. and did not address the issues of my concern. I take care of myself - why would so I do not have to rely on a drugs or the medical community. So why would I consent to have a treatment plan I would need to depend on injectable drugs and have to repeat every few months. When I went to Dr S he was honest & directly identified the areas that concerned me. He did not try to sell me. He and his staff provided excellent verbal as well as written explanations of the procedure and care post-op. They and he both check on me over the week-end. His work is beautiful. This is coming from someone that has extremely high standards and is very detail oriented.

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