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I had my 1st of 4 FRAXEL LASER treatments. As I...

I had my 1st of 4 FRAXEL LASER treatments.

As I entered the office the nurse took me back to a "prep" room. She then put numbing gel all over and my and gave me a pain pill. I sat there for approximately 1 hour, which I knew would occur ahead of time, while the numbing gel and pain pill had time to work.

After an hour they took me into the Fraxel Room when the actual procedure was to occur. The nurse cleaned the remaining numbing gel off of my face and then placed another clear, vaseline type gel on my face. As they were doing this I could clearly tell that my face was very numb. They then placed tea bags on my eyes (for additional comfort) and then placed goggles over my eyes to protect them from the light of the laser.

The doctor then began the Fraxel Laser. He started with my forehead, moved to my nose, to my chin, to my right cheek, to the small area between my nose and my upper lip and then to my left cheek. The laser passes over the face in small rows vertically and then again horizontially. Let me say first... from beginning to end it took about 40 mins and there is PAIN! Anyone who says otherwise either has been knocked out or has had a very strong narcotic. The laser is warm but not too bad. The laser as it passes over the face I can only describe as pins and needles. The pain is mild in most places but in the areas where the bone is closer to the surface it is worse. The most painful spot on the face of all is the small area between the nose and the upper lip.

After the procedure they put a cooling cream on the face. Let me add, I have had twins and I went through IVF to have them. During IVF I gave myself shots in the leg, hip and stomach so I feel I have a very good tolerance for pain. However, I left the office in severe pain. I had a friend with me which drove me home as I do not know how anyone could drive themselves after this procedure. My face was red and stinging for the next 45-60 minutes. Afterward, my face was still red but the stinging subsided. My that night the swelling was down and my face only had a very light pink color. This morning I woke up swollen and red again. My eyes are fine... they are not swollen at all.

As I said, this was my first of 4 treatments. My thoughts for next time are: better pain medication and my doctor passed over my face very slowly so I am going to ask him to move faster if at all possible.

Hope this helps!

Overland Park Dermatologic Surgeon

He talked me through the procedure, each time I needed to take a deep breathe he quickly stopped for me. Overall: GREAT doctor!!!

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