BA 475 HP Under Muscle - Spokane, WA

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Original BA done in Spokane WA, by Emily Williams...

Original BA done in Spokane WA, by Emily Williams with Plastic surgery Northwest. Had complications from the first week. After an entire year trying to get her to fix me, I finally gave up after losing all confidence in her and found Dr. Pousti here on real self. In fact he found me! After posting pictures and a plea for help he detailed a response and treatment plan. My issues were breast dropping too much, wide deformed cleavage, implants falling into armpits when laying down, pain & rippling at bottom of breast/thinning of tissue and breast being asymmetric. Dr. Williams told me they looked fine and had dropped the way they needed to and that she thought they looked good. She basically told me what I wanted was unachievable. Dr. Pousti assured me that I was NOT crazy and I could be fixed! I had so much confidence in him I traveled all the way to sandiego to meet him. I was so impressed I scheduled my surgery the next day. All pictures are from original surgery. BA revision was done on 27 May 2015, today!! Will post pictures of revision as I heal. As well as a review of Dr. Pousti

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I am starting a new review with Dr. Pousti as I feel I'm on a new journey recovering and would like to put my experience with Dr. Williams behind me. I will include all all photos start to finish in my new revision review


My bandages came off today from my revision with Dr. Pousti. From San Diego. I was so happy I started crying. They are beyond amazing and perfect. It's exactly what I wanted. Worth every penny. Going to start a new review on dr pousti today and I will attach the link on an update on here

Dr. Pousti dream Dr!!!

Still loving my revision! And still hating Dr. Williams my original "dr"
Spokane Plastic Surgeon

Terrible. Had to wait months at a time to be seen. She refused to correct my breasts in any way that made a difference and wanted to charge me thousands of dollars for what I thought was her mistake of not closing my pockets properly.

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