40yr Old Getting Her Figure Back. Mother of 3 Grandmother of 2 - Rochester, NY

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My goal is to get my FIGURE back after 23yrs. Im a...

My goal is to get my FIGURE back after 23yrs. Im a mother of 2 young adults and 1teenager grandmother of 2. This is something that i wanted to do for a long time but i was scared. When my homegirl went out of work for a while i didnt knw what had happened until she came back and said BAMM look at me now and i was blown away that this chick went and had a tummy tuck. Her results was so amazing that she inspired me to go and yes it was done right here in tha united states. Now im so super excited about going.

40 yr old getting her figure back. mother of 3 grandmother of 2 rochester ny

Hello everyone 20 more days til tha big day of my tt. I been a lil nervous cause tha time is near. I been talkn to some close friends and they been telling me
that things gonna be alright n not to worry. I prayed bout it alot and i knw GOD will see me thru this.

17 days til its done

Hello everyone i have 17days til its done. I go for my pre op appt next week and thats when they do tha blood work up and i believe a ekg. So i told myself that as of today im going harder with tha exercising and eatn healthier cause tha more u lose tha better it looks enough my ps didnt say i had to loose weight. And if anyone read my post please tell me what i will need far as supplies n how to sleep. I dnt have a recliner and my bathroom is upstairs where my room is. I want to sleep on my couch but afraid cause i have to climb the stairs to use the bathroom. So please help.......

14 days n counting

The closer i get tha happier i am. I received more info on wat to expect far as my surgery goes. I got mail today on instructions on how to use my pain pump that tha doc will insert inside my tummy to help control tha pain. Has anyone ever heard of that or used one. My PS is tha chief of Surgery so he makes sure his patients are pain free much as possible thats just why i CHOOSE him. My prep op appt is next week Wednesday. The time is flying by please continue to keep me in your prayer.....

10days left

I cant belive it yall i only have 10days left. As i mentioned n my last post my pre opt is this Wednesday. Woot Woot u guys just dont knw how happy i am. My daughter said mom i cant wait til u get this surgery cause u do is talk bout it. N i told her i cant help it cause im excited bout it n its going change me back to how i looked before i had her n the other kids. Well until my next post u guys have a BLESSED ONE.

pre op

Today i went to my pre op appt and it went well. They drew 2 tubes of blood one for CBC N BNP. U. was so nervous because a week from today ill be on tha FLATSIDE if its tha LORDS WILL n i knw he will protect me. Everyone was nice and kept telling me to be calm cause im in the best hands with DR PENNINO. After the post op i went to see him and and asked him for a valium and he said for what u gonna be just and have me a rub on my back and arm. It made me more at ease but i did let him knw that i concerned cause i have a role on my back which is not bad and why hes not doing lipo and he said in my case i dnt need it cause he is gonna cut all tha fat out. So im trusting in him. So please cont to keep me in ya prayers cause a week from today it goes dwn.



test results

Hello everyone i got my test results back from my labs n they all came back normal.....im so happy cause that means im ok to go for Wednesday coming. This surgery been on my mind heavy and imma continue to PRAY that all goes well with me and everyone else on this page that is having a tummy tuck. Well goodnight to all my RS friends.

count dwn 3days away

Im close to being there wit all u RS ladies. So i will be on the flatside. All day yesterday n today i been gettn my house in order cleaning washing n gettn last minute grocery out tha way. My kids said mom u act like u gonna be off ya feet forever after reading some of theae reviews i dnt knw wat to expect so i rather be safe than sorry. Has any of u ladies felt like u gained wt as it got closer to ya surgeru date. And on top of all this my monthly will(ewww) will be on and im bloated ass hell. I pray that it waits until after my surgery is over. Wont be posting any more pics til 2morrow or tues but deftly tha day of surgery Wednesday,

2morrow is the big pow wow????????????????

As u all has already know 2morrow is the big show dwn. Ill be on the flat side. My ps called and confirmed my appt for first thing in the morning. All today i was nervous and was looking at everyone post on tummy tucks all day on youtube. Some made me scared and some made me say tha hell with it its still going dwn i am not gonna turn my back on one of my dreams that i longed for. REALSELF DIVAS ITS ALL BOUT ME!!!!! I raised my kids bought my house pd off my car and than some so i say WOMAN GET IT TOGETHER AND WERK..,,,,meaning this tummy tuck is all i need. And GOD so far hasnt put any fear in my heart nor has he told me to back dwn no weapons formed against me shall prosper. Ok ladies gotta cook now for tha fam n my man so ill hit this page back up later and post my last pics.


Good mornings RS DIVAS i made it. Im here at tha hospital and they got me all hooked up to the IVs and they gave me a shot of heparin.Ladies i was so damn nervous n excited that i went tha wrong damn way to get to the surgery room. But wats importAnt is that im here. Ill hit u ladies later after my surgery.


Hello RS DIVASSSSSS!!!!! I made it to tha flatside ill write more posts later n take some pics im sore at this more.

update pictures

hello divas.... Imma day late and a dollar short... Lol...sorry I didn't post any pictures or any comment I was really tired after I had my surgery. Overall I am doing quite well. My doctor was awesome my tummy is so flat and so tight that it was hard for me to stand up the first day at the my surgery.I'm up and moving around I even gave myself a sponge bath. At the moment I'm moving all around my house I'm still confined to upstairs because this is where the bathroom at. but for the most part I think I'm doing well. My belly button is NICE. Here r some updated pics and btw i hate tha drains. Can anyone tell me how to change it from not sure to worth it.


post op day day 3

Hello everyone hope all is well and u r in tha best of health mentally and physically. As for myself im doing alot better moving around more. I gave myself a real sponge bath by myself witj a lil help from my daughter. Boi do i feel refresh. I will soon post more pic in tha days coming but these drains r in tha way n if u move them ths wrong it hurts. Divas be patient with me there coming. I finally had a bowel movement..,, yay????????????. So continue to follow me and ill do tha same with all u beauties and lets give our selves a big pat on tha back cause we deserved it after having our kids and raising them....,,????????????????????


Hello everyone been a few days since i post a comment....went to my first appt and they took one of my drains out....,.the one that bothered me tha most tha right one and it feels so much better. On my next appt he said tha left one should be coming out soon....im still a bit swollen but thats to be expected cause im 6days post op. This is just like having a baby i still move slow and can stand up a lil str8. Im just gonna take it easy and let it takes it course til next time ladies.

10. days post op n drains out

Tha drains r gone i mean OUT!!!!!#Yesss im so happy thats over wit. So far im ok walking a lil better but my tummy feel funny as if something crawling inside and a tingling feeling.My next appt is tuesday coming up cant wait n got alot of questions to ask tha dr. Hey ladies i got my hair done yesterday and boi did that feel good n i got all dressed up today. I must say a sista looked good had heads turning. Oh yea i was able to take a SHOWER TODay.....HAd to go to my job today n my friends saw me for tha first time n said THERESA OMG B**** U LOST WEIGHT.......I PULLED BACK MY SWEATER N SHOWED MY TUMMY N THEY SCREAMED......they all thought i went out for a foot surgery cause when tell them tha truth they hate on u not them friends but other ppl....SMH we women n we should empower one another. Anywho heres some uodated photos i took today.

updated pics

17days post op pics


Hello everyone im worried bout my belly button n tha top portion of my tummy under my breast....My belly button still hasnt healed theres no drainage or foul odor its just taking forever to get back to its color. It still scabby and when i shower it softens and and u can see the skin under the scab. Now how long do it normally take before all the swelling go away. Im 3weeks to this date post op of my tummy tuck. My skin is still really tight but im worried bout the swelling cause it make my tummy look lopsided it. Here are some pics and if anyone have any suggeestions im open for them.. also should i buy a new compression garment??????
Rochester Plastic Surgeon

I went to my consult July 1st and i was so excited to finally meet my PS. He is phenomenon and amazing with what he does. He never once told me to lose weight. He is tha Cheif of Surgery and many ppl highly recommended him to me. He made me feel really comfortable and i knw im in the BEST OF HANDS.

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