44 Yr Old, Breast Fed 2 Children, Recent Weight Loss - Columbia, SC

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Never worked to lose eight after children, finally...

Never worked to lose eight after children, finally got motivated and been working out doing Crossfit. Have lost weight much of it from chest- leaving them saggy and deflated. Been researching since January 2016- and finally did it August 30. Got 397cc through areoles so as to avoid anchor scar. Finally!


At times I feel like they are too big! And other times too small. I also don't know how healthy it is for me only his board- looking at everyone else's pictures - your all so skinny and beautiful. It's making me feel old and chubby!

3 weeks out

Not much different so far. Trying to sleep on back has been difficult as I am a side sleeper, but the few times I have woken up on my side it hurts.
I go back to Dr. in a week. I want to ask about easing back into exercise. I'm going to start this week with light walking during my usual Crossfit class. I want to take care of them but it's hard to not be in the gym. Obviously I wouldn't do chest/arm stuff.
Went looking at bras today. Fought the temptation to buy anything as all these posts say not to waste money till 3-6 months. I have to say the sleeping/ nursing bras look like a good choice.
Nipples still taped and sensitive is an understatement. Hubby forgot for second and flicked a nipple playing!

Almost 4 weeks

My boobs are getting softer and dropping.

I do Crossfit - so taking this time off has been hard. With my doctors permission I started walking 2.5 miles each morning last week. This week I'm going to add leg raises to that and my dr said I could cycle.

I was told today that I don't need to massage them- that apparently is old school??? But I do need to do exercises involving raising my hands above my head for 3 minutes.

I noticed this week I really need to watch my posture- I think I was hunched over at work and got back pain. Lol bigger boob problems!

I went to Target and found 2 great bras- but the dr said I have 2 more weeks in the sports bra he gave me. (Which I hate by the way. ) I bought some Brooks sports bras from the Internet- the size chart must be off because the size it said I would be barely covered them, so they got returned. Would love to hear brand/ make of sports bras you like for running and Crossfit .

Arm raises- lol

So before the surgery I was going to Crossfit 5 days a week, now i get winded from arm raises with a pvc pipe! It takes so long for gains- which you lose pretty quick. I am going to take it slow and look out for the girls but I'm surprised by how much I've lost because I didn't go under muscle.

Bras and swim top

The other day I went shopping at target to find some bras hoping I would be cleared by my surgeon to wear something other than this ugly sports bra he gave me. Unfortunately I have two more weeks but these are the bras I got. Don't want to spend too much money on anything fancy since they might change.

Boob greed is real!

Originally I talked to my surgeon and we were going for large season we were going to do 285-325 cc and I decided to g bigger which also allowed me to not have the downward scar on lift which I'm thrill with!
I ended up with 400cc - naked they are huge but when I'm dressed sometimes you can't tell - that's how good padded bras are.
I said to the Dr. At an appt that sometimes I think they are too big other times I think they are too small- to which he laughed and said I couldn't have gone any bigger! During the swelling stage I agree- I am surprised my nipples didn't pop off from the pressure.
They are for my husband and myself and we are happy- that's all that matters!

Back at crossfit

Finally 6 weeks is here and I have been cleared to go back to the gym.
A few weeks ago I started walking 2-3 miles in the morning, then I added arm raises per my surgeon.
Now I'm back at the gym and other than being extremely winded I'm doing well.
I did go with overs because I didn't want pecks cut or have the implant move with chest exercises so I wasn't expecting a painful recovery.
So far I've done a rope climb, back squats( not near the weight before)
Push presses, push ups, and running.
I got a Brooks high impact bra so the girls don't move. I did feel nervous running and felt the urge to hold them- lol! ????

Back at the gym

I've been cleared and have been back at Crossfit - this is my second week back.
I was a saggy mess before- I'm sure I was wearing the wrong size bra but now I'm a full 34d- 34dd, depends on bra. Finding sports bra that didn't bounce was not fun and it's even worse getting them off after getting all sweaty.
Anyway I got overs 397cc. I've done rope climbs no problem, kettle bell activity sucks - I keep bumping them! Push ups were fine- although I was worried about hand release push ups as your chest rests on the ground and I don't like that feeling, but somehow it didn't hurt.
Today we did shoulders and I'm at 65# where I was at 100# pre surgery.
Slow and steady -

Almost 8 weeks

Thought I would post some pics .
Do I like them ? - yes
Do I wish they were different? Yes, I wish they were a little bigger and a little higher but I was trying to avoid the vertical scar of a lollipop lift so I have to deal with a little gravity and not perfect nipple placement. As far as size goes the dr said I couldn't have gone bigger- and at the gym they do get in the way - it's just when in naked for my husband that I wish they/ I were different. I have a pretty wide rib cage and can't change that so....
Sometimes after work all day the nipples seem to swell, I'll try to get a pic sometime. I did some research and I guess it's from the implant putting pressure on them and it will eventually go away.
I have I say there are a lot of young beautiful women on here and sometimes reading your stories and seeing your pics makes me feel inadequate - basically a boob job is going to make YOUR boobs bigger, we can't all have Anna1989's boob- she was my wish pic and I've seen her pics in many others wish pics. I have wide set breast and I still do. If your trying to get someone else's boobs your going to be disappointed. Have realistic expectations, and be willing to wait for the final product. I am only 2 months out- they are still changing and I won't really know how they are going to look for another 4-8 months. Be patient! I know I'm trying to.

My before

Back pain

I have noticed my posture more than pre breast augmentation. I have to really focus on keeping shoulders back and not hunching over. But I can tell a difference with bigger boobs.

Very polite and up front.

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