TT with Muscle Repair and Breast Aug Saline Under Muscle 35yo Nashville, TN

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I wish that I had done this sooner! So let me...

I wish that I had done this sooner! So let me review-it was definitely a hard procedure. I am almost 1 year post op and I finally feel-almost-like myself again. It has been a journey and it's not a quick fix. I am a 35 year old mom of 2 kids. My babies was very large-10 and 8lbs. Most of the damage was done by the first, 10lb, baby. I carried both very high and straight-my tummy looked like a torpedo coming at cha! I had stretch marks above, below and around my belly button. My belly button was very deep and I also had an umbilical hernia. My diastase recti was fairly severe. Early on I could fit 4 fingers in the area directly above my belly button. I started Crossfit about 3 years ago and it, with the proper guidance and other exercises, helped me close the diastasis a little. But I was not able to correct completely. My failure to close the diastasis, inability to do certain exercises because of the hernia and the muscle separation and just being plan ole' tired of looking at my sad belly and trying to hide it with clothes, we're all reasons that I sought the help of a plastic surgeon. My breast augmentation was a decision I came to later. The breast augmentation was purely cosmetic but my TT, for me, was more about the physical and corrective aspect. I was tired of my core feeling unstable during lifting workouts and feeling my belly move and jiggle when running. And feeling the pain and uncomfortableness of my hernia. Now on to my doctor-Dr. Gingrass is a wonderful surgeon! After meeting with several other surgeons she was my overwhelming pick. She's not a sugar coat it Doctor. She told me exactly what would happen. She helped me pick an implant that wouldn't get in my way, since I'm fairly active, but would give me the best look for my body. She told me what to expect with the tt. The only thing I will say about the pre op process-I don't feel that I was completely prepared for the pain. I was told to expect pain similar to a c section. Not true for me. At all. I have had vaginal and c section deliverys. The vaginal was far worse and the c section recovery was not bad at all. The tt was very intense pain. I had exparel but I woke up from surgery in pain and basically stayed that way for the next several days. However, the only place I had pain was my muscle repair. The breast aug was a piece a cake. No pain-just swelling and pressure similar to when your milk comes in. The tt incision was also painless. The muscle repair was straight up burning from my breast bone to the top of my pubic area. I stayed on top of my pain meds but it didn't seem to make much difference. I also went into surgery with a slight cold/sinus drainage which was exacerbated by the tube down my throat during surgery. My throat was very scratchy. I coughed, cleared my throat and coughed up phlegm for the first 2 weeks. Which, when you've had a tt, is NOT a good idea!
I prepared for the surgery by bringing a recliner into our bedroom. I set up headquarters in and around my recliner. I put a table by my chair, loaded it up with Kleenex, cough drops, water bottles, little trash can, TV tray, cell phone and charger, books and tv remote. I borrowed a shower chair from a friend (a must have!). I was unable to stand upright-not even the least little bit. I used my husband or my mom to hold onto to get everywhere. My husband took care of me and my mom took care of the kids. My husband gave me a shower for the first week. I was able to shower the next day after my surgery-but it's hard to wash yourself when you can't even stand upright or lift your hands higher than your waist! That first shower was divine. Long story short-worth it and I wish that I had done it sooner. But, it's not something to go into without lots of thought and planning.

Updated pics-around 11 months PO TT

Here are some updated pictures I took a few weeks ago. I finally feel "normal" again. My breast aug scars are almost nonexistent. My TT scar is slowly fading but I still have a long way. It is very smooth and thin but still purple in spots. I remember with my csection scar-it took several years for it to fade to white. My stomach muscles finally feel almost normal. Still tight if I do something that stretches my upper abs. The center of my TT scar and belly button and below are still numb. I am back to Crossfit, running, swimming and pretty much everything else. I went thru a rough patch around 6-8 months where my hair was falling out like crazy, I felt very swollen and not myself. Finally feel like I've come thru that. My breasts feel real-I was already a big B, small C before surgery so I had a decent amount of breast tissue. I did under the muscle saline and I love the size, the look, the feel, everything! The only things I would possibly like to change are the ends of my TT scar and sides. Don't always like where my scar ends on both sides. I have 2 lumps, not bad, but just more noticable than before surgery. I also have a slight indentation at the center of my TT scar, but it doesn't bother me as much.
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