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When I was little I had a cute nose.. By the time...

When I was little I had a cute nose.. By the time I became 12, it got big.. I've cried countless times because I know it can be better. I've punched myself in the nose a billion times because I hate it and I know I cant afford the procedure, but I want it more than anything. It's driven me craxy to where I would imagine doing the surgery on myself with pain meds but of course impossible.. I have been too self concious to show my talents like my wonderful singing because I feel ugly. And I am beautiful except my nose, it makes me ugly. I recorded myself on video singing then watched it and deleted it because I was ugly and I threw myself in bed and cried. I would practically do anything to change my life forever by getting this done. I was called ugly by everyone in school, they were mean to me and bullied me and thought of ugly people or animals that I looked like. My class sat at the far end of the lunch table and made me sit alone on the other end, crying with my head down, not eating..i wanted to kill myself.. But I dont want to die, I just want to live and be happy. This nose is holding me back. From the front u can barely tell but only in pictures. In person, u can see how truly deformed I am...i'm tired of crying..i want to live my dreams, go on american idol or x fsctor and become a star because of my beautiful voice. I want to have fun and be loved.... I dont like to take pictures of my nose from the right because it looks even bigger and crooked...

Further examination

Ughhhhhh.........the depression I feel. Ppl just think I'm pretty and can live with this look, no I cant. Know why, it's especially hard since I suffer from BDD. and I try to be as perfect as I can but u cant do that when you're freakin poor...

Photoshop nose job

The loo I'm hoping for

Just in the nose. The rest looks dumb cuz photoshop was acting up

Photoshop nose job

Life is hard enough

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Colin Pero

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