54....why Not.

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I am 54 and mom of one (adult of 31 with 2 kids...

I am 54 and mom of one (adult of 31 with 2 kids AKA: grandkids). I have not told her I am doing this. Actually I don't want to tell anyone. I am 5'5 and 138 lbs. I quit smoking about 25 years ago and started exercising right away. First it was aerobics, then aerobics and walking, then i met my second husband (3 years younger than me....at the YMCA where I was doing aerobics.) Then he got me into running. And now it has been the gym and running for the past several years. I have a desk job....30 years now, so getting out of my chair and moving feels great. But seems like I am at a standoff with my mirror. I ran into a friend that recently had a BA and she was happy.....and so my journey begins. I have been reading this site since I ran into her while I was waiting for my first consult. ...seemed like FOR EVER....but got alot of information and made up my mind to proceed. I told my husband my intentions and I get the standard "I don't think you need it", but he is supporting my decision. At the consultation I could tell how far out of his comfort zone this was pushing him. But he hung in there and got thru it. (I told him my friends husband went with her to every appointment so I left it up to him if he wanted to go).
So before we left, I was thinking I can't believe I even want to do this, much less $$!
And thought I would have to book something in august or later considering how long I had to wait for just the consult. But, they booked me for July 3rd! I paid my deposit, and now it is only weeks away. The thoughts going thru my head are not much different than what I have read on here, but I am much older. It doesn't have anything to do with sex for me, but hey, if it adds a little spice to that area too.....I am definitely IN! I hope to be able to shop for tops and bras that I can actually take off and not dislike what I see. I am not that bad, but MUCH room for improvement. Not sure of my real size since I buy 36b heavily padded. Oh, and don't forget the FULL COVERRAGE part so that I look smooth in front along with 2 sizes bigger. I will post before photos soon .
I would never have done this in my 30's or probably not even 40's since saving money has always been a top priority.
My husband does not agree with me to not let someone in my family know that I will be undergoing surgery. I don't want them to know, so he is standing by my decision. He thinks I should tell my daughter (he has no kids of his own, but has accepted his "extended family" better than I could have ever hoped for!!!)
For now that is all I have to tell. I so much appreciate all the information I have learned on this site so I want to share as well.....from a more older...and wiser....prospective

before. July 3rd is my day

This is my first "selfie". This is me now. I only could get one picture. This selfie thing is hard to do. I will try more later.
I am guessing 300 to 325 or 350cc. I am trusting my ps to decide what looks best. I just want to be me only bigger.
Thoughts would be appreciated....
Thanks for everyone that shares. This site has been so helpful.

picked up a few things

I picked up a few things this weekend that I have read on here I might need. I felt like everyone in Walmart knew what I was about to do. With all the "supplies" in my cart, I thought it looked obvious.
Still don't believe this is happening. I keep reading on here how painful it can be and ask myself why on earth would I do that to myself. I don't think my husband has any idea how this will be, and I am not going to tell him. I have done the research, so I know. I don't want this to "turn him off"....recovery for this isn't always pretty. He did comment that getting new toys is always fun. I will let him keep that thought for as long as possible.

June 24 = decision time

I am getting so nervous. My preop is June 24th. TWO days away. I am struggling with my decision. I WANT this but am so scared and nervous. But I want this. Did I mention I am nervous?
Once I pay for it all, I will really beat myself up. The pain, money, and down time. Why on earth do I want this so bad?? Is this struggle just me? Keeping it a secret is not easy either. I still don't want anyone but my husband to know.
I want it to be like just getting a tooth pulled or something. A couple days and I am done. Possibly months of recovery are really putting a damper on my parade. Uuuuggggg. Vent vent vent.

not happy with consultant!

Well, tomorrow, wed 24th, is my preop appointment. I scheduled my appointment so that I could get in most of a workday and just leave a little early so I would not miss much work. I have been struggling with do I do this, do I not do this, if I do this I need to get the money out of savings and be prepared to pay for it at my preop appointment this week. On top of that, my husband has been out of town for over a week and I have been stressed with trying to keep up everything at home. No kids at home, but 6 cats and a house to take care of and work. I am very anal when it comes to cleaning and organization. I get off work at 4:00 and rarely....until I found this site, do I use my phone at work. I finally made up my mind to go get money from savings and transfer to my bank and be prepared to pay for everything at the preop appointment. And as that thought goes thru my head, I get a text from the consultant on Monday-yesterday at 3:00. ( Just happened to have my phone out, and on this site...) and it read....call or text by 5:00 today or your appointment will be cancelled. I am like are you FN kidding me??? My appointment is for tomorrow, 24th at 4:30. I am at work till 4:00 and I get 2 hours to reply or they are cancelling my appt. I already gave them the 500$$ deposit at my initial consult, where I thought she treated me like just another 'job'. I felt like they were short and not at all pleasant. I texted back that I was not very happy with how I was "reminded" of my upcoming appointment. I work in customer service and I thought that was a very poor and unprofessional way to handle my appointment reminder. She texted me back and asked that I please call her and maybe it was best if we spoke to each other. I did not call her. Still not real happy with her. My PS did not treat me that way at all, or I would have never paid a deposit and book a surgery date!
I felt like this process should be about her and her scheduling rather than me spending over $6K for their services! I was also asked last week if I would mind coming at 2:00 to my preop appointment instead of 4:30. I respectfully declined due to wanting to work more of a full day. I replied that to her, and that was that, but this last round with her was more than I was willing to respectfully accept. I let her know I was not happy. I guess I have read so much on here how everyone from staff to surgeon, on their journey was so great that I expected the same. I hope it gets better.


I had my preop yesterday. I knew that they have tight bookings, but a little more personal touch would have went along way. Yesterday she did not make me feel rushed or just another job. I felt alot more personable with my consulatant. It may be job #647 for her, but for ME, it was #1. Quite nervous too. I was completely happy when I left yesterday. All set to go in one week from tomorrow. I gave him my thought on size, but all he did was take pictures and wanted my wish pictures. I guess the decision will be made during surgery for size.
Of course they already did my measurements and all that stuff at my consultation. Dr. Friedman has been very comforting thru all this so far. I am very happy with him and his professionalism along with a touch of humor, to keep it light. Yesterday before my preop appt I was a bundle of nerves. Now I am trying to get excited.

this will be a long week.

I know that this week will drag by. I have lots to stay busy doing getting ready for my day....THIS FRIDAY 3rd. Going to pick up meds and a few other odds and ends. Then it is clean clean clean house. I will feel so much better if my house is clean.
I am really afraid of recovery. I don't think there is any specific thing I can do that will make it go better or worse. Ice, rest, moderate movement, what else? At least I will be on vacation for almost 2 weeks before going back to work. And still have more time on the books if needed. Most everyone has a fairly smooth recovery. ??
I hope to put up some more before pics so I have several for after comparisons. I am guessing 350 cc right now. My ps only wants a wish photo. I will post that as well, when I figure out how to do that.

Tomorrow is almost here.....7/3/15

Too busy to be nervous yet. Working today and my daughter and g'kids are coming in town tonight for the weekend. Wasn't planning on that. Still have not told anyone. They are only staying tonight and then leaving sometime tomorrow to go to HIS mom's house for a pool party. My appt time is 2:00. Have to be there at 1:00. After they leave I still need to put clean sheets on the bed. It is our guest room that I planned on using. Guess my wonderful husband will take care of the last minute needs. Other than ice packs, I think I am ready. I hope I can sleep tonight. Just have to remember the does and don't till then.
I Will post more before photos tonight when I get some alone time.
Till later......

it is done...not sure how I feel

I am not in love like most of what I am reading, but as the pain subsides and I get used to this, I am pretty sure I will be happy. I think since this is elective surgery, it is harder for me to be excited. I like what I am seeing, and I think my husband does too. I can honestly say this has brought us closer. He,is,always tenting to me, but he has really out done himself taking care of me. I will post pix as soon as I figure out how.

photos of day of and 1 day post

I don't know what size he put in. I forgot to ask. I gave him a range with an ok to go 10% larger if it looked best. I totally trusted my doctor. He truly is an artist.
I will update more later. Just trying to stick to doctors orders. Nothing more than 5 lbs and 10 deep breaths every hour and move my feet up and down while I am in bed. I am pretty sure I will be happy with my results. I am just taking it one day at a time. So far recovery has not been too bad. I am set up in the guest room and lots of pillows. I have 3 weeks of sleeping on my back. Taking my pain meds at night just so I really get a good night's sleep. So far the first night was the only rough one. Just trying to move after being still. Wearing a loose white men's shirt and that is it. Makes it very easy to go to the restroom on my own. It is just me and my husband at home....oh and my 6 cats that follow me everywhere.

3 days post....feel great

Today I felt like doing some light housework. Pushing or pulling hurts, but general moving around is pain free. I can get up and down on my own and no pain. I am almost afraid to be happy. I don't want to take this for granted. Day 4 will be my hurdle to get over. I will be able to take a full shower, wash my hair and maybe even dress in something more than a white shirt. I love how my shirt looks.on me though.

day 3 photos

Not much change. High and tight still

day 4. tape ce off and I can finally take a full shower.

The shower was the best. Not Sure but that has been the hardest part. Pushing and pulling is still a don't do and that is hard to refrain from, but I am trying. I loved my full shower since I normally wash my hair every night. Half baths was ok, but happy for day 4. I think my boob are getting bigger. When my husband took off the tape, I didn't want to look. Just let me get my shower. So I took a couple photos with it still on and one after it was off. I am so afraid they are going to be to big. My post op is tomorrow. I will find out what the doctor put in. Been sleeping good on.my back and recovery has not been bad so far. Oh and the bathroom 'thing', I have been going all day. Just wish I could go and get done. Sorry, but the laxitive only made it drag out for me. Hope tomorrow will be good with just drinking water and lots of it. Did some light house work and watch alot of tv. Otherwise I am sleeping. A much needed vacation for that. Hubby has been great and we are truly going thru this together. It has been good for us. Hope every one else is going well. I have not been reading much myself. Seems like it just makes me sleepy. So here are day 4 photos

5 days post op

Had my first post op check up. I was all smiles. I think I can officially relax and be very happy. I think I will end up with what I was going for. Finally found out what the doctor used. Smooth round 300 in left and 270 in right. Less than what I thought so happy to know I won't be too big and can still wear most of my shirts. I have to go no bras at all for two more weeks. So have to go shopping for some camis for under my shirts. Not alot of change, but alot less tightness. Still high, but not in a hurry.
So far so good!

day 5

Day 5 photos....very bloated. Feels awful but I know it is temporary.

just blue today

No day 6 pictures. Tired of uncomfortable feeling. Tight but tolerable. Can't sleep though. Running a low fever on and off today. Got out for a short trip to kohl's but didn't really feel like being there. Didn't want to be on the couch again and didn't feel good enough to want to do anything. Tomorrow night I start massages. That makes me sick to my stomach to think about. It sort of hurts to do it, so the thought is making me squimish. Oh well, one week down. Next hurdle is the 3 week mark. Patience is hard. I need some of that. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I know it could be worse...

day 7

I had intended to use today to try to get back on my usual schedule. Up early and bedtime fairly early. But no.....
I couldn't sleep again last night, and woke up to stomach cramps, lots of "movement" if you know what I mean, super cold chills along with the cramps, and fever of 100.6.
I can't imagine having anything at all left in my "plumbing". If I drink, it goes straight thru. Tried to eat a protein bar this morning, but no appetite. So i popped a nausea pill out of desperation. I wrapped up in three blankets, and crawled into bed to die. Passed out into a great sleep. Great...another nap and won't sleep tonight. My stomach is still grumbling. ate a banna and finished my left over protein bar. I sent a text to my doctor to make sure I was ok bit have not heard back yet. Tonight I am supposed to start massages and that still makes me squimish thinking about it. I am still high and tight, but don't feel the tightness unless I get cold and the nips want to draw up any excess skin I have. Now why did I want to do this again? I don't remember. How long does it take to start dropping? If I can never get out of bed, I imagine it will take forever. I go back to work monday....I hope. Photos later. I sure hope my back holds out thru all this. Sleeping like this for two more weeks sounds just awful!
My partial hysterectomy was not nearly this bad to recover from. Taking parts out is easier than putting them in I guess. My schedule is all screwed up. I will be a zombie on monday.

day 9

Guess it turned out to be a stomach bug I had yesterday. My doctor said I should not be running a fever unless I wasn't doing my deep breathing or if my incisions were infected. He asked me to take pictures of my incisions and send them to him since he just went out of town for the weekend. He assured me the incisions looked fine and it wasn't anything to do with the ba. What a relief.
Yesterday was awful. Super cold chills, fever, diareaha, and just couldn't get out of bed. He referred me to go to my regular doctor to be sure it wasn't the flu. I have had the flu before so I knew it wasn't that. My fever was gone this morning and my stomach is doing much better. Thank God.

day 9

Day 9 post


My incisions have a layer of glue on them. It should take about two weeks to come off. The longer it stays on the better. After it comes off then I start scar cream. I have been doing the massages like I am supposed to, and getting used to it. I am sue I need to be more vigorous with it, but I need to work up to that. It doesn't hurt, but it isn't a nice feeling either. Things are finally starting to feel normal again. I pulled out the heating pad last night for my back and that helped. I think I am finally feeling better about all this. They are still high. Not even dropped a smidgen yet. Tightness is somewhat better. I have not had morning boob that I have read here though. So it could be worse. Now on to the next hurdle...the 3 week mark. I can then sleep on my side!!

9 days post

I don't see much change but I have only felt like being out of bed for about 2 days now. So if I am never "upright", guess it is no wonder that they haven't dropped at all. Had to get out in the heat yesterday and I thought I was going to die. Dr told me to not get sweaty. I should have backed out, but a Vietnam vet depends on me and I had already put off helping him do the grocery shopping for 3 days. I could not tell him how bad I was feeling, so I just sucked it up till I got home. I over did it and resorted to a bag of ice to relieve the pain that was starting. First time for that, but it did help. I still feel like my stomach bug is an issue but at least the diareaha has gone away
But the rumbling in my stomach is intense. Fever is gone too than goodness!
I am back to work today and glad I have a desk job in my own little office. I can take it slow as needed. Today is going very slow. It would be nice to lay down for a bit, but I can hang in there. No soreness today but the tightness is still there. Can't tell if they are getting soft at all or not. I think I will like my size once all is settled.

day 10

Only have one picture today. running out of options taking them myself. Haven't asked hubby to do it. Probably wont. I could show different shirts but I don't think that shows the progress I am trying to track. From the side they still look very high. Tightness is much better. I have done massages some and can tell they are not near as tight, but not sure that means soft. I hope they drop like they are supposed to. If I am one of the unlucky ones that has a problem boob, I will cry. So at least they are both the same still. I look good in my clothes and that is what I wanted. Without clothes is a bonus. Jury is still out on that one. Definitely way way way more proportionate. But the bloating , stomach bug, and not being able to work out is not pretty. I know once I get the top half in order, it will only be a matter of time and I can get back to the rest of "me". It will suck starting over working slowly to my 9 mile run, but I have to be patient. At 3 weeks I can start light jogging again. Will probably do the treadmill thing at home to start off with
Can't wait. I am sure my husband will be right there. He thinks I will hate it now that I am "top heavier".

stomach bug....still

Yesterday was day 5 of still feeling bad. Yesterday was the worst. I eat and an hour later I am in the bathroom. It was bad yesterday. I was at work and managed but I finally gave up and went to my primary doctor to make sure this wasn't messing me up. My veins were dissapearingng and dehydration was scarring me. He took into consideration all the meds I was on, and since everything else checked out ok, he determined it was a virus and thought it should just run its course. I was good with that. As long as it wasn't anything to do with my surgery was good news for me. So he recommended I'm modicum ad to help with symptoms. I have been taking it and it is better, but not gone. He said if it was still a problem on friday to call him back. I am so ready for a day to feel good.
I will do updated pictures to tonight.

day 12

Well today was much better. Seems like the immodium AD is working. Still a bit of upset stomach, but am able to eat. Appetite is coming back and the smell of popcorn doesn't turn my stomach.
My next challenge will be this weekend. Daughter and her family will be in town next weekend for my grand daughters 6th birthday. It will be at her in laws house for a swimming pool party. I am not allowed to swim in a pool for another week. Still not allowed to get sweaty. This is Texas and it is 100 degrees. I still have not told anyone I have done this and I am not sure how to avoid getting in the pool. Much less getting hot. I guess I have a few days to think about it, but maybe I will use the stomach bug, which she knows about, will be my stretched out truth of an excuse????

almost 2 weeks. hard to believe.

Almost 2 weeks post op. Tomorrow night will be 14 days. Hard to believe the emotions that are pre and post. All over the place. Aside from the stomach bug, week 2 was good. Still not sure I am massaging right, but I will keep at it. They almost feel like they are trying to drop. Just a weird feeling and not sure if that is it or not. Not painfull, just tightness in random places at random times. I hope that is happening.
Today my stomach was upset pretty much all day. But the iodium ad is helping keep my food in me at least
Still alot of rumbling though. When I got home from work my cosultant called me to check up on me since they had not heard from me since last weekend.
When I told her I went to my primary doctor finally, and let her know that he thought it was a bug, her reply was, oh I had that too. I just about fell over. I am guessing that is where I got it from and who knows who else was exposed. Seems like every time I go to see a doctor for one thing, I come home with something else on top of it. Last time I caught the flu at the doctors office. I don't go often, thank goodness. So today's pictures are more full body so I can track proportion. So far I like it. Exactly what I was going for. I don't know how to post my wish picture. It is on my homepage of my phone, but just can't figure out how to access it to post. Don't have the patience to figure out tech stuff. This is my first smartphone. Just switched from my flip phone a couple months ago.
Still undecided about the pool party this weekend, but leaning towards not going. The gkids will be dissapointed. My daughter too, but can't take a chance on anyone else getting this. One more week and I can sleep on my side. Can't wait. Once they don't seem way to high, I switch to a sports bra day and night till the end of six months post op. Week 3 here I come!!

15 days post op

Past the,two week mark. Can't believe how much better it is getting. I did not go to the pool party this weekend. Didn't want to take any chances of any one else getting stomach bug from me. If they gat it, I know it won't be from me. I can't imagine how much better this could have been had I not had to deal with that. I still have a bit of upset, but think I may just need hydration to catch up on, and I will be back to good. I feel like I have figured out my massages now. I don't feel the implants but my doctor said the massages won't do any good if I don't get movement from them. I think I can feel enough firmness to know those are it, and have been pushing them 'in' (push them together) and 'up'. (From underneath straight up). It isn't painful or uncomfortable any more. In the mornings they are really tight and firm, so that softens them and the tightness goes away guickly. Still have not seen any dropping. Not sure how long that takes. Days or months? Really starting to be happy I did this. It is an experience you cant imagine until it is behind you. I hope I went big enough to look good in the clothes I have and am going to go shopping for......is that boob greed I am getting?

mondors cord?

I keep feeling a tender spot on more my rib area, than boob area. I tried to look at my incisions and noticed what looked like mondors cord. I have read that it is temporary and will eventually go away. It seems like it is an extra tightness with tenderness. I can't take anti inflammatory meds like I read would help, so guess I will just wait it out. I am so afraid of something going wrong. I don't look for signs but afraid to get to comfortable and not notice if something was going wrong. Ugggg, more roller coaster. Thought I was over the worst part. My mind is my own worst enemy!

are they dropping?

Maybe dropping a little?
Today was the first day I woke up without the tightness. Almost forgot I had issues for a moment. Till I moved just right and could feel where the pulling is still tender and that is where the mondors cord is. It is hard to see, but I can see it,and definitely feel it. Trying to take it easy on that side so that made rest will help. I know it is not a big deal, but I can feel pain and tenderness there. Trying to post a,pic of it, but unless you know what to look for you may not see it

day 20

My 3 week mark is coming up tomorrow. The preparing for surgery vs. The post surgery care seems so extreme. The excitement building up to the day to the looking for the slightest change after is so different. The relief I am feeling going forward is so much better than the build up and not knowing what to expect "before" surgery. Glad to have all that behind me and so far everything seems to be going well. I can tell there is change even though it is not drastic. I am still waiting for them to drop into the nice shape I think I will have eventually. The glue is starting to come off, but that may take another week to be all off and I can start the scar creams. They told me not to rush it, the longer it stays on the better. Pending no complications, I only see it getting better from here. I do hope I end up with the C cup I was going for. Right now, it is not there.

so confused...not sure how to massage right

I did some reading on massages yesterday and that was the first time I looked it up. I have been doing what my doctor told me to do on massaging, but based on what I learned on other methods, that explained more of why to massage other than it just helps keep them soft. Which is thw only reason my doctor told me I was doing it for. (Didnt know there were other good reasons to do it) According to what I read and the techniques that are out there, it helps with way more than just keeping them soft. So I tried some of the techniques I learned on the Internet and I can't believe how much better they feel. So do I go with what I learned or do I go with what my doctor said to do. I still feel so tight across my chest at times and especially when I get cold. It is in my opinion way to firm for 3 weeks out. After doing some of the other ways, I feel better. I get the impression there are right ways and wrong ways to do massages and I don't want to mess up. But I also read that the massages are important right after surgery to help with capsular contraction. I hope I am not too late (since I am at the end of week 3 now) to get these puppies to move. The top part of my chest is still really firm.
Help.....don't know what to do. May have to call my doctor.?? Time to get scar cream too. Some of the glue is coming off and I can see the scars now. Just have to start working those smooth now. So far so good on that. The massages are consuming my brain. I am trying not to make myself sore!

massages that I have tried

Just thought I would update on my massages. I tried on and off all day yesterday the techniques that I read and I could not believe how soft they were this morning. I was allowed to start light jogging today, so I walked 3 miles on my treadmill and jogged 1 mile. Seems like that tightened them back up. Haven't massaged as much today, but will do some tonight. The glue is almost off, so now I get to massage the scar cream in. Seems like my boobs get more attention than make up and hair these days.
I can actually feel my implants moving now, so I think that is good.

day 23

Not much to update. Guess I am moving on to the next milestone. 6 weeks. I was able to start jogging which was ok, but I think 3 miles was alot to start off with. Felt good to get back to it, but I think I have a tender spot now on (in) my right side. In the middle towards the back of my boob. Wondering if it is because I am right handed and it is getting the brunt of everything I do. Trying to take it easy on that side, but I use my right hand for everything. I do feel better since I have added a little bit more to my massages, but the tender spot is also an ache when I am at rest. I probably am over doing it.
Adding a few pic from last night which is day 23. My companion had to go to the kitty hospital for a few days. He is back home now and he is a happy kitty except for the 3 pills I have to give him everyday for 6 weeks.
I can't imagine having my surgery in the winter. When I get cold, which seems to be all the time, my chest gets tight and it is a very uncomfortable feeling. I guess my skin still has not stretched enough. Putting on bio oil to help hopefully not get stretchmarks. Check up in a couple weeks. Can't wait for that. Just need some reassurance from my doctor.

jury still out on results

I am not sure I am happy with what I have. Seems like alot of money and invested alot of time into this and I am not sure I like what I got. Maybe it is too early to decide but if this is all I can expect, then I am not happy. I have the upper chest fill that I needed but still not alot of boobage. I am still hoping that the dropping and fluffing is still to come but my doctor never said it would do that. I have only read what everyone else has mentioned. I still have over a week before I see my doctor to ask questions. I would love to have seen him this week. A month after initial check up on day 5 post op is too much time between visits. Guess as long as nothing is going wrong it should be ok, but if there are concerns I am outta luck. I am sure I could call and move it up if i wanted too, but since nothing is wrong, I am trying to be patient.
I have not put any pics or posts for a few days. My kitty companion had some major test results come back and it just devostated me. My kitty has cancer. Only 4 to 6 months left for him. Treatment would not prolong his life more than a few weeks. I can't put him thru that. So I have been crying nonstop for a week. I took a few pics to show that they are getting softer, but that is all that has changed. And that is not soft enough for me to let hubby "test" them yet. I am trying to be patient. I have done a combination of massages that the doctor told me to do and what I learned on reading. On another note, I have really gotten this sleeping on my back down to where it is comfortable. 2 pillows for my head, 2 pillows for my sides-put them along your sides and you can rest your arms on them-and 1 pillow for under my knees-under the covers.-that pillow can be moved around to prop up my knees if I don't want them straight for either side. Sleeping on my sides is ok by my doctor, but it just isn't that comfortable yet.
So I have vented and got a few things off my chest....this recovery period just seems like a let down, but I will try to stay positive.
I hope I did not waste nearly 7 thousand dollars!!

6 weeks... better

I reach my 6 week mark at 600pm tonight. Wow has it been a roller coaster. It was easier being excited in the beginning and high expectations were my main thoughts. But so much more to it after it is done. The healing process along with how your boobs look and feel afterwards can make you everything from over the moon happy to just want to cry. I was able to see my ps this week and ally thoughts were confirmed that I am still to high and have some dropping to do. I was afraid what I have is it but still have time to drop more. I have increased massages since that isn't as uncomfortable as it was for awhile. They seem to be softer quite a bit, but when I get cold...which is all the time at work even with my heater on, my boobs feel like they draw up and get tight. If that never goes away, I am not looking forward to winter time. That is the only time I feel like they are a foreign object on my body. Otherwise I can't tell any difference from before surgery. I still can't wear a bra so managing clothes for work has been hard. I wear a camis under my shirts, but with the nips being cold alot of the time, I have to keep my arms placed just right when walking around the office. I try to stay at me desk othwrwise. I posted a few pics from last night, so those are just shy of 6 weeks. SOOO glad to have 6 weeks behind me. I am ready to be normal again. Not sure that this isn't the new normal for me, but I can say there was a huge difference for me from week 4 post to week 6 post. Getting better each week.....not by the day, but by the week.

11 weeks post op

I wish I would have gone bigger. I wish I would have gone bigger. I am almost 3 months post and I think what I see is what I get. All is well. Just wish I went bigger. Right one is smaller and would at least like to have that one bigger. Left is ok. They have dropped alot, but I still don't have the fullness at the bottom I want. May have to check into that to see if I have options. Once he tells me the price I may just think I am good enough. Finally back to doing full gym workouts, my full 9 mile runs once a week, all the house chores I can squeeze in and pretty much everything is normal now. I do still feel my pecks (IMPLANT?) When I do arm exercises at the gym. Not sure if that will ever change. But boy I remember the first one I did after surgery and 2 was all I could do. Just an odd feeling. So glad to have recovery behind me. I was measured at Victorias secrets at a 32dd. Which is probably a C everywhere else. Which is exactly what I signed up for. Just wish I knew then what I know now. And at 54 I should have known.
I like how my clothes fit me and the proportion of me now. Looks the same as when I was wearing all those padded bras. I am still in non underwires for another 3 months. Scars are doing good too. All in all, I am happy.

Highly Recommended

I met a client that used Dr. Freidman and in that moment decided to go for a consult. Never even thought about augmentation prior to that moment. I would highly recommend him. The only thing I would do differently would be play around with trying sizes which he did not offer. I strictly went by photos of wish pics. He does wonderful work, very professional, very caring, and I would go to him again. He gave me the exact results I asked for although I would have gone a bit bigger if I could have. I trust him with his abilities, and the staff is very supportive. Nice clean office and so convenient as everything needed is contained right there in the same location.

Did I mention I would highly recommend  him!

So far I could not be happier. Dr Friedman is an artist!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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