400cc subglandular; 28 years old, no kids, 5'4"; 32C to 32DDD

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I am 27, 5'4", 120 lbs with 400 cc subglandular...

I am 27, 5'4", 120 lbs with 400 cc subglandular implants. I was quite flat and waited 10 years to make this decision and I am so glad I did. I was very freaked out and worried about looking "fake," but the end result is fantastic and does not make me in any way feel plastic or less of a woman. The BA has changed a lot more than just my appearance-- creating healing and other important shifts in my life.

Unsure if they went too big

VS measured me at a 32 DDD yesterday. I was a 32 C before... really unsure about the size.

2.5 weeks post op

Did I overdo it? 32 DDD. 120 lbs.

Bra shopping = ridiculous

So after all that panicking over being a 32 DDD / 34 D / 30 F and being unable to find a wireless bra, I just took my roommate's old 38 D and pulled the wires out of the cups. It's not a perfect fit and does seem a bit loose as it is a sizs larger, but it's FREE, comfortable, and a good option while I continue to heal.


Obviously my roommate doesn't look like a mutant with a chest that size and we are both the same height / weight / build. So I am wondering where all my worry is really coming from.

A bit too much?

36-27-34. Just measured. And I am out of shape. I am feeling a bit full up top.

Too big?

These measured at 32 DDD and I think they are a bit intimidating. Almost 3 weeks post op. I think I did too much.

This was 1 week post op

1 week post op

3 weeks post op

Some photos in clothes. Still weirded out by bra size... 32 DDD.

Not doing well.

Absolutely depressed and hating the way every article of clothing looks on me. I feel these look wide and heavy and cut me off because I have a short torso. Really did not expect to feel this way but I just feel ultra frumpy. It's been 3 weeks, and I have uniboob so bad it looks like I have shoved a pillow under my shirt.

Trying to get used to this

I am honestly making an effort to adapt to the new size and look of my bod, but absolutely hate how my implants look under a t-shirt-- packed in together like a giant pillow. Any text across the bust is so stretched it becomes distracting to anyone who looks at me because my boobs sit wide and low, bulging out at the sides. I did not get implants so that I would have to stop wearing t-shirts due to feeling embarassed.

I tried soft cup bras on yesterday and could find nothing in the realm of 32 DDD/30F/34DD. Those sizes are impossible to find and only the 32 DDD fits. The 34 DD has gapping because I do not fill the cups even though it is a sister size. The sizes all seem to be geared towards women over 50 or plus-sized, so few of them feel stylish to me. I am very confused. I couldnt find anything in my size but I ended up with a 36 C sports bra that according to the fitting I had at VS is way too small for me. VS says I am 32 DDD. The 38 C was huge. The 34 DD (with a wire) was huge. I weigh around 120 and feel these are very high profile and round on my body. It has been 4 weeks now.

I am trying. But I feel top heavy and unhappy. When I walk in my new soft sports bra, everything flops around and I am concerned it is obnoxious and distracting. Again, I didn't get implants so I would have to strap them down or change what I wear. I'm not allowed to wear wires yet. My boobs still feel foreign, I don't have much sensation, and the areola/nipples hurt/itch constantly. Not thrilled... but trying.

Bra sizing discrepancies

This is a 36 C softcup bra. Victoria's Secret says I am a 33 DDD which is impossible to find. So something is definitely not accurate here.

I am trying to adapt to the new size but I feel entirely top heavy.

36C or 32 DDD?

Triple Ds??? Then how can I fit into a 36 C comfortably...? Someone is exaggerating.

Feeling better...

VS is totally full of it. I am a 32DD / 34D. Feeling way better with the correct size.

Six Weeks Post Op! Feeling less freaked!

Well, I am six weeks post op and finally into a regular bra. I found a great bra that fits me better than any bra I've ever owned for $20 at TJ Max and it's a 32 DD with wires that offer support and give me a nice shape. It's so comfortable I forget I am wearing a wired bra. Being comfortable was the #1 reason I decided to have this surgery. When I was a 32 C / 34 B I was having to jack my boobs up with craploads of padding and wires and they hurt all the time and still looked totally flat, which made me feel super self-conscious and sad. Now I feel totally comfortable all day and nothing is digging into me or hurting me or making my boobs sore. I forget I am wearing a "regular" bra.

The post-op pain has completely subsided and the implants aren't sloshing around in the pockets anymore, either. My doc is super proud of the result, and I can definitely say she knows her stuff. I am feeling much better about the size, but still a little unsure of how they look nekked-- they are still a bit firm, I can totally feel that they're implants, and to me they seem a little too round and perky but I am hoping this will resolve as time goes on. A whole lot of this is psychological adaptation, and I think it's been harder for me because I am so critical of myself and because I am single and do not have a partner to provide feedback on the look and feel.

I went to my brother's wedding last weekend and no one said a word to me, which to me says I don't stand out and look like a freakishly busty mutant woman. The whole family was there and I was a bridesmaid so I was front-and-center the whole time. The only thing I heard were compliments about how nice I looked, and his friends kept hitting on me (which is hilarious because I am five years older and we all went to high school together!) I've seen photos of myself at the wedding since, and I feel good about how I look, which is a first. To me they do not look fake in the photos at all. My boobs are now definitely on the larger end of the scale for my body type, but I am now an hourglass, which is exactly what I wanted.

I also saw my mom's bra and we are sister sizes, so if she ever gives me guff, I can always say, "It's all in the family!" (Of course she's five inches taller than me, and has maybe 5-10 extra pounds on her, so her boobs look much different than mine.)

I am definitely going to give these puppies the full five months before making any knee-jerk decisions about changing them. I am starting a new exercise routine on Monday and I am hoping to do a lot of yoga to help connect more with my "new body." I feel like weightlifting will be particularly empowering but I don't plan to start anything major until January, after I've had some time to settle into a cardio / yoga routine.

I will say that breast augmentation is NOT a cakewalk-- it kicked my ass for all of October, and I'm a pretty tough gal. I honestly did not expect it to be quite so intense, and I am so grateful I can finally sleep through the night and wake up without feeling like my boobs have been smashed in a vice all night. Those pain medications and the anesthesia sent me into a depression-- I feel like they really screw with your hormones, too. To those who are looking to upgrade I would say: Brace for impact and do not have this surgery until things are chill in your life and you have plenty of time to recuperate. I went back to work after one week and the first three days back were hell. It's not the worst thing I've ever been through, but DAMN, it did suck for the first 4 weeks.

Not loving it

Still feeling huge. Went in for a massage and they are so big I can barely lie on my stomach. They have no feeling, are hard, and constantly in the way. Very much larger than what I had envisioned for myself. I am 12 weeks post op and just not feeling it. Gained a lot of weight since the surgery due to feeling depressed. I'm happier than I was with zero boobs but I feel like we just way overshot the mark. I look like a small sailing vessel in clothing due to being 36 inches around the bust and in a VS 32 DDD / 32DD bra on a tiny frame. They hang low and wide at the sides which makes me feel large and dowdy. I am thinking of a smaller implant and a bra size like a full C or small D. Not DD or DDD. Never what I intended but it was probably my fault for not understanding.

Too heavy

My back hurts a lot from the weight and I cannot find a sports bra that fits. They feel heavy and low. It's been 12 weeks and my initial feelings have not changed. I got a massage recently and could barely lie down on my stomach. The implants practically bulged out from under me. They feel hard and are so round they bulge out into my armpits. Honestly, this was not at all what I thought I was getting. I specifically meant to avoid anything bulging into my armpits or that would limit my physical mobility. Yoga? Forget it. I have gone from a 32C to a 32 DDD (both VS sizes) and feel like a small planet. My boobs are constantly in the way and graphic t-shirts look ridiculous. I feel top heavy and matronly, not cute and balanced. I am about to throw in the towel and schedule another surgery. This has been an extremely depressing experience, to be honest. Since I don't have kids or health issues, the augmentation surgery was the hardest thing I've ever put my body through. I felt awful and I am positive the anesthetics and pain meds sent me into a depression. And now I have to do it again due to a miscommunication about what I hoped to acheive. I know the weight is only 2lbs, but the projection and the roundness are the exact opposite of what I wanted. They look and feel too hard and too round to me. There's just more volume than I can deal with-- boobs everywhere and they have little feeling in them. Also they never calm down-- they are always at attention due to being high profile. I never wanted high profile. I wanted moderate and never 3 cup sizes larger. I wanted a full C or a small D. I AM A 32 DDD which is an impossible size to find and way too much titty for me to haul around. I feel like a spaceship.

3 mos out

Still round, heavy, and in the way.

I still have no feeling in them. I only feel tightness of the skin and areola pretty much all the time.

It's painful to lie on my stomach which makes yoga pretty shitty.

Finally found a sports bra. All my bra choices are extremely limited as a 32DD. They bounce around way too much in all bras.

I'm looking at past photos and seeing how extreme of a size difference this actually is. They feel entirely too large to be compatible with my lifestyle.

My boobs are always at attention and never really lie down.


I was told revisions were free after the first six months. I talked to my surgeon and explained how they used an implant that did not match with any of the discussions we had and put me in a size that is too large for my lifestyle. Now they want $7120 to correct a procedure they didn't do properly the first time. If I wait to have this done, my skin will stretch and I will have to have skin tightening done on top of getting a smaller implant (like I originally requested.) I am screwed for life now and stuck forever in an impossible size.

Apparently it's all my fault

After my convo with the doctor, it seems they are unwilling to take responsibility for having not listened to what I wanted and claim I changed my mind about the size. Said I was only the second person who had ever come back and said they are too big so this must all be on me.

I'm not unreasonable. I am willing to admit that my brain may need time to adjust. But I never wanted or said 32 DDD. They did point out that the huge gap between my boobs is natural and not fixable because of where the muscle attaches. My boobs naturally point out and that wasn't their fault, though they didn't explain that to me well initially. This does help me to understand the result, though.

It is $8K to do this all over again. Not the $3K they claimer. I am considering just going to another surgeon because of everything that's happened and how awkward this has become. I truly understood them to say that revisions were coveres after 6 months and that they knew I didn't want whoppers.

They say my skin will stretch out and I would need two surgeries if I wait and go to a smaller implant. I'm to the point where I think if I ever do this shit again, I am having an explant and fat transfer instead, even if it costs the same or more. But for now I need to save my money for other things...

Like the expensive-ass old lady bras I have to wear now at 28 and 120 lbs.

I started dating again and the guy has said nothing. Of course he can tell they're fake and I expected that. But he's said nothing about their appearance and seems hardly interested in them at all.

I look like Barbie. I don't blame him.

Before and Afters

I will say I would rather have Massive Barbie Grandma Boobs over the disaster that I had before. I do feel more comfortable because at least I am not racheting my boobs up with push-up nonsense anymore. The before is embarrassing...

Mixed Feelings

So first of all, Victoria's Secret is a crock of crap. They size up one size, and their bras are uncomfortable and poor quality. Yesterday I went into a store to find a swimsuit and they asked my size. I said, "32 DDD" and the sales associate could barely contain her laughter. I'm not kidding. She said, "We have larger-- er-- additional sizes online." Then I went to the department store and found a Maidenform t-shirt bra for $7 that fits and feels infinitely better than the $50 VS one that digs into my ribs and leaves my boobs sore at the end of the day. VS sells "lounge bras" for $50 and they don't even come in 32 DDD. I found one at the dollar store for $3 that holds me up just fine. So please, do yourself a favor and stop shopping at the worst bra store ever.


Asos and Pour Moi swimsuits in 32 E / 32 DDD fit perfectly. Feeling a bit better now that I am sure I can find shit to wear!!

Considering the revision

I am truly oppressed by the size of these implants and not happy after 8 months. Doctor wanted me to find photos of what I wanted to begin with. I am saving for an $8K revision and a return to a smaller implant.

Over a year, still miserable

These implants are causing severe neck pain. It cracks, pops, and is always stiff (despite a standing desk and special neck pillows). I cannot exercise because I cannot find sports bras to hold me (that don't also suffocate and constrict.) I am having the implants downsized this spring. Worst of all is the depression and weight gain. Do yourself a favor-- get everything in writing, and don't trust your doctor to recommend sizing. I trusted, and this is the most miserable I have ever been.


I had them removed and will redo them under the muscle.

If you are 5'4" and 120lbs, DO NOT EVER GO WITH 400cc's, even if your surgeon "recommends" that size.

I've had chronic neck pain and postural problems since I got them.

They were taken out today and I'm so glad!!

Removal / Replacement

I hope my posts can serve as a cautionary tale to others. Do NOT rely on your surgeon's recommendations. If they cannot communicate clearly with you in terms of CC vs bra sizes and help you create the body proportions you want, move on. If they make extreme claims like "submuscular implants explode if you lift over 40lbs," or "textured implants cause lymphoma," move on. Up until the day of my first surgery, I understood that 400cc's were recommended for a petite frame (5'4", 120 lbs, age 27-30, band size 32). This was not the case at all. Furthermore, if they start needlessly suggesting augments like Stratttice (which is harvested from dead pigs) GTFO of there, sister. I saw 2 surgeons regarding my revision and both were appalled at how these monster 400cc's were falling off my chest, sagging downward and sliding off into my armpits. I opted to have them removed, heal for 4-6 mos, then have MUCH smalller, proportionate ones placed under the muscle. Everything I was told with the initial surgery was at best misleading and at worst utter hogwash. Take a look at what I am going through now as a result-- painful, flattened breasts that will never regain their shape without a second augmentation, and horrible grenade-shaped bulbs that have to be drained of blood frequently. Also, if they don't offer a Scopalmine patch for post anesthesia nausea, tell them to go to hell. I barfed for 2 days with the first surgery, and yesterday I was lucid, talkative, very low pain and not at all nauseated. I went straight to the grocery store and ate 3 solid meals. The torturous nausea I endured the last time was completely preventable. My new surgical team were SHOCKED that I had been given 400cc SRX (means huge, round, extra large). Look at my hand for reference-- I kept the implants they took out as a reminder. My neck and shoulders almost immediately stopped hurting once that weight was removed. I had been developing an extreme curvature in my neck that was causing multiple chiropractic adjustments and chronic pain-- unable to sleep well, couldn't go a day without loud pops and cracks in my neck. Please don't let anyone convince you of a size. Please don't get implants that are too large for your frame-- no one should have to go through what I have experienced. Get referrals and don't go by "Your City's Top Plastic Surgeon." Those are paid ads and meaningless credentials.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Did not communicate clearly about size; advised subglandular and did not account for large implants sagging and sliding into armpits.

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