My Breast Augmentation Journey! - Plano, TX

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Hello All!!! I just want to say I am beyond...

Hello All!!!

I just want to say I am beyond excited to start my journey. I will be updating you all step by step throughout my breast augmentation journey. I already had my consultation and set the date of August 5, 2016 as my surgery day. I am currently a sad saggy A cup. I am a mother of one and I am 28 years old. I am 5'4 and range between 125-130lbs...its fluctuates every now and then. I am not happy with the appearance of my chest after I breast feed since I had my child at 21 just about everything somewhat snapped back except my boobs. I'm extremely insure ire with my cheat being that I have a small cup size that sags. Since I've gained a couple of pounds they do not look as bad but they still are not perky like before. I would like to get a full C or a small D. I am not exactly sure what size to choose I just know I do not want noon envy or feel that I went to large. I will attach photos of my current chest size and desired size. Feel free to comment and ask me questions. I'm an open book and will make this as detailed as possible. Have a good day!

Pre op July 18th

Oh yeah I'm getting saline under the muscle. Not sure of the cc. I will figure out when I do my pre op July 18th.

Piercings and surgery...?

Soooooo I just thought about my piercing. I have a VCH piercing(vaginal clit piercing) and I was wondering if I'll have to take it out...??? Do any of you ladies know? I'll ask my ps on the 18th but it would be nice to know now.

Afraid I'll lose my butt if I go to big

The count down is horrible. Can I just close my eyes and wake up to surgery day? No? Oh ok... I have a count down calendar and I think it's actually making it worse for me lol I have my pre op next week Monday so I'll figure out then how many cc's I'll be getting. Sooo I have a butt and when I wear fitted dresses it looks extremely big bc I have a small frame. What I'm worried about is that I'm going to go too big and in turn my butt will start to look small or my body doesn't look proportional. I still want my butt to pop in what I wear. Ugggghhh I need to talk to my ps surgeon so I can get all my questions out. Oh and I'll add pictures of how my chest looks now in clothes. I really don't take much pictures showing my chest but here they are.

Pre op appointment overview

So I had my pre op Monday and we took pictures and discussed the desired size I wanted to achieve. My doctor does not do sizers or go by cup sizes bc it varies. They reason he doesn't do sizers is that it is not an actual idea of what the breast would look like being that you are trying the sizer on over the breast tissue which is not realistic placing. And being that I'm getting my under the muscle it wouldn't be an accurate sizing desire. He also said he doesn't go by cup sizes bc a Victoria secret DD could be a playtex D. I do not want to make a life long decision of a misinterpretation of Cup sizes. So my doctor basically has a album full of women he's done procedures on and his assistant emailed pictures of women with the similar frame and chest cavity like mine during my consultation and told me to email them pictures of a size I would desire to achieve. It was very helpful because my consultation was in May and I had until my pre op to email him my decision. So I decided on the two pictures I posted. He agreed the pictures are achievable with my body frame. We decided to not go bigger than the picture with the lady in the striped skirt and no smaller than the other picture. At my visit he enlarge the two pictures and he said that he will have the pictures in the surgery room and try different sizes of implants to get the in between mark of both pictures. So with that being said I do not know the CC I will be getting but I trust my doctor 100%. I picked up all my prescriptions. They heavy drugs that needed the doctors signature totaled $9 with my insurance. But my doctor also wanted me to get 20mg of Pepcid ac and Hibiclens sterile soap. I suppose to take the Pepcid ac the night before and morning of surgery and wash with the Hibiclens the night before and the morning of surgery. I am beyond excited to start this journey with you all ladies. I finally going to be apart of the boobies club lol well I think I gave a mouth full. Feel free to ask me any questions. Enjoy your day and my surgery is August 5 (two weeks away!!)

1day post op

First off I just want to say I LOVE my plastic surgeon and his staff. I received exceptional care and they made sure I was comfortable throughout. Dr. Friedman is by far the best. I've read a lot of girls reviews saying they didn't have much interaction with their plastic surgeon and I just want to say mine experience was the exact opposite. He was with me throughout. ALSO my plastic surgeon called me personally to check up on me. Wow! I recommend Dr. Friedman to anyone who is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He is the BEST. Any who, my pain level is at about a 5...I feel uncomfortable but that's expected. My boobs look odd lol but they obviously need to drop. I'm not sure what else to say but if I think of anything I post again. I have my post op visit coming up on Monday and I will update more then. I'm beyond happy right now :)

3 day post op update

So today I went to my post op visit to remove the bandages and find out how manny CC's my doc put in. So I got 330cc in both. I'm glad he went with that size bc my breast look full but they do not look big in clothing. I am beyond happy with my experience. I go back next month for my one month post op visit. My plastic surgeon told me I cannot wear a bra until I believe the glue on my stitches come off and that's when I'll start my scare treatment with the products my ps provided. I always was shown how to do my massages....ill have to do them for at least 5 mins once or twice a day. I so happy with my new boobies!

Just some photos

I was snapping a few photos and decided to post. Do you guys notice a change? Idk I want this healing process to speed up lol

My nipples...oh honey child! Lol

So, contrary to what most of you ladies plastic surgeons have you all doing mine has me going braless for a month. The way he performed my surgery(which was awesome) it left me with no bruising and a compression bra was not needed. Soooooo yeeeeaaahhh ran into an issue with my nips. They are ALWAYS excited. Never noticed it with a small chest but now I'm fuller it's so noticeable. My boyfriend loves it BUT for my professional and classy job setting its a no go. I've been wearing a lot of cardigans and Blazers in the hot Texas weather lol. On top of the rock hard nipple situation my nipples are also hypersensitive better than numb though. I have my one month post op visit coming up September 15th. All in all I'm happy with my size and I'm glad I decided to go slightly bigger than my original request. Thanks to two awesome real self friends giving me their perspective. Welp you ladies have an awesome day!

Surgical glue finally came off

So here are the incisions so. The camera is making them look darker than what they really are :( any who I have started using the scar treatment my ps gave to me. I have one in a Chapstick tube and another that's like a gel. I will let you all know which one I like best soon. Also my boob are extremely squishy compared to before. I will try to upload a video once I figure it out lol. Even though my boobs are squishy they are still noticeably swollen/high/hard looking. Can't wait for it to go down. Finally I'm a bit upset that I do not have side boob. I'm afraid I'll never get it.


Almost 2 month update

So I'm really happy with my boobs and ever changing results. Their are minor things that I can complain about but over all I love it. My breast are more soft and squishy and I look great in clothes. My nipples are more sensitive than it was before the augmentation and it's a plus ;) I don't know what else to add but if you have questions go ahead and ask xoxo

4 month update

So I'm am 4 months post op and I'm happy with my results. I got exactly what I wanted...natural full looking breast. I'm glad my ps did not go bigger than what I got. My breast are proportional to my body and I did not lose my butt like I feared. In fact like one of my realself friend posted I look "stacked" or "slim thick". I'm in love with my body and I really didn't have to change what I've already had in my closet. I still wear the same size in tops. I have no major pain and my scars are slowly but surely fading away. I have my 6 month post op visit in March. Until then I will ttyl. Muah!

Comparison from Presurgery to 4 month Post Op

8 month update

Hello ladies! It's been a minute but this may be my last update :'( My breast are beyond soft and my body proportion is pretty LIT lol basically I'm on fire lol Ok ok I'm done. But seriously I do not have any more pain, numbness or anything that I experienced in the beginning. They are officially apart of me. Dr. Friedman gave me exactly what I wanted...natural full breast. I now wear a 34C and that's exactly where I wanted to be. I can make them look massive or I can conceal them for a more classy look. It has obviously boosted my confidence. During my journey I found out my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me so I had to drop him. Insecurity in a man is yeah no tears. In the words of Beyoncé "to the left, to the left". I am worth so much more! So now I am venturing into the world of dating. It kinda of hard because men are instantly attracted to me because of my body so I have been weeding out the bad seeds. I haven't got to the point where I'll have to tell a man my breast are fake but when that time comes I'll do it with no prob. Until then they can continue to be in awe with my perfectly imperfect self LOL! Well hopefully my journey has been informative and helps someone during their breast augmentation journey! I have added pictures in regular clothing so you can see what I'm working with now. If you have any questions please feel free to hit me up...Ciao Bella!
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Friedman and his staff gave me exceptional care. No exaggeration but I felt like I received VIP treatment. The great thing about that is it is their standard. So whoever goes to then will get the same care. The wait time to me was nonexistent. Every time I went to the office I was walked into a room. I don't think I even had a chance to sit in the waiting room. The only wit time I experienced was for my surgery and that was only because I requested to have it two 3 months after my consultation. Unlike what I've heard here on realself about other doctors my doctor was with me every step of the way. He was even so kind enough to call me after the day after my surgery to check up on me. He's a very nice and intelligent man. I took a boat load of his business cards to give to my friends. I 100% recommend Dr. Friedman, I love my results! I got exactly what I was going for without using about talent!

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