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I have my rhino tomorrow at 6am! I don't want...

I have my rhino tomorrow at 6am! I don't want anyone to be able to tell that I'm getting a nose job so I told Dr. Lam that I wanted him to be conservative and only make minor adjustments because I still want to look like myself. He is going to reduce the flare of my nostrils, remove my bump on my bridge, slightly raise my bridge with an implant, and project my tip forward slightly. I will post some before pics and will post some after as soon as I am feeling up to it!

Day of Op

So I'm here. I arrived 30 min early. I had to give a urine sample to prove that I am not pregnant.

Some more before pics while I'm waiting on the dr to come and get me

I did it!

I just left the office about an hour and a half ago. Dr. Lam said that everything went great. The surgery lasted for 3 hours because he said that he had to go back in and build up my nose. I have no problems smiling, no swelling in my face other than my nose, and no bruising! He said that the tip of my nose will be firm to the touch for the rest of my life. I feel great. My appetite is fine. I just ate some fries from McDonald's and drank a Sprite. About to lay down for a nap.

2 days post opp

Yesterday and last night were tough. When I went to sleep Friday night I woke up Saturday to a completely swollen nose and puffy the under eyes. My nose got so swollen Saturday night that I couldn't even breath and I was up at 5am sitting up for an hour taking Arnica (which I've seen no benefit from btw) waiting on some of the swelling to go down before I could finally breathe enough to fall asleep on my back. I would def say that eating cough drops helps with my breathing at night. I would also recommend that you not lay around in the bed for 2 days like I did because I believe this has caused additional swelling. I've felt perfectly fine otherwise. I'm able to eat just fine, chew. It hurts when I laugh though.

3 days post op

I can honestly say that I am back to probably 90%. All of the swelling in my face (excluding my nose) is gone! I have minimal darkness/purpleness under my eyes but it's probably only noticeable to me and could easily be covered with concealer. My advice to everyone is to GET OUT AND MOVE AROUND! I laid around the first 2 days and the swelling and pain were out of control. I forced myself on the evening of day 2 to get out of the house. I then started making a conscious effort to not lay my head down unless I'm going to sleep. So I now make sure to watch tv sitting up in the bed. Also, a lot of that disgusting dried up blood that has been caked on the outsides of my incisions has finally started to come off. I keep trying to sneak a peak but I can't see anything :( I still have the tape that is pulling my tip up so I don't even know what that looks like. I had a lot done to the top of my nose so I hope that it doesn't end up looking too strong.

5 days post op

No new news. I just wanted to post some pictures since I've been up and out running errands and getting good circulation to help decrease the swelling the past several hours. Swelling has decreased drastically this week. My nose itches more which means it's healing. My stitches are starting to dissolve/fall out. I'm keeping my ointment on my incisions a minimum of 3x per day along with cleaning them with peroxide before applying the ointment. I haven't been taking care of my skin at all so I have lots of pimples. One things that's concerning is that I noticed today that I can't close my nose anymore! My implant prevents me from closing/pinching my nose. Does anyone know if this will be permanent!?

My cast is off!

I'm just leaving the dr and I love my nose!! Even though it's still swollen it's no bigger than it was before the surgery so I'm not insecure about it. But I am LIVING for my new tip and side profile hunny! Lol. He said in about 3 weeks in will look even better. I have a bunch of white heads on my nose that developed under my cast. They look gross. My nose is still very tender too. This was definitely money well spent. I can't wait to see what I look like in a couple of months! Thanks for supporting me through this!

First time being out with people again

So I went to church today and it probably wasn't a good idea. I still have several undissolved and noticible stitches on all 3 of my incisions. I carefully placed ointment neatly on the creases of my nose to "lay down" my stitches and everything looked ok. Since I'm still healing makeup isn't an option right now. I don't know if it was because I was out in the air or what but by the time I got out of church and looked at myself in the mirror I was horrified because my incisions had dried up and became crusty! Thankfully I had my glasses on. I know that it's a no-no but i had to have something to distract away from my nose.

African American Rhinoplasty

The thing that stood out most to me was the staff. They are some of the kindest,
most helpful ladies ever. I went to Dr. Lam for a consult on Oct. 5. I streseed to him that I wanted a conservative nose job and boy did he give me exactly what I wanted! I couldn't have been more pleased. I look like the same person with just a more refined nose. It was very important to me to choose a doctor that specialized in ethnic rhinoplasties and I am glad that I chose him. He was a little bit more expensive than some other doctors but you can't put a price on peace of mind knowing that things would be done right. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Lam Facial

Plastics and I would have no issues with returning to Dr. Lam for future facial procedures.

4 weeks post op

Everything has been going well. I'm still very swollen. Some of that may be that I have slacked off on consistently taping my nose at night. The only thing is I wish that someone would have warned me about the stitches that would begin growing out of my nose! It got so bad and noticible that I had to sterilize a pair of my manicure scissors and trim them myself. That has been the worst and most noticible part-even worse than the swelling. I went to my follow up with Dr. Lam on 12/3 and he trimmed all of my stitches on the outside and inside of my nose. It looks much better now. I still don't notice any benefit from taking Arnica. The only thing that helps my swelling is still getting my blood circulating.


Hi! So I will be 4 months out next week. I was going to wait until next week to post but I just left Dr. Lam's office for a routine follow up and wanted to share with everyone my mistakes so that you won't make them. 1st off I deleloped raised scars on my incision sites(I have always had keloid skin). Last month dr. Lam had to inject my nose with scar dissolver on the sides of my nose and it HURT so bad! I've noticed a little improvement since last month. I quit using my ointment at around 3 weeks when I probably shouldn't have so this possibly could have been avoided. 2nd my tip is still very swollen--or so I thought. I told dr. Lam today that my tip was still very swollen and that I could feel the fluid in the tip of my nose. He felt my nose and said that it wasn't swelling but SCAR TISSUE that had developed because I had quit taping my nose at 3 weeks. So today he injected the tip of my nose with scar dissolver (didn't hurt as bad as the sides of my nose) he said that he hopes that this can reverse some of the scar tissue but probably not all of it. I also have to start back taping my nose. He also injected my bridge with silicone because I had a bump (which is the one thing that I don't think that I caused). I am going to be so mad if I have permanently ruined my results.
But other updates include: I still can't close/pinch my nose completely close, my tip is still a little bit tender but the rest of my nose is back to normal, I don't get as swollen now when I sleep at night, it took until around month 2 before I was no longer insecure about my incision sites, and lastly my nose is finally starting to settle. You can see in my pics that my tip isn't as projected as it was when I got my cast off. Hopefully this will help someone else during their recovery. TAKE CARE OF YOUR NOSE!

1 week post steroid shot

I just wanted to post a pic since its been 1 week since my steroid shot. The top is last week and the bottom was tonight. I've taped my nose every single day.Not noticing much difference yet. Maybe it's too soon?

Should have gone a little more drastic

Hi! Just wanted to share an update. I can't believe how fast time has flown. I think that my nose has gotten pretty close to its final result. Unfortunately I wish that I would have gone a little more drastic. Don't get me wrong, my nose still looks better than it did before but it doesn't look how it did after I first got my surgery. Since my last update I got another round of silicone injections in my bridge, scar dissolver on the sides of my incision sites, and most recently fillers in my tip to increase projection.
When I went to Dr Lam last week I complained that I had ZERO projection in my tip and he agreed. I asked if I should consider a revision and he said no because he'd already stacked 3 grafts in my tip and if he were to go back in the same thing would happen because the way that my tip is made and my thick skin causes my nose to settle more. So his solution was to give me what's called a Non Surgical Nose Job. He injected my tip with Bellafill to give me more definition in my tip. The results were immediate! Although it didn't give me the look that I once had, it was an improvement. So consider this option before you shell out more money for a revision.
Other updates: my nose was tender for about 3 days after the Bellafill injections. The scar dissolver injections have helped my my scars on the side of my nose. My nose looks a lot better in person than it does on pictures and I'm learning to just accept that. The nose injections have made my nose extremely oily. When I drink alcohol it causes my nose to swell. For the longest I thought that my face was getting fat but I've realized that because my nose is not as wide (now that the swelling is gone) it makes my face look wider lol.
I am attaching pictures from immediately after I got my Bellafill injections and pictures from one week after getting filler injections.
Happy Healing!
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