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Hi beatufuk girl, had my revision today all I is...

hi beatufuk girl, had my revision today all I is sat is wow by dr Oser,, we did a small lift because was going so big , i am in love with them already,,, ,,, very very sore,,,,also had vaso in the outside part of my thigh ,,u one us those girl that lift do weights cardio , but just could not get rid of that little bunch odd cellulite ,,, gone now :) but there is a lot of swelling,, he put me on very strong meds, for me , my stats 5 115 pounds to strong , makes very jittery ,,, so I call get something different,,,but so far good still only one day ,,see is I can post some pics,,, can only sleep like 2 hous at a time ugg,, hope that stay high and firm , to early to take compression off, ANY ONE GONE FROM 397 TOM 650 WITH OR vasor let me know tressa 12

one week , feeling better

hi all , it has been a week, since my surgery ,,,everything looks really well,,, he took out stitches from the vasor lipo,,, smart lipo... very bruised,,, to be expected,, my breast are very high , No stiches just surgical glue I have to down load the pics from my phone,,, then I can upload them on here ,,, so sorry for all the typos,, lol so if your on heavy meds wait it out ,,well my experience ,,, I am 650 saline,, wanted the very fake look,, as I said before I had 397 mod profile ,silicone , was starting to get very bad rashes,, that is one of the reasons I changed to saline!,,,almost hives bright red I have no clue there was not a rupture but I could have been one of the women, that have has a experience with this ,, for the past year now.So now 650 mod plus,saline, I wanted the uhp but he said I would look like 2 torpedoes lol I trusteed his judgment ,, so now to just get pics,,so others can see, if u live in pit , Ohio, west va ,,, he is the dr to see,, I cant say enough about how he really listens to WHAT YOU WANT and incorporates that with what he thinks will work with your body ,, so going to try right now and down load the pics,, so others can see,, the process,,, ,, wearing a sports bra 24 .7 danskin,, 2 packs from Wal-Mart ,,15 doll ,, don't waste your money on a 50 doll bra ,, ok now lets see. if I can some pics on here lol much love tressa12

10 days

very high love them , this has been really hard to upload pics

pre op .. 2 months before with 397 silcone with terrible rashes

pre op 397

2 weeks post op 650 mod plus SALINE

Looks great ,,, very large very fake what I wanted I hope they stay this way ,, right side very sore ,,;( 650 mod plus over filled to ....try and achieve the fake look , I think he did ,:) dr oser

vaser lipo

its been 17 days since my revision for implants and vaser on outter thighs,, im posting a pic. took yesterday looking for a before,, don't see much of a change ,maybe to early,, ,,, not sure was allot of money ,,but I did not have allot of fat to begin with ,, gina

look more swollen

should have before pics mad from the side

breast revision , vaser lipo otter thighs 650 saline from 397 silcone rashes,,silent leak defalting

its been 3 weeks post op ,, I have to say what a difference in just 2 days , starting to feel like my normal on the go self,, legs look great so happy with the size of my breast,, still lots of stitches internal and outside,, on the sides,, will post pics of breast at 4 weeks, ;) pics of legs swelling going down ,,,,

3 weeks post op 650 saline mod plus, vaser outter thighs

starting to round still oval,,,but that is ok for now ,,,,,,

4 weeks post op

650 saline moder plus mentor ,, took one sexy pic no bra,, lol and one with still a sports bra 24 7 6 weeks, maybe 8 because I have been so sore

had 4 weeks post op with dr,, oser

he does not think they will drop ALLOT more ,, im hoping just rounding ,,that is all,, lol I don't care if their r up by my neck lol ,,,, they look really big ,, yaaaaaa lol 650 saline mod plus


Ladies if u can take the time off please do , we all heal at different paces ,it's has been rough flying , we all have different jobs just take it easy , the bitch mode is on because I'm sure I have been lifting more then I should but being careful , on my way back from Madrid I will not lift a thing ,not allot of sympathy ,when it envoles breast :( but I almost 5 weeks - Just really bad back spasms :( be back in touch in a few days hugs Gina

almost 6 weeks,, looking better lets stay high girls lol

as u know my trip just about killed me , really hurt,, to lift my arms,, but survived it I don't think I hurt anything was praying ,,, but my back was spasming like crazy I have it again so im wondering if I will fly it ot do domestic

5 in hlaf weeks softer rounder ,,praying they dont bottem out :)

6 weeks

Been so busy . will post pics next week at 7 weeks not much chasnge but rounder love love them bra 34 E just oreded 3 :) was fitted by somna

7 weeks today ,,

very full one is alittle higher that os ok there sister's not twine,,, swelling goes up then down form flying in sure pics the same day . swelling went down ,, softer light shirt not pushing them down

this morning they look diff every day left one more swollen,, keepimh a eye on it :)

7 in a laf weeks most swelling gone i think lol

just some old bra pics, 34 d dont even cover lolsome pics of what the silicone did to me as one breast had a silent leak,,, :( was painful, was not in my head,,,,, taking the VS BRA back to small,, will replace with prettier ones,, also ordered 3 from bra site 34 e is very hard to find,,, I wanted to wait until at least 8 weeks for bras :)

9 weeks

650 saline over filled to 700 just found out lol

just bobs

One more pic


Fixing pic

650 overfilled to 700 saline

hi ladies have not been on in maybe 2 months work , my daughter lost her baby ,, but just wanted to know that all of you and what we have been through to enhance out bodies, is not a easy one,, im 4 months post op ,, no dropping thank god even was thinking of adding more saline lol he said no !!! lol nor real happy damn 2k for 600 cc total, I was in shape before ,,trying to make it easy on all the workouts,, 300 cc on each thigh hmmm he said that is all I needed ,,the sixe of a small grapefruit but otherwise happy ,, gina ,,,

Up date ladies ,

It's been 1 year 1 month , I went back may 1 had more saline put in , one just wants to be bigger I am 750 cc on both , so over filled 200 cc and love it , I will post pics today they are high round , i wear a bra all the time , reg during the day soft or sports bra at night , very happy I have saline and could not ask for a better out come , I do believe we want them to be perfectly even , its unrealistic to think this , you have to know nothing is perfectly semitical, very hard with a lift , unless you have medical issues ,boittem out , double bubble ect very happy ,u do message my left one that is the stubborn one , hope everyone , pics will be on later tonight, kisses beautiful sisters with great ta tas ,:)
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