Tired of Pads It's Getting Hot Again

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I had my consult with Dr Markmann and went very...

I had my consult with Dr Markmann and went very well he made me feel so comfortable his staff was also welcoming. I had another consult the same day but I cancelled it cause I knew Dr Markmann would be my doctor and he is got my surgery date Yes Im having doubts but this has been long awaited already... I've also referred a family member as well

yall killing me softly RS or I'm I doing this to myself

I can't wait all the beautiful helping ladies on there and the transformations I'm in aaaawww but making this wait so deficult please I can't wait any longer.. Thanks for helping me feel confident in this decision I so need this look pictures!! But wow that's it...

Bout 2.5 weeks left I believe I'm ready

Thanks ladies for your help I believe I got all I need.. still waiting on my Arnica Montana gel and pills, pain meds. And nite wear.. LOOK if I'm missing something please let me know???

Oh guess I did that wrong!!

Here's what I got...

36 yr old 2 kids 16 and breastfeed my now 4 yr old

Today is my pre op and not sure of my size was thinking between 450-500 I'll find out soon!!

Having doubts paid but can't afford and..

Not sure what size..


Is this for me can i do this

Almost my turn !!

So excited and can't wait.. My stats 36 yr old 5'6 126 lbs 32a 2 kids hoping for a d or dd with 545cc.. my surgery is Thursday so to help with my nerves gonna take the kids to Dave and busters for half price Wednesday nite and stay as late as I can to a restful sleep for my 7:30 by 6 am appt time wish me luck I'll try to update soon if not while at the hospital best wishes to fellow Realself followers

I made it and home :-)

So last nite after coming from Dave and busters, car broke down at my finance job to drop the car to be sure he'll be on time to be at the hospital by 6am but with that issue was running late trying to find a ride that early was kinda hard so I started to doubt this procedure as my car breaking down out the blue 03 jeep liberty as a sign not to do this procedure but got to the hospital at bout 7:50 for a 7:30 be there by 6 appt so was to come back at 11 and did after then got pretty smooth so now here I am home pain in and with meds and pain pump 545cc mhp unders getting as much sleep as I can with a 4 yr old but a great helper. back and chest pain bad at times but ok I so love my ps doctor Markmann is great still really wrapped up so can't see much was told to leave them till follow up Tuesday the left breast is the one in the most pain on and off u know I was so hungry by noon but didn't wanna postpone any longer but all worked out thank goodness can believe I finally did this gonna try and sent a pix.. I didn't get back home till bout 7pm.

OMG help!!!

This wrap is so tight can i take it off for a few left breast is hurting so bad with pain pump been taking alot of pain meds every 3-4 hrs seems like alot bUT so need it ice don't help just on my back

I can take a deep breath now thank goodness !!

Not much to update pain level is getting better but maybe much better without this tight wrap but so glad I can take deep breath

Hey is this normal !!

Did anyone else have trouble with keeping or holding ur balance after a BA like I'm bout to fall over to the side or not picking up my feet enough to not trip ova them wow that's crazy..

One hot mess to the next....

2 weeks in this contraption and it hurts!!

Pre op on my way to surgery ;-)

Them babies are out of here !!!!

Still so tight ready to be 100%

Tired of sitting in the house and tight boobs egh!! Hoping they at least drop soon

Pain was getting better until..

Last night was hoping to drive soon but last night event make me glad I didn't try. I'm guessing my dropping is happening now after the swelling and pain management is mostly gone why couldn't this happen last week when on pain meds and pain pump so upset now it hurts all over again was told to take up to 4 OTC pain meds but had to take a muscle relaxer last night well half of one and I was having anxiety tired of feeling odd and pain right one still numb and feels odd... my ps did a amazing job especially on the stitches.. Did I go too big for myself is what I been asking myself these days everyone seems to be recovering much quicker than I

Hoping I don't need a revision :~(

Don't seem much has changed for me still boxy and very high up not much pain some days better then others very worried they won't be dropping and a revision will be needed ugh

I don't know how boobs are supposed to look

Hi its been awhile since my update because I guess they weren't healing fast enough for me but are getting better still hoping for more dropping and the feeling in my right boob but I guess they look ok I'm sure


Lost many pictures with new phone this pix 2wks ago

Seems knowone was into my journey so I lost some interest then got a new phone and lost all pictures I was still keeping track with here's one bout 2 weeks ago will post more later.. Thanks lady!!! For calling me out!!!

A roller-coaster ride of feelings

I'm happy with my results for the most especially if I don't need a revision there are two issues I'm having at the moment I'm sure one is a total lost and been trying to get my feelings together around that issue being having little sensation on the top of my rite boob :-( but the bottom of that boob is sensitive almost very sensitive when in the act of.... But I also recall the feeling of loosing the nerves in that boob almost like a crawling feeling in that boob 24/7 was vary odd, annoying and painful the band did help calm the crawling feeling down but still feels odd and different well the other issue is the left boob is not as round also I can feel the implant and lump at the scar line :-(

Not gonna knit pick I'm happy with my results..

If they stay this way.. well I'm beach ready... Was recovering most of last summer but that tummy tho hey!!!! no knit picking!!! I finally got boobs!!! I believe they still dropping or maybe my weight gain I felt sweat drip from my breast fold today I was shocked maybe because I usually have a bra on but didn't it feels good to have that option but nipples always are hard or showing so I don't feel lady like.. Any opinions on going braless in public??? I gave my ps hell cause he would tell me no bra!!!! and I'm like I feel like I suppose too

Getting warm and NO PADS!!!!!

It's time to show them off... I couldn't last year was either preparing or recovering

Love this bra

I never thought I should've gone bigger... But at one point thought they be too big.. so satisfied with this size I've chosen...
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