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Hi Everyone, Like many other people I was not...

Hi Everyone,
Like many other people I was not going to share my story, but I felt so empowered by reading the stories of so many others on the site. So, here it goes.... Lol. I am an engaged mother of 5 (wedding at the end of April 2013)!!! I have given birth to 4 children (3 of which were via c-section). I also just turned 30 two weeks ago! I have been wanting get a TT for about the last 5 years. However, time, fear and finances have prevented me from actually scheduling the procedure until now. After getting married to the "ex" and beginning a family at a very ealy age my body has just never been the same. I am 5'10 and weigh about 178. My highest weight was 226 post pregnancy and my lowest was 155! Right now my goal weight is about 165 (I don't see me hitting that before surgery). Anyways, now that I am officially done having kids, I am ready to a little something for me and fix this belly! My fiancé is completely loving and supportive and I feel so blessed that I have him in my life. However, not everyone is as supportive as he has with my decision. The kids seem like they are pretty scared since I've never been in the hospital before besides having children. I feel pretty bad about that because I don't want to cause them any stress. I just reassure them that everything will be fine (and I pray to God it will be). My friends and family I have told are about 70/30, with 70% on the positive side.
Well that's my story! Hopefully, it wasn't too boring :-s I will post before pics as soon as I can.
December 7th, Here I come!!!!!

Finally Uploading My Pre TT Pics!

Finally Uploading My Pre TT Pics!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I was...

It's been quite a while since my last post. I was supposed to have surgery (TT w/ MR) on December 7th. However, I found out on Monday December 3rd after calling the office (to possibly add liposuction of my outer hips to my procedure) that my doctor was rescheduling his surgeries. Unfortunately, his father out of state became very ill and was hospitalized. He ended up passing on Tuesday, December 4th :(. The office informed me that my surgery had to be rescheduled for December 15th. At first, the news of this stressed me out since I had already planned my life around having the surgery on the 7th. However, I understand that some things can not be controlled and I feel bad that he has had this loss... As of now the extra time has allowed me to continue working on some much needed per surgery tasks and planning. Looking back I was no where ready to be out of commission for a few weeks. I was super stressed knowing that I had a lot of things to get done and no time to do it in. Now, at least I had time to complete all my Christmas shopping. One task down 20 more to go. Lol.
I am actually just getting over a pretty nasty cold. I was terribly sick n my old surgery date so I guess it worked out. I will try to post again soon and keep you all updated on my post op process. 3 more days and counting!

Well guys, today is finally that day that I get my...

Well guys, today is finally that day that I get my TT with MR and liposuction of my upper back. I thought I would be super anxious right now but instead I feel pretty calm. Maybe its because I'm completely exhausted from only sleeping one hr prior. Too much do at home. Finished Xmas shopping, wrapped all the gifts (which was a lot for 5 kids), and restocked the house. Anyways, right now I'm at my plastic surgeons office hanging out with my soon to be hubby. Praying for myself and evryone else scheduled or in recovery phase.
Hope to post again after surgery..

Hey Guys, So surgery was yesterday at about 10a...

Hey Guys,
So surgery was yesterday at about 10a until just about 2. The plastic surgeon said everything went really well. Had a tummy tuck with no muscle repair. My PS said my muscles were already very tight. (Shocking). I also had liposuction to my upper back, outer thighs and gluteal area. The pannus removed was a total of 2.2 lbs. I stayed overnight at the hospital per my PS policy for a full TT. The pain hasn't been that bad thus far, just really sore. I've been taking just extra strength Tylenol and I had my third dose of that this afternoon. Honestly, the liposuction areas are way more painful then the TT. Every time I get up I start off really sore and stiff in the legs but this loosens after a couple minutes of standing. I haven't seen my belly yet since I am wrapped up. I don't have a abdomen binder. Just a chest to knee post liposuction compression garment. I have 2 jp drains which the doc is hoping to remove by wednesday as long as they are putting out less than 50cc in 24 hours. Unfortunately, my monthly friend started early this morning which hasn't exactly made this process any easier (tmi, I know). But my compression garment has an opening for easy bathroom access ( thank God)... Anyways I will try to post pics later thisweek when I finally get to see my belly.
My prayers are with those that have surgery coming up a d happy healing to those in their recovery process. :)

Went to my PS office today. Had both of my drains...

Went to my PS office today. Had both of my drains taken out and also all the staples across my incision. Having the drains removed didnt hurt at all. However, the staple removal was definitely a little tender. Haven't had any pain medicine in 2 days. All I really took was extra strength Tylenol a few times through this process (have always had a pretty high tolerance for pain). Getting my body suit off was heavenly! Can't wait to shower tomorrow. I was a little bummed to find out I couldn't transition to a binder and I have to continue wearing this full body suit until next Friday. I am dealing with some swelling like everyone else. I kind of lost my mind for a few hrs yesterday and went Xmas shopping at a few stores with my husband last night. That ended with him having to push me in a wheelchair throught the last store. I was just so pooped out and sore :-s . Also, had my first bowel movement yesterday as well and that was not fun. I have been taking colace twice a day for about a week and didn't seem any easier. My suggestion to those struggling with this would be to keep a foot stool in your bathroom and prop your feet up. It definitely made the difference for me. Going to the bathroom today was a lot easier. Lastly, I'm dealing with a lot of dizziness and feeling light headed. I have a naturally low blood pressure (usually around 96/60) and when I stand up these days I feel as if I'm going to faint. Anyone else deal with this. I'm thinking I should be drinking a lot more water like my body is used to. Will keep u guys posted.

Happy New Year!!! May all of us have an amazing...

Happy New Year!!! May all of us have an amazing 2013 :)

Hi all! I haven't posted in a while but wanted to...

Hi all! I haven't posted in a while but wanted to update everyone on how my recovery is going. Today I am 18 days post op and feeling great! Just as a reminder I had a full TT without MR and liposuction to my outer thighs. As of today I'm down 7lbs from 178 to 171 and I'm super excited about that. I just started walking yesterday, did three miles and boy did it feel great to be active again. I just completed my three miles for today and I can't wait to continue on this path. I. Trying to continue to remind myself to stay out the pantry or at least make a healthy eating choice but is sure is hard when you at home majority of the day. Love my family but its so weird to not be working. When I'm working I'm always saying I need a break or time off and now that's have it, I get a little stir crazy. (Guess the grass always looks greener on the other side) Lol. Anyways, I still have quite a bit of bruising and I think my swelling is minimal (of course that goes up and down with activity). I will try to post pics this evening. I have been having some occosional sharp pains in the end of my incision on the left side, been driving me nuts! Haven't been able to see what's going on since I still have my steri strips across my incision. Well last night I couldn't take and I peeled back the steri strip to find that I still had a staple that was left in! Oops. Then further research revealed another suture left in my belly button (which they told me I might have due to all the scanning in the area when they removed the others). My husband and I are moth nurses so of course I just decided to remove it all myself this morning when he got home. The staple no problem! The suture was a bit more tricky as it seemed skin had grew around it. Keep in my mind I had my drains and staplestaken out 3days post op and my sutures almost a week ago. I called the office and the scheduled me an appt to have it taken out at 915 tomorrow but I'm impatient so my husband removed it for me (naughty, I know). Called to cancel with my PS and they gave me the naughty lecture lol. But all is well and I feel tons better.
Happy healing!
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