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So I'm a mom of two boys 8 and 9, I'm 27 yrs old...

So I'm a mom of two boys 8 and 9, I'm 27 yrs old and done having kiddos. I've been married over 7 years now!! I'm 5'1 138lbs 34D or DD depending on the brand. I went on my first consult for a tummy tuck a couple weeks ago, but prior to it I came across this site and read some stories. My first consult I liked the doctor however the "special" for tummy tucks they had online was no longer going on once I got my consult and quote so it was a little more then I had budgeted. I liked the dr he seemed knowledgeable some before n after pics were ok he answered my questions and told me what recovery would b like. After leaving with my quote I was so discouraged thinking I'm never going to be able to afford it, but I had other consults setup.

My second consult was dr. Kotoske, he was recommended by a friend who has her boobs and lipo done. She came with me to my appt. once I was called back I was suprised they weighed me, took my vitals, and asked me to change (after all it was only a free consult) first consult did neither of these I was asked my weight n they just asked me to lift my shirt up and in button my shirt. Next dr. Kotoske's staff gave me a book of photos to look over (I was already impressed with his more then the other) doc came in had me stand up examined me asked me what I wanted to achieve and recommended what he thought what I needed to do to get the results I wanted. I was confident that he was the right dr for me after that but still wasn't getting my hopes up till I got my quote.

I changed and then saw the coordinator and she went over fees dates and all that other good stuff, she even asked me a couple more times if there was any other questions I had that I may have forgotten to ask or just popped up and I was suprised how knowledgable she was not only in the finance aspect (which is her job) but that she could answer any question I thought to ask about the procedures. So like dr 1 he recommended lipo along with full TT (which was no suprise after reading this site) I was happy with my quote it was a lil over $2000 less the dr #1 and it included more areas of lipo. Two days later I called to put my deposited down n schedule a date but I thought u know maybe ill ask about my boobs also n how much more I'd b looking at, the girl I talked to by phone gave me a ballpark number but incouraged me to come back in for a consult first. I told her I'd give her a call back since I'd have to figure out a date to come back in, called back n she actually had one that afternoon I could do. Sooo back for consult #2 with kotoske, I felt kinda silly for wasting their time but I wanted to see the benefits n risks of doing it all. Looked at more pics dr came in and went over the diffrent options and end results and complet honest on what he thought and what my results could be.

Although I'm a D/DD I didnt want the scaring from a lift n reduction I also didnt want to go much smaller. He said I would be happier with implants, that a small silicone would give me the fullness I was looking for and lift them up without weighing them down like a saline implant would do (he mentioned silicone is 1/3 weight of saline) also silicone is softer and looks more natural he did warn though that it may bump me up to a DDD but we would try to achieve a full DD but warned that would be a risk. I asked his honest opinion if I would look too big and fake if it did bump to a DDD, he said no and pointed out that although I am 5'1 I still have bigger hips and thighs and that it would basicly just keep my curves and give me a really nice hour glass figure. I asked benefits n complications of doing it all together and he said it could be all done together without problem. I went back into see the scheduler and she went over fees for both saline n silicone and what is be looking at if I did it all together. It was a bit more then I thought but that was because I chose silicone if I'm gonna do it y not do it right?? I was thinking about it trying to work the numbers and she was really willing to work with me. I put my deposit down and today I'm going to call her with the date I'd like!!! Although its going to be a a lil over a month then when I wanted to do TT n lipo it's definetly worth the wait!! Part of the waiting is due to hubby returning from deployment next some and getting some quality time in with him before he leave. I know I want my boobs done size does worry me so I've been asking friends and family their thoughts and they agree with dr and implants, after all at my heaviest weight I was a DDD and since loosing weight I'm back down to D/DD but I've always been big I was a D by 8th grade but after breast feeding two and weightloss/weight gain they r less then appealing :)

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Love him so far!!! Glad I went on multiple consults!!

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