48 Year Old Buying Herself an Early 50th Bday Present -- Lipo on Chin, Arms, Hips/flanks, Inner/outer Thighs, Fat Transfer to Ch

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I have been thinking about and wanting lipo for...

I have been thinking about and wanting lipo for YEARS and also wanted to do something about my double chin/neck area. I got lap band surgery in 2006 and managed (despite all the complications) to lose and keep off about 40 pounds but can not for the life of me take off the last 20! I'm not looking at this as weight loss surgery, just want to shape and even out some of the lumps and bumps ;)

I received a few quotes for inner/outer thigh lipo and a facelift (which I don't really think I need *yet) and they were upwards of $14k. After doing tons of research for Dr's in CA I decided it would probably be a lot cheaper to go to AZ to get the procedures done (plus I used to live there and have friends and family there). I did a bunch of research for doctors in the Phoenix metro area and Dr. John Ward came up as one of the best Dr.'s and had tons of positive reviews on yelp and RealSelf (and many other sites) I set up a consult online for last Wednesday 3/11/15. I was impressed right off the bat with his office staff because after going to their website to set-up the consult I got an email right away (not the generic computer generated one) and a call! I had done this with 2 other doctors, one sent me a very hasty email and misspelled my name, gave me an extensive quote without even seeing me (which was VERY high I might add!) and never followed up with a call or email. The other Dr.'s office (The Shaw Center) were very nice and attempted to reach me to set-up a consult with the doctor so I don't have anything bad to say about them :) BUT after meeting with Dr Ward, there was no need for anymore consults! I immediately liked him (and so did my BF) and felt very comfortable with him. I asked what could be done for my double chin and he didn't try to upsell me on a facelift, he suggested Lipo and said it would be fairly inexpensive. I also wanted a quote for inner/outer thighs. He had me go to the exam room and disrobe and proceeded to examine the areas. I never felt uncomfortable. He said we should also include the flanks and hips along with the thighs (sounds good to me!). He said he doesn't 'nickel and dime' people and basically charges by the hour so every patient is different. The first hour being the most expensive so if there is any other parts of the body that bothered me I should think about adding them. He also recommended to use some of the extra fat for a chin graft which would give me a nicer profile and said there was no charge for it! I LOVE THIS GUY!! So after giving it some thought I figured I better ask about adding my arms which have been driving me nuts FOREVER!! The total cost, all inclusive except for blood tests (which was only $10!) for chin, fat transfer to chin, arms, flanks/hips and inner/outer thighs was $8,873 (only $1400 more to add the arms). They need $1000 to reserve the surgery date and minus that off the total. I thought about it over night and the next day went back to give them the deposit! I'm so EXCITED the surgery is scheduled for 05/05/15. I will post my before pics and measurements about week before my surgery.
I'm wondering if any of you RealSelf'ers have any advice?? I have read a lot of reviews on here and have a good understanding of what to expect as far a post op but just wondering if any of you have any tips to share....maybe on handheld massagers or things that have helped you heal faster? Supplements to take?? Anything advice that helped you would be appreciated :)

6 days to surgery!

I'm exciting my surgery is coming on 05/05, just 6 days away! I wanted to post my measurements and pre-surgery weight. I'm trying to not set my expectations too high but I am hopeful these measurements will go down by a few inches after the swelling subsides :)
Weight 172 lb
Left thigh circumference 26 inches
Right thigh 25 inches
Waist 34 inches
Hips/thighs 45 inches
Hips (2 inches under belly button) 40
Under bust 35 inches
upper neck 14 inches
I also stocked up on vitamins that will assist in the healing process. I bought a good multi, Vit C, B complex, Zinc Picolinate, turmeric/bromelain (will start a few days before surgery and after) and arnica 30c. Anything other recommendations???

Here's a few before pics.

I'm going to post all of my before pictures that the doctors office took because they are WAY better then my selfies. Here's a few in the meantime.

some before pics

I will post more before pics when I get the copies from the doctors office on Friday.

one day post opt

Surgery was yesterday and went pretty smoothly. It lasted about 3 hours and I woke up dying of thirst and in extreme pain! Once I got back to the hotel I got right into bed but didn't want to go to sleep too early so I would be able to sleep thru the night - which I did except for having to get up and pee every hour on the hour. I am very swollen too but that is to be expected. The pain is pretty bad today as well but I've been making sure I'm on schedule with taking my pain meds so I can stay on top of it. I'm sure it will start getting easier and easier with each passing day :) My chin already looks a tad smaller so I'm happy with so far.

day 2 post opt

I can already see a huge difference in my neck!

day 3 post op photos

Here's some pics from yesterday. I am still very swollen and sore today. I can see some improvements in my chin and arms. I know it will take a awhile to see improvement on my lower extremities and back. On the plus side I finally did a bm today! ;) I stopped taking my pain meds last night so that helped wake up my colon. Been drinking lots of liquids and taking my vitamins.

day 6 post op

My boyfriend took out my stitches today (per doctors office as I live out of state) and I'm starting to feel ever so slightly better. My back/hips, back of thighs and under arms are still very sore and it hurts to sit and get in and out of chairs/bed. Of course, all of this is normal but the pain is much more than I thought it would be. I had an idea of what to expect after reading many reviews on here but I thought I'd be able to handle it better. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain (major motorcycle accident and hysterectomy) but this is SO painful! I actually cried a few times because it was so bad! That is not like me because I'm a tough cookie! At any rate, it gets better every day and tomorrow is going to be better than today :) I stopped taking my pain meds yesterday because they were giving me a headache and making me constipated.

I really wish the swelling would go down but I know I need to be patient. My knees are the size of cantaloupes! On the plus side, my chin is looking so much better than it did and I can see a difference in my arms too.

I'm hoping that I won't heal lumpy because my CG only goes up to just under my rib cage and my back is bulging over it. I know part of it is because it's still swollen from the procedure but I'm concerned it will stay that way? Anyone else have this problem??

day 9 post op

I feel much better today! The swelling is starting to go down. My waist went down and an inch and I went down by an in on each thigh (that's all I measured). I put on my high waisted spanx mid-thigh shaper and my spanx leggings over that and it feels really good. I actually went to the store wearing them (something I would have NEVER done!) and had a couple of guys check me out ha ha ;) I still have a long way to go but I'm happy to see a little progress today.

2 weeks post op

Today marks the 2 week point. I am feeling much better and my energy level is pretty much back to normal. We did a yard sale over the weekend and I felt fine (I thought it was going to wipe me out!). I still have numbness on my back and under arms and some pain on the back of my thighs but I know that's all normal at this stage. My right hip still REALLY burns if I slide across the bed or rub it on something. I think that's normal? I'm loving my results so far. I see a difference in my chin and finally starting to see a difference in my thighs. My only concern is, I have been really eating bad the past week. I think I'm letting my guard down because I look slimmer (if that makes sense?). I need to be conscious of that and be careful I don't undo all the work that was done (not to mention the money and the pain I went through!!)
My only complaint is that I have had NO follow up care AT ALL! My doctors office as not called to check up on my nor did the surgery center. I'm very disappointed in that. I also asked the gal at my doc's office to send my before pics and to give me a quote for Lipo on upper /lower abs and nothing! That was a week and a half ago :(

3 weeks 6 days

Still a little sore today but all in all I feel pretty good. My doctor's office just sent my before pics so I will be posting them soon. I took my measurements and I'm down about an inch and a half off of each thigh, an inch on my waist and my weight is down to 170. Everything else stayed about the same but I can definitely see a difference on my thighs and next which were the 2 areas that really bothered me.

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