Senza Pelo Med Spa *2nd round , updated with new picture*

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I'm looking for possibly permanent plump, juicy,...

I'm looking for possibly permanent plump, juicy, full lips . I know fillers are not permanent but idk if Fat transfer is the way to go . Still debating. I never liked my small lips so finally decided to go through with this . I will be calling Phoenix Skin to make a consult appt & hopefully get my procedure done the same day :)

before pics

Before pictures


Before picture


Consult appt is 7/30 .. we'll c what happends :)

update on facility

Call me cheap if you like but scrolling under groupons i found a discount for juvederm :) Arizona Laser, Electrolysis, & Skin care AKA Senza Pelo Med Spa . I paid & I will be making my appt tomorrow, hopefully ill get this done 1week from now or even within a couple days , just depends on their availabilty :) . This facility has been in buisness for 30 years & focuses on skin tx . I'm just excited =)


My appt its wed. 7/24 @ 1pm with Senza Pelo Med Spa . I'm ganna do it & very excited !!!


DaY of appt. . Usually they are not as plump as these pics, but I just put lotion on them

after pics

Okay I did it !! ... RN Tasha called me in , entered the room & sat &talked/discussed juvederm. She explain absolutely everything . She also advised me, since I do break out in cold sores (even if I brake out 1 time a year) its best to get valtrex ! Which is not a biggie because my dermatologist prescribes that for me . N e who, so I decided to do it. Numbing cream was applied, omg that was gross! I still have the taste in my mouth&throat! ! Ugh. ..okay so now time to inject. She talked me through step by step& telling me exactly what she was going to do . Around my lip borders I kinda felt everything :( a lil painful but I got through it !.. next are the inner lip & that was a lot more comfortable, not as much pain ...She was so great and &gain after tx explained what to do/call/precautions ect... my lips should be swollen until tomorrow. Ill post right after tx pics & more updated pics tomorrow:)

updated pics

Updated pic

love love love

Honestly I love my lips! Very natural looking :)

2nd tx

Soon I'll be going back in. I feel my lips got a lil flat & I don't feel they product in my lips like before .. ill post pics once I do go in :)

2nd round

2nd injections 10/24 .. what I don' is ; some days they're more plump then other days but over all I definitely love . I went to same facility, same person & was charged 385 $ :)
Phoenix Skin

Changed to: Senza Pelo Med Spa ; been in business for 30 years.

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