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I expect the impossible, to not have breast that...

I expect the impossible, to not have breast that hang off my body like baseball bats. My sagging breast are from my family genes. I've always been saggy, my Mom & Aunties were all saggers, lol. They all wore bullet bras back in the day, haha! I could not breast feed due to painful fibrocystic breast disease in both breasts. Once that milk came down my breast turned into bricks, making any attempts to breastfeed a tearful experience for me and my children. Gaining & losing the same 15 pounds over and over has not helped my skin elasticity either.
In 2012, I spoke to hubby about this procedure, but he opted to give me a $300.00 gift card to Victoria's Secrets instead. I was then able to invest in the perfect bras to lift and roll these baseball bats up in to a 38C. Last summer I spent a small fortune buying bra accessories so i could wear cute summer tops, the last resort (there were many) was using nylon tape to pull them up, a horrible experience. Hubby saw this & challenged me to save at least 1/2 the $$ and he gave me the rest, Yes!!! I want to stay a C-cup, with attractive cleavage and perky nipples pointing forward....I cannot imagine...

Breast Lift No implants

This site has been so informative to me. I wish I had found it prior to my initial visit to see Dr. Gitt. Not knowing what to actually talk about he did most of the talking about the condition of my breasts and what the outcome would be pretty much back in September 2014. Since that visit I have so many questions to ask him to make sure that my outcome goes as I hoped for. I contacted the office with these concerns and they were nice enough to schedule me a meeting with him prior to my preop

Eight hours to perkiness - Breast Lift Only

March 9th was my last day at work and it was the longest day of my life. The anxiety has kicked in and I cannot seem to focus on anything past my March 11th. Driving in from California with calming, the weather is beautiful out here on the West Coast & Phoenix is always welcoming during winter months. Hubby keeps calling me Ms. Perky, I think he's a little bit too excited about everything, Ha ha ha! Let's Go to Sleep.... are the sheep? Ugh!

Procedure Update: Anchor Breast Lift w/slight Reduction

The night before my procedure, showered in showered In Dial antibacterial, then the morning of I used the Hibiclens cleaner before leaving the hotel, my skin craved for lotion/moisturizer so bad! Lol. Once we arrived to the North Valley Surgey Center everything moved Like clockwork. Dr Gitt & his staff were very friendly, personable, and just play nice! During my markings the Dr. noticed more sagging, I had lost about 17 #s since my first consultation so Dr. Gitt recommended a slight reduction to go along with my breast lift to achieve the outcome we discussed. A little bit more of the warming blanket and then I was off to surgery. The anesthesiologist ask me a "?" about my job, two seconds later I was awake ha ha ha ha! I came home wrapped in compression gauze instead of my bra, so I won't get to see his artwork until Friday. I'm so excited!

The 4P's... Pressure, Pineapple juice, Pain, & Patience

My first post-op visit went great according to my surgeon! I was pleased as well. Still feeling a little tired & homesick but Doc says everything was going according to his artwork, see in 3 days...Wants me continue the pineapple, pear, and prune juices til they are gone, OK! Gotta love him! I stared at my breasts in the mirror for about five minutes as they fitted my sports bra properly. This was the first time I've ever seen my nipples looking at me face to face & it's strange. All I've ever wanted since age 19 was to have them facing forward, & there they were, "ta-da!" Since then, hubby says I've become emotional & he's right because I've cried at the drop of a disagreement all day. I'm not in any pain at all, living the "life" w/ Tylenol x-strength as needed. I'm looking forward to the expected pressure & swelling going away, along with the bruising. The patience of Job, not me- lol

"I love my new look, bruises, swelling, and all!!!!!" :-))

3 weeks - Healing

Dr. says I'm healing nicely, all of the bruises are disappearing. As of today I'm finished with all of my prescription medications, yay! Swelling comes & goes...my granddaughter came to visit this past weekend and decided to jump on me while I napped to show me some love with a great big hug. I'm unsure who jumped higher, me or the cat to get away from her, lol!

Victoria's still a secret

Walking through the mall trying to avoid entering VS but somehow ended up in there anyway on the perfumes side. Mind you that I'm still swollen with that numb side feeling, wearing my sports bra 24/7, right boob still in stitches, lol. the sales lady took my hand & glided me over to see new bras, I should have said no but felt like I was in a trance as I headed over and quickly found out that I have no idea what size bra I am going to be once my girls settle, fluff, come out of hiding, maybe a D cup?!. My lingerie drawer is full of beautiful 36C, mostly 38C VS bras, all wired w/ everything my saggy boobs didn't have. Just wondering if there is a bra that I can wear it now that contours and reshapes my "boxy" look? I want to start looking as soon as my side swelling goes down & I'm cleared by my Dr.

Healing - Phase 2

Back in Phx to see my PS, we are becoming best friends! I went through 2 phases of the dreaded "drains" since 3/11...my right boob was NOT happy about this whole process of being perki :- but I think "righty" has caught on finally after the 2nd drain surgery process & has stopped fighting my "perki" dreams, lol! Hematoma bruisings gone as if they never existed. Left breast-doing great, stitches removed a week ago. Right breast, one more week to go...so stubborn! Still humbled & amazed whenever I open my bra & see nipples looking back at me, I stare at them at least five minutes then I analyze their progress with my perfectly positioned magnifying make-up mirror. The "impossible" is really happening and its still the month of March! Gonna rest here in Phx with family until appt next week, begged my sister to keep me away from shopping malls (VS) - so she recommended the casinos!! HaHa! My Sis loves my breasts, says I no longer have the family sagging curse that she somehow did not inherit, her breast look as good as mines do today, naturally WTH?! It's already getting hot here, 90 degrees today alone, perfect weather for the sundresses that fit with my mandatory 24/7 sports bras. Happy Healing to everyone until next time :-))

Week 3 - Post Op

Look! I actually found something to try on to see my progress so far. February 2015 when I took the b4 pic I didn't even know that there was a band under the breast line of this bikini top because I could not pull the straps any tighter without hurting my neck. Ultra excited about what I see today. The unimaginable is actually happening b4 my eyes!!!

Stitches - No more!

A lot of updates... "Righty" is now stitch free, hallelujah! No more Neosporin, yay! Forward facing showers, just want me to continue to use the antibacterial soap for 1 more week since the stitches were just removed, itch itch itch, ok! No more gauzes unless I see leakage at the "t-section" which can be expected but may not happen. Workouts are permitted, but listen to my body & breast...no change for the sports bras, still have another month in these things, ok! Time to prepare for my one-month RS photo session, I can begin to use palmers cocoa butter formula scar serum around my nipples and anyplace there are no scabs. Going home tomorrow cannot wait to see if hubby notices the difference. I'm sure he has enjoyed not talking about titties every day for the last week, lol

Imagine 1 Month Later

Impossible for me still to imagine that last month when I walked myself into that operating room and played on that table I would be here today giving a one month update of my progress so far. After today I will post my monthly progress pics until I become so busy with regular life that my perky breasts seem as though they were always apart of me, lol! Let me make one thing clear, all I wanted from my Breast Lift surgery was the opportunity for my breast to be lifted so my nipples were facing forward on their own, that's all I wanted and I made this perfectly clear to my Dr. and he came through 110%. I requested from my anesthesiologist that I wake up, he informed me that if I promised to breath everything would work out - we both did our part! Everything else that has happen I've learned after the fact from RS and I am forever grateful to all who have shared their stories with me because its more than the pictures that are shared, it our personal experiences during this process to perfection. The only thing I would change after the fact, is that I wished I had researched the whole mommy makeover surgery to have everything done at once. If I don't get my stomach right by the end of the year with excersise I'll be calling Dr. Gitt in January for a tummy tuck or liposuction :-))
This past month I've:
*Fired and rehired my Nurse/hubby 4 times. He was too caring...the worse/best nurse ever!
*Learned everything I will ever want to know about breast procedures from Realself! Everyone has different needs and wants to get their ideal personal breasts. I'm just happy that I learned many of these needs things after the fact. Just do it! :-))
*What the heck is a hematoma? Thats what I blurted out to my PS the night of my surgery when hubby rushed me back to the Dr. office as he inserted a drain into my really swollen right breast while I lay there not feeling a thing because I had just taken 5-325 x2 on top of the anesthesia still flowing through my body...1st ever side effects from any surgery in my life :-)(
*One week after the initial drain was removed, I walked slowly by a mirror only to notice my perki right boob was bloody through my shirt, next day Dr. scheduled a quicki surgery to clean out clotted blood and put in another drain. Mind you, this is my body rejecting this healing process - had nothing to do with the PS...they were on top of everything and had seen all of this before, the BEST! :-))
*Took a LOA from work, 20 years with the hotel industry. I return in 10 days, and I wonder what they will think of my less bulky upper body. It is obvious something has thinned out my upper body :-))
*Have no idea what size bra I will end up and I could care less right now because know I'll be able to go braless with perki^^ until i figure it out.
*Sex is great from the waist down,lol! Hubby enjoys watching the transition from black&blue frankenstein boobs as they heal into something neither of us have ever seen before. Says my nipples are huge and tastes like cocoa butter :-))
*I'm seeing the impossible dream happen before my eyes, so happy!

Compliments, Sutures, & Progress

Attended a surprise retirement party only to feel like the guest of honor because of all the compliments I received from everyone thinking that I had lost a major amount of weight. I'm guessing I was pretty heavy weight on top prior because you would've thought I had lost more than 5-10 pounds loss that I maintained since having the procedure. A follow-up with my favorite PS found my walking on cloud 9 when I left the office. He was very happy with his work & my healing progress - Me too!!! Sutures that decided to appear since my last visit were removed from "righty", painlessly. Told I could wear regular bras, whatever makes me comfortable so I dug in my dresser & found a 36C with underwire that was once too small & it fits comfortably during the day. Today was my 1st day back in the gym, felt so good!

"Normal Bra" Unplanned Review

Six hours into my 1st "normal bra" day & my new perki^^ breast feel like they are falling off my chest. They feel like were sagging when it is clear that are locked in this Vanity Fair bra. The ache, pulled feeling is real....clearly the sports bras has been a support my new breast more comfortable with. The feeling of "sagging" may be mental but I've taken some Tylenol, wearing my comfy sports bra:-))

Dr. Gitt was highly recommended by a good friend in which he perform her mommy makeover. I saw her outcome and great her aftercare experience & wanted that same experience for myself. Believe me, It was really worth the drive from California to know that I was going to be in good, safe hands. Dr. Gitt & his staff have been great. EVERYONE from Andrea, MA to the RNs in the surgical ward to Dr. Gitt himself. They all are playing a positive role in my healing process towards this unimaginable outcome.

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