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Growing up I always had small breasts. One comment...

Growing up I always had small breasts. One comment that has always stuck with me was from a friend in high school, "all that ham and no eggs".

I am now 54 years old, 5'3" tall and weigh 140 lbs. My ideal weight is somewhere around 120 lbs but that's another story. Since I have put on weight over the last few years, my breast size has increased a bit, but still not as large as I'd like to be. I have also decided to work with a personal trainer to get my athletic body back. I am normally a very fit person, but I think menopause might be part of the weight change and previous lack of motivation. I know I won't be able to work out for a while, so we'll see how scheduling plays into my plan.

I'm at a point in my life where I am financially able to move forward. I also feel that if it is something I am really going to do, I better get busy. I've gone back and forth over the last few months wondering if I'm too old although I'm very fortunate in that I don't look my age at all. When I was dating my husband, I made a comment one day about a boob job. His comment said "hell ya". Now that we are married, it's "I couldn't love you any more with bigger boobs". Just a side note, we have been together since 2010 and married for just over a year. He is totally supportive either way, he wants me to do what I want to do. That being said, I'm sure there is a part of him that looks forward to it as much as I do. He is a man, after all.

I scoured the internet, gathering as much information as I could. It seemed as though one doctor constantly stood out. His name is Dr. Aldo Guerra here in Phoenix. I made the call and have my initial consultation scheduled for August 1st. I've got some ideas in mind, but am also open to his suggestions. I want a rather natural look, but don't care if it's obvious I've had an augmentation. Someone made the comment that I need to get "age appropriate boobs, since I'm not 20 anymore". I'll make that decision with my PS.

So I'm hoping to get some feedback on the age issue. I have been able to find a few before and afters, but not many. Is 54 too old?

Surgery is scheduled

I had my consultation with Dr Guerra and immediately felt comfortable. After discussing the procedure and end results I decided to schedule. Surgery is on August 21st.

I had my preop done last Friday. After trying out different sizes I decided on 450cc Mentor gummies. Dr Guerra also recommended liposuction to remove sleavage and I agreed.

My husband and I are going to Kauai September 19th. Dr Guerra's staff was very helpful in getting everything in order so that surgery and initial post op visits were completed prior to our trip.

Now the hard part is going to be getting through the next few days. I'm also a bit anxious about introducing my new look to friends, not sure what that is about.

One more day!

Well, I've got one more day to go. Surgery is tomorrow at noon, I've got to be at the surgicenter at 10:30. I really hope that they aren't running behind.

I started washing with Hibiscus yesterday. I've got my medications, cookies and lots of pillows. Sleeping might be interesting, I always sleep on my belly. I just realized I forgot frozen peas, I've got some errands to run later so I will get them then. There are a couple of loads of laundry to do and some final house cleaning. I'm fortunate enough to work from home. We own our own business and I've got a bit of office work to do as well. I also sell Gold Canyon Candles and we have a team meeting tonight. All of these things should keep me plenty busy.

I've shared my plans with only a few people. Yesterday I told my mom and daughter (she's 29) and they were both really supportive and excited for me. I'm really excited too, still a bit nervous though. I like to think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, we'll see...

Well, time to get busy!


I don't have cookies, darned auto correct! I have Coobies, got them from Dr Guerra's office. Decided to use them instead of sports bras.

It's Here!

It felt like the day would never get here. I'm nervous. I've had surgeries before, but they were necessary. Little thoughts keep creeping in, i.e. are you sure about this? I have wanted this as far back as I can remember. I think it's just nerves.

I'm taking a nice hot bath, relaxing. Thinking positive, calming thoughts. We are leaving in about 1 1/2 hours, 10:30 arrival, noon surgery.

I'll check in later with an update.

Oh my

Well, it's post op day 2. I can only compare the pain to child birth. Definitely the most uncomfortable so far. Had been taking one of my pain pills every four, instructions say 1-2. Went ahead and took a second and have a lot more relief. It's very hard for me to be still and have down time. I think about all of the things I need to be doing.

On another note, they look great. Still really swollen but it's wonderful to know that I'll have beautiful breasts without any help from Victoria's Secret. Lots of abdominal swelling too. It's only temporary though. Doing my walking, deep breathing and ice.

Will update with photos after my shower this afternoon.

Post op day 3

Went to dinner with friends last. It went well and 2 out of the 3 knew I had surgery. It definitely felt good to get back home and use ice though.

Today is definitely less uncomfortable. Feel really tired. Have beek using stool softeners but no BMW since before surgery. Going to send hubby to get actual laxatives.

Attaching a couple of pics. Still pretty swollen. First follow up is tomorrow afternoon and I'll get my breast band. That should help move them down a bit.


Post op day 6. Feeling a little under the weather today. No temp though. I'm also very emotional, it's like I just want to cry. Maybe the toll of all the physical changes, I don't know. I have got to say, even though surgery and recovery are as they should be, I was not prepared for the amount of pain I have experienced. I'm really tired of hurting and just tired in general. Can't wait to get back to my old self.

Feeling better

So it's post op day 8 and I'm starting to feel so much better. I work from home and was actually able to spend some time at the desk yesterday. Also did some laundry and a little tidying up around the house.

Yesterday, I also HAD to try on some of my old shirts. Wow, I know there is still a lot of swelling going on but some of them were amazingly filled out. We are going to Kauai in about 3 weeks and I will definitely need new bathing suits, the old ones don't cover much at all, oh darn!

I feel like they are still high though. I have been wearing my breast band and doing my massage. I have my second follow up this afternoon, so I'll see what the doc says.
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