Petite 5'2 115lbs, no kids, athletic - 450cc silicone under muscle high profile- LOVE THEM :)

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Since my surgery is so far away and I really...

Since my surgery is so far away and I really shouldn't be out shopping for boob stuff yet, I figured I could at least start my review here to kill time :)

I'm 35 with no kids and very much into strength training (not bodybuilding). My biggest fears about this surgery are 1) Not being active or able to work out and 2) Going too small and wishing I'd gone bigger. My first fear isn't really a valid fear, I know, but going to the gym and sweating is therapy for me and I'm scared of being bored haha I'll get over it and hopefully will have a fast recovery. I've been wondering though, is recovery harder for very fit women? Will it take longer for my boobs to drop & fluff because of built up muscle?

My 2nd fear, is valid and from what I've read from many reviews on this site, most ladies wish they'd gone bigger. The main consensus seems to be that CCs look different on each body frame and the CCs allowed is determined by your BWD. I am 5'2, fluctuate between 110-118lbs and have a short torso. I believe my BWD is 12.5 (I saw my Dr write it down during my consultation). My ribcage is barely 30 inches. I'm figuring I am going to have to go with either high profile or ultra high profile to achieve the projection I want along with the cleavage I want.

I chose Dr Gitt because he did my friend's BA a couple of years ago and her boobs just look so damn natural and amazing and bouncy and just beautiful! It boosted her self confidence immensely as she is tall and slim and wanted to look more feminine. She definitely looks feminine now (stunning actually)! My insecurity about my current boobs stem from my dislike of disproportions. I have a big booty. Thanks to both genetics and the gym. It's awesome, I love my booty. Yet, the fact that I'm damn near flat chested...ugh, something must be done to balance this asymmetry of mine. So those are the facts, I'm petite and curvy on bottom, I want big least 500ccs if my Dr says I can fit 'em :)

I have my pre-op on June 17th, almost 5 weeks away, so I won't be updating until closer to that time. In the meantime, I'll go back to stalking BA reviews and driving myself crazy with the wait.

Oh yea, my Dr is super mild mannered and really seems to know his stuff. I did my research on him and feel 110% confident in his ability to give me what I want ( . Y . )

I will be posting my "before" photos on my next update in mid June....

I really really hate my bras....a lot.

Has anyone else that is pre-op developed a deep hate for their bras? I already hated them before I decided to have a BA. But now I REALLY hate them.

Also, did any/everyone else receive any information in the mail from their PS's office after booking a surgery date? My consultation was about 3 weeks ago, and they told me I would be getting something. I will give them a call tomorrow. My surgery is 4 weeks from tomorrow and I don't want to NOT have all the information I'm supposed to have, that concerns do's and don'ts before surgery. I know that I plan on doing my bloodwork at their office on the day of my pre-op and surgery day (one of the ladies in the office told me it was $100-for both tests).

I took some "before" pics of my itty bitties the other day so I will try to remember to post them tomorrow. I've been staring at my boobs every day, trying to notice any asymmetry or difference in nipple size. My Dr didn't say anything when he measured me and I don't notice anything "off". But you guys can be the judge of that.

Also, I think tomorrow I'll take some "before" pics in the tops that I love but currently can't fill out. I did a MAJOR closet cleanup and got rid of about 8 garbage bags full of clothes I either never wear or won't be able to fit after my BA (I donated to Goodwill, next time I'll donate to a women's shelter). It's like a closet-purge. Kinda feels like a bunch of weight off my shoulder. I can breath when I walk into my closet now lol.And I REALLY CANT WAIT TO GET RID OF MY STUPID BRAS haha Anyhow, updates coming soon.

My care information and consent forms came in the mail 5 days ago.....

My pre-op visit is on June 17th, this coming up Wednesday. So I guess they make sure patients have this information packet one week prior to pre-op visits. I feel pretty good after reading through it all; knowing that I'm a very good candidate for surgery, especially breast surgery. I'm not really nervous? Just anxious and excited. I'm pretty active and travel a lot so my biggest worry is recovery time.

Speaking of which, I just read another post that someone is having a "24hr recovery breast surgery". This is something that my Dr mentioned during my consultation but I didn't really think he meant 100% recovery in 24hrs lol. He probably means that I can be active much sooner than I think. Which is great! That's what I want to hear but I'm realistic enough to know that everyone's body reacts differently to the trauma that we endure during surgery. So I'm being realistically optimistic about this entire thing. I expect pain, discomfort, and general limitations.......and amazing boobies :)

I am absolutely obsessed with my impending boob transformation. I'm pretty sure a whole bunch of ladies have thought I was lesbian by the way I've been staring at boobs lately. I have gotten rid of so many tops that I know won't fit anymore and have really tried to avoid shopping for tops. I'm 9 days pre-op and I haven't purchased one single item for my surgery! I've literally been too busy but plan on getting it all done by the end of this week. It's just so freakin' hot and just thinking about shopping makes me want to cry.....ugh. I'll get it done though!

Just to give a re-cap. My stats: 5'2, 115lbs, very athletic, currently 32B, no kids. I want to go as big as I possibly can on my frame without looking like a latina Pamela Anderson. I have a big booty so I need my new boobs to balance me out. My waist is 25 inches, so I am very excited to see some crazy curves (hips are 38 inches but I'm not wide at all, I just do a shit load of squats so I have a bubble back there) I am thinking 500-550ccs, 600ccs if my Dr says I can, more than likely I will get Ultra High Profile implants because I'm petite, my ribcage is 29 inches and my BWD is 12.5.

My fiancee is just as excited as I am, if that's possible. Every single day he says, "I'm trying to picture you with big titties". He's been very supportive. It doesn't hurt that he's slightly metrosexual, so we go shopping together and he helps me pick out clothes and vice's actually very fun. I'm a lucky girl. I can envision some of my exes being mean about this procedure and that might have had something to do with why I waited so long to do this.

Anyhow, next update will be after my pre-op visit in 2 days.......I'll have much more to report plus I'll be uploading my before pics :/

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Titty dust to all of you!

Pre op visit went well! 5 days 'til surgery :)

Alrighty, here are my pre-op pics as promised. I feel like this makes it all official somehow. Nevermind that I paid for this procedure almost 2 months ago haha.

Update: My pre op visit was this past Wednesday (June 17th) and I met with Andrea (who is such a sweetheart by the way!). She explained some more pre-care stuff and then we got some different sized implants and I tried them on inside of a surgical type bra and then wore a tight t-shirt over it.

Ok, so as mentioned in my previous update...I want to go as big as I can. But I will not be able to stuff anything bigger than the 450cc high profile (Natrelle) implants due to my BWD, which is 12, not 12.5 like I initially thought. At first I was a little disappointed until I tried on the 450cc implant. They look really big on me! Not stupid big but sexy big, if you know what I mean? Big enough for me, let's just say that. I was so excited that I forgot to take pics! I think my visit was pretty short....I didn't have that many questions and I didn't obsess over implants. I just said, "How big can I go?" and Andrea said, "450ccs". So, that's what I'm going with :)

I was instructed to purchase 2 front closure sports bras and bring them with me to my surgery. I will be wearing sports bras for a month. No strap. My stitches will be dissolvable. My first post-op visit is 6 days after surgery (June 30th).

There's a social event that my boyfriend wants to go to (in another state) 2 days after my BA. We would be flying and renting a car. I wonder if I'll be up to that? I'm a pretty tough cookie but I've never had surgery, like ever, before. Who knows how I'll feel afterwards? I ordered some really cute outfits online just in case lol Ever since I scheduled this surgery on May 5th, I've been doing some closet purging. So I'm pretty much starting over with my wardrobe in honor of my new boobs, with the exception of a few items, such as the ones in the pics I posted. Gotta have before & after pics, right?

I did my lab testing at Theranos at Walgreens, 3 different tests all under 20 bucks. I was happily surprised when Andrea told me this at my pre-op visit because I was totally expecting to pay 100 bucks to have the labs done there on site (super easy process-takes 5 mins). She also gave me my scripts for pain pills, nausea, and some ointment to put in my nostrils. I dropped the scripts off yesterday morning, same time I did my lab testing at Walgreens. However, when I went back in the afternoon there was an issue with my pain killer script. It was missing. Vanished. Someone scanned it in to the system but then tore it off the page (I had 3 scripts all on one sheet). So after waiting 15 mins while they looked, and looked, and looked, I told them I will just come back another time. Geez. I didn't even try to pick up my scripts today because I feel like they needed some time to get it together. Like, possible try to figure out why my pain killer script is msyteriously missing. HOPEFULLY, all will be alright when I go to pick it up tomorrow. Good thing I'm not in a rush or in pain! ha!

So, to recap, here are my stats

I'm 5'2 115lbs, currently 32B, BWD 12, ribcage 29 inches
Getting Natrelle Silicone Gel 450cc high profile- hoping to be at least DD (DDD at VS)
Surgery is June 24th :) :) :)

Good luck to anyone having their BA soon and happy recovery to everyone who has already had theirs! 5 days to go! EEEKKKKKKkkk!!!!


Ok so this is why I am not telling my parents about this surgery! They obsess over my health so I try not to add any stress to their load by telling them every little problem I have health-wise. I'm actually very healthy but I have hypoglycemic issues. Ever since I was a kid, if I didn't have enough sugar in my blood I would go into really bad shock (hypotension). My blood sugar is affected by my diet and eating habits, and stress (adrenaline/cortisol). I was texting my mom last night, telling her about my dentist appointment the other day, and how I did not like the laughing gas because it sent me into shock (blood pressure dropped) but my eupohoric mind was accepting of this. I was like, "I'm dying and that's cool...bye everyone!". But then I came to my senses and took the laughing gas mask off and asked my dentist for some sugar asap. My heart was beating so so fast. So then of course my mom is like "you need to always tell Drs about your low blood sugar before a procedure! You can die!". Err. Not what I wanna hear just days before a major surgery, an elective one at that.

My dentist appointment was two days ago and I'm just now feeling back to normal, my heart that is. If something as small as laughing gas can make me ill, what is GA going to do to me? I don't take anything for my condition. I just have to watch my diet and listen to what my body is telling me. So I didn't mention this at my pre-op. It's just something I've always dealt with, it's the norm for me. And now that my mom has me worried, I googled hypotension after surgery. Apparently it's not an uncommon side effect of surgery even for people who are 100% healthy. I feel like I am guaranteed to be VERY SICK after surgery. Like for a week probably. And normally, I could deal with nausea but not when it is accompanied with heart pain/weakness. It literally feels like you're dying and I dread that feeling more than anything. Anyone with diabetes knows exactly what that shit feels like. And to make matters worse, pain killers send me into hypotension as well. Maybe I'm not so healthy after all :(

Has anyone else had heart/blood sugar/blood pressure issues with their surgeries due to hypoglycemia or adrenaline rushes? I'm going to call my PS office on Monday morning to advise them of my situation. They're professionals and they know how to handle these types of things, but that doesn't make it any less scary for me. Geez! For the love of boobs! haha It's like I would literally die for some big boobs...that's funny to me!

Ok vent over....I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

My BA is in 2 days! Well....closer to 36 hours actually lol

I got my confirmation call from my PS office today (voicemail). I'm guessing this means they got my bloodwork back and I'm good to go? I still haven't had ONE boob dream, which is weird because almost everything else I obsess over seeps into my dreams.

I finally picked up my prescriptions this morning. I had to. One of the scripts is for an ointment that I have to line my nostrils with, starting 2 days before surgery. The other two scripts are for Narco and some nausea tablets. Without insurance it all cost me $65 (Walgreens). I wanted to kiss the pharmacist for giving me some kind of reduced rate. He saved me $110 :) Bra money!!

Ok, so I have pretty much everything I need except ice packs, gauze, arnica, and one more front closure sports bra. They're not easy to find in anything less than a 36 band. I'd be happy to find a 34. SO I'm settling for size Medium and Large. Hope one of them fits! I still need to buy my snacks and some novels. I'm not one of those people who can just sit down and not do anything and be ok with it mentally. I need mental stimulation or I go crazy with boredom. Seriously I will cry. AND I can't work out for at least a few weeks? OMG pray for me

I'm more excited than nervous. And very happy that my day is finally arriving. Like so many of you on here, I have been wanting this for a very long time. If it wasn't for this site, and so many of you sharing your stories, I'm not sure I'd be as calm as I am right now. So....thank you to all of you who have described your journey in detail; it has been enormously helpful to me!

Just got a call from my anesthesiologist at my PS office...

His name is George and he briefly explained how tomorrow morning is going to go down. I explained my low blood sugar so he's prepared for all that craziness lol

I finished buying a few more items but plan on one last stop at the mall later, for my sweatsuit I want to wear tomorrow. I don't own a zip up hoodie anymore; I got rid of so much stuff. Oh, and it felt so great getting rid of ALL of my 32B bras today. I felt like I should have been playing a special farewell song or Dueces by Chris Brown hahahaha

Took a better body pic this morning to show my proportions better. I can't believe that this time tomorrow I will finally have the top to match the bottom :) I tried explaining this to my boyfriend. I told him it's like having a brand new car..every day. Not sure if that was the best analogy but he got my point.

Take care ladies :)

Today's the day!

It's 8am in Phx and my surgery is at 1030am....I'll be checking in at 930am. My PS office is only 15 mins away from my house. My boyfriend was giving me high 5s and hugs this morning when I woke up saying "Its boob day yayyyy!!!". Too funny.

Anyway, I'm starving! I usually drink a bottled water and eat a banana first thing in the morning. I work out a lot and have found that eating a banana or two a day gives me the natural sugar I need to keep my blood sugar normal and it also gives me the potassium I need to prevent my muscles from cramping up. But I'm following Dr's orders and not consuming a thing....just hope I don't faint before my surgery lol

I set up my comfort zone, complete with 6 pillows, phone, tablets and laptop chargers, new books, remote controls etc. I'm hoping I'm not bedridden for days on end but in the event that I am, I am prepared :)

I am switching my diet back to a high veggie, low carb, moderate protein diet. Because I won't be burning as many calories during recovery I really don't want to gain fat. I've never focused on my actual weight...more so on my BMI since most of my weight is muscle. I've learned the best way to achieve any physical goal, I simply just dont buy products that are bad for me. If it's not in my house, it can't harm me. So, lots of greens and poultry for me these next few weeks. And water of course. This will be a great time to balance out my system and my skin....a cleanse if you want to call it that.

Eek! Just looked at the time! My BF will be leaving his office to come get me in 15 mins. Gotta get this honey off my face and get dressed. See you ladies on the other side :)

Just got home from surgery about 20 mins ago...

And I feel pretty good!

I arrived a tad early but I only had to wait about 20 mins before the nurse (Dana I think?) took me to the back area and gave me my own little room to change into my gown and socks. They hooked this heating ventilator tube to my gown to keep me warm; thought that was cool. She inserted the IV needle at this time too. After that, I had a pleasant wait of about 30 mins. I read two magazines so I wasn't bored or getting impatient. Another nurse came in and asked me if it was ok if some students sat in on my surgery for observation, to which I consented.

Then Dr Gitt came in, in a cheerful mood, which made me happy for some reason. He actually remembered me from my consultation because he commented on my runner's physique (I have track runner legs) and he said that my breasts were already pretty, but he was going to make them even prettier :) What a sweetheart! He took a few "before" pics of me on his tablet and then he marked me up. He did note that my left breast is slightly bigger than my right but not enough to warrant two different sized implants. I'm ok with the slight asymmetry; I'm not one of those people who needs things to be perfect. I even got my crowns done a bit imperfectly, to get a more natural look. My dentist probably (definitely) thinks I'm weird but I think flaws add character. I was more concerned about my nipples pointing in different directions but from what I've seen so far, they are pointing the same way. And now, looking at my "after" pics, I actually don't see any asymmetry at all but I'm sure once the swelling subsides I'll be able to tell better.

Ok so after he marks me up, another nurse came in to have me sign one last consent form and then George the anesthesiologist came in. He explained everything one more time briefly and then I was walked to the operating room. I'd met all the nurses present except one.....a funny guy who assured me "I'm a nurse and I slept at the Holiday Inn Express last night". All the while, George was explaining what he was putting into my IV, and then he placed the breathing mask over my face and had me take deep breaths. I took maybe 6 deep breaths and I was out.

Next thing I know I wake up in the recovery room and Dana (I hope I'm remember her name right!) was right there making sure I was ok. I was completely coherent and not really in any pain. But I'm sure that's because they had already given me pain meds in my IV. I was/am just sore around the incision area, especially my right boob. I can move my arms pretty well. I can lift them over my head just fine. It's reaching down that is a bit difficult, but only on my right side. My left side is great; I have full painless motion. So I'm guessing righty is gonna be the complicated boob! If I HAD to rate the pain/discomfort on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the worst. I'd have to say I'm at 1. I was expecting worse but hoping for less and I'm very pleased with my condition right now. However, I know very well that that can and will probably change over the next couple of days. I just wasn't expecting to feel this good immediately after.

After waking up in recovery, I waited maybe 10, 15 mins until my boyfriend walked in, ready to take me home. The nurse explained the rules to him (no heavy lifting, no shower for 48hrs, etc). And then she wheeled me out to where he pulled the car up, and that was it :)

As soon as I got home I peed. Ate half a banana and took my meds. I set my phone alarm to alert me of my next dose. Now, I'm just relaxing in bed, not sure whether to stay awake or not. My sweet yorkie had 3 puppies Monday morning (which was a total surprise; didn't even know she was preggo) so I have to get up and check on her from time to time. I feel great walking around! No, I don't feel like jumping in my car and doing normal stuff, but I feel pretty darn good so far :)

Ok, about the boobs!!!! I got the 450cc Natrelle Silicone high profile implants, with the incision in the under boob crease. I can feel the air bubbles when I move my arms, or at least that's what I think it is. I'm happy that they don't look boxy or lodged near my collarbone. They look a little round on top already, to me. Unless I'm tripping! But I swear I can see some shape already! I was instructed to keep the sports bra on as much as possible. I'm not wearing a band and I hope I never have to. Keep hearing those bands suck!

All in all, I am very, very happy with my experience today. Not a walk in the park, but much easier than I anticipated. I never once doubted my choice in my Dr...his professionalism and amazing bed side manners are impeccable. He makes you feel like you've known eachother for years. His staff.....ALL of them sweethearts and so informative. I literally had zero questions...I felt boring lol

Time to get some ice packs on these babies. Oh yea, forgot to mention. I began taking Arnica yesterday morning, 5 pellets 3x a day. I have Arnica gel too but I don't plan on applying any until after my shower, in 2 days. The sports bra I'm wearing is a Large I think.....and it fits perfectly right now.

Ladies, I've gotta's amazing having boobs. Still not really believing it just yet lol


I almost never get heartburn. It's not bad but thought I'd share this side effect. Is this pretty common?

Here is my first before and after pic collage :)

Hello beautiful ladies! I woke up feeling fairly normal this morning, even though I got up twice during the night to take my meds. I'm charting everything so I don't fall behind and regret it. My pain level is still at a 1. The only time the pain gets worse is if I move my right arm too much, or strain it. The right ribcage is so sensitive, as if I just did some serious side ab exercises yesterday.

Speaking of work outs: For those of you who haven't had their surgery yet......start doing some extra squats or wall sits (remember those from gym class? hated them!) . You will NEED your legs to get up and down. Up your ab workout as well.....if your core is strong it will be much easier for you to get around and keep you balanced. I purposely stopped all direct chest workouts several weeks prior to my surgery, so that my pecs would not be too muscular, to the point that the Dr has difficulty placing the implants.

No BM for me yet but I don't feel like there's anything in me to give lol. I ate very little yesterday, only when it was time to take meds. I'm not bloated at all and haven't felt nauseous once. I have been drinking a lot of water. My pee should be almost clear but it's not; it's almost orange. I'm guessing that's from the anesthesia and/or drugs?

I slept at a 45 degree angle last night (5 pillows propped around me) on my back. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since I was still able to twist my hips and neck right or left, to help alleviate the pressure on my back.

Squeaky boobs! You know that sound certain tennis shoes make if they get wet and you walk in them? It's like a cross between a fart and a wet shoe squeak haha My left one does it more but that's probably because I'm moving my arm much more than my right side.

What I love best about my boobs so far is having upper slope volume, something I've never had. I'm really happy I finally did this. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about getting a BA; JUST DO IT! And select a plastic surgeon with whom you feel 100% comfortable with. You will LOVE your new body! I promise :)

End of Day 1 Post Op update - no pain, just tender and tight

Hey chicas! Today was my first full day having boobs, waking up to them. It was magical lol Maybe that's too strong a word. Euphoric is better. I know this sounds way corny but...I feel complete :) My boyfriend isn't a boob guy and although he's been extremely supportive, he never quite understood what I meant when I said I felt unbalanced, not proportional. He thought I was sexy before. But today he told me he finally "gets it" and agrees that I'm much more proportioned now (boobs match the booty yayyy)

My boyfriend and I ran some errands after he got off work around 5pm. I pretty much slept all day until he picked me up. My appetite is pretty much non-existent right now. I only have something to eat when I'm taking my meds. Still haven't gone #2? Anyway I felt pretty good running around town earlier.....I didn't lift or pull or push anything heavier than 3lbs. I forgot to bring my meds with me so I started to really feel the tightness around my ribcage, and all the way down to my lower abs. I took my meds as soon as I got home, an hour ago, and I feel better already. I'm still waiting for some extreme pain to show up out of nowhere....*knock on wood* The incisions don't hurt but I can feel them, if that makes sense. If someone were to bear hug me right now though I would probably cry, because it's very tender in that area. I also haven't had one single headache. But I am slightly bloated now :/

A neck pillow is a must for sleeping upright. I thought I'd wake up with a neck crick but I was actually very comfortable and my neck and back felt normal all day. I miss working out! I plan on waiting until my first post op visit with my surgeon before I hit the treadmill. Even though I feel strong, I don't want to take any unnecessary risks. For now, I am just taking it super easy and not over exerting myself. A forced vacation :)

Goodnight ladies, I'll update my status tomorrow!

2 days post op - morning update

Good morning ladies! Today is my 2nd day waking up to boobs. I am much stiffer and sore than I was yesterday or day of surgery. My right side of ribcage is so so tender. I wouldn't classify it as pain but it's definitely not something I can ignore. And it feels squishy when I touch there, like air bubbles? I hope that's just normal swelling. Or is that bloating from anesthesia? Either way, hope it goes away soon. Feels funny.

Last night I vomited for the first time since surgery. I forgot to take my anti-nausea pill at 1am but remembered to take my pain killer at 3am. The pain killer came right back up eww I didn't even make it to the toilet on time. My yorkie was looking at me like "wtf is wrong with you" haha

I still can't believe I have boobs; it hasn't really hit me yet. I bought some cute t shirts yesterday so I'll take some pics in them probably today. I'm IN LOVE with the way clothes fit me now. Ok, meds are doing their thing, it's nap time!

Congrats to everyone who just got their new boobs and good luck to anyone getting theirs soon :)

Progress photos...

3 days post op.....incisions hurt sometimes

Whew! The tightness is no joke! I'm pretty sure my right boob was harder to put in than my left because it's so tender on that side, and definitely more swollen, especially on the side near armpit. I'm numb on both sides as well. I would rate this (incision) pain at a 5, not excessively painful, but painful enough to want to go sit down somewhere for awhile. To keep the pain at bay, I have been taking one pain pill and half a muscle relaxer every 3-4hrs. Ice packs help a lot for instant relief, as well as Arnica gel and pellets. Sleep is the best remedy, so far. I thought I would have a difficult time getting comfy sleeping on my back but it's been ok actually. The neck pillow makes a huge difference!

I've been having to use my feet, my hips, anything but my arms, to open and close doors lol. The slightest pull can make it feel like my implants are moving. And although I DO have full motion of both arms, I have been careful not to raise my arms above my shoulders or extend my arms too far. I can put my hair up in a loose bun, but that's about it. Brushing and combing hair does not seem like a good idea right now. Don't want an implant to end up in my armpit or something.

Went shopping again yesterday with my boyfriend for some new clothes and he was running around the store, bringing me different blouses and tight tshirts, saying, "Your boobs will look amazing in this!", or my favorite, "your boobs are too big for that shirt". Say whaatttt??? lol Too big? Do tell!! First time for everything, right? :)

Aside from the incision pain and numbness, I am very happy with my results so far. I just love, love, love being able to fill out a top. I love the attention from my boyfriend. I love the upper slope volume. I love being able to wear a tshirt and not look like a boy. I love being the chic with the biggest boobs in the room, for once in my life. I'm just being honest ;)

More pics coming soon! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

13 days post op...feeling great!

Hi ladies! Life got hectic and I haven't been able to update in a while. So, I have much to catch up on. Let's see, I think my last update was on 3 days post op. Ok. Days 4-6 were the WORST. My incisions were so painful and tight. I had only been taking Motrin Ibruprofen, and they didn't really do much to mask the sharp pain when shifting positions, stretching the skin under my boob crease. By day 7 I was pretty much either used to the pain or the pain was subsiding, because I was feeling much better. I didn't drive my car until day 5 and I was fine, just had to turn the wheel awkwardly, but I didn't wreck my car so that's good.

My 1st post op visit with my surgeon was on 6 days post op. He was very, very happy with my results so far and said he was really happy I chose the size I did (450ccs-started out as a 32B). I explained the incision pain and the numbness; he said all was normal. He gave me the green light to begin massaging. I probably massage them 10 times a day. In my car at the red light, in the bathroom at the diner, anywhere that I'm alone or think I'm alone lol I scheduled my next post op visit for 3 weeks later (July 21st).

Today is 13 days post op, and the past 6 days have been pretty mild, with the occasional sharp pain in my incision area, especially the right boob. My right boob is still the problem boob. I'm more numb on that side too. I flew to Cali for 4th of July and didn't do much lifting or carrying stuff, just lots and lots of walking. Around 8 days post op, they started to get slightly squishier and softer. Around 10 days post op is when they began to feel heavier, like they're dropping. I do feel like the massaging is helping immensely. Maybe because I massage them like, all day?

My nipples! SENSITIVE! Had to finally put bandaids on them today ( much better ! ). I've never had sensitive nipples so this is just torture for me. So yea, all you pre-op ladies, stock up on band-aids or pasties. I bought my silicone strips (2 month supply/8 sheets total) and bio oil today. Both on sale at CVS right now btw :) I'm not using the bio oil on my scars yet, just on my boobs to prevent stretch marks. I'll begin using the bio oil on my scars once I've used the silicone sheets for 2 months. The silicone sheets are washable, so you can take them off to shower and then put them back on (each sheet lasts 2 weeks).

I'm still sleeping on my back and I'm guessing I will be for a few more weeks. I don't know if the pain I feel when I find myself sleeping in a bad position is "morning boob" or what. But I don't like it, so I'll be on my back for a while *sigh*. I really miss sleeping on my stomach. I didn't realize I used to stretch so much in my sleep. Now I just feel stiff ugh. Baby steps!

Ok. I'm gonna get personal now. This bloating and constipation shit is for the birds! I didn't have my first BM (if you want to call it that) until 7 days post op :/ And there was no way I was going on my mini vacay all bloated and uncomfortable so....I resorted to Plan Enema :) Ladies!! Have no fear of this minor and cost effective at-home treatment. It is fast and it works! Thank me later!!!! My trip was amazing and I felt light and energetic. I drank lots of water and ate lots of fruit (helps flush the system). Seriously, my only regret is I didn't do an enema sooner, like 2 days post op.

I haven't really been obsessing much with the way they look as I do with the way they feel because I know they're healing and won't look like this in one month, or two, or three. They most noticable difference thus far is how round they are becoming and I can swear they're getting bigger. They seem to be the same size and dropping at an equal rate. Otherwise, aside from dealing with the healing process, I have just been enjoying them. I've done a lot of shopping for my new real bras, though. Just sports bras. I'll take some pics soon with my new stuff soon. Hopefully, I'll have time to do that today so I can update this review with photos of my progress.

To all the ladies who replied to my review, thank you for your comments! To any ladies that are pre-op....I highly suggest taking an entire week off at minimum, after surgery. You will not only need it, you will want it.

4 days post op photos - swollen and tight

7 days post op photos

13 days post op photos

Progess Pics :) I think they got bigger?

Lots of changes in just 2 weeks! I'm so happy I finally went through with this surgery.

My Dr is a sweetheart :)

He called me personally yesterday after returning from vacation to see how I was doing. I let him know that I went to the gym for the first time yesterday and he said that is fine, no chest workouts allowed and if it hurts, stop. I did only lower body and cardio anyway. I will start doing 5lb arm workouts today, probably only biceps and triceps, since almost everything else requires my pecs. I don't have pain when I use my arms or chest, I just feel the implant move (shift up) when I raise my arms too high. Feels weird and I'd rather not feel that. I never had boob dreams but I do have constant daydreams (or is daymares?) about one of my implants moving up and never coming back down.

I absolutely loved being back in the gym. I didn't want to leave! I did cardio three seperate times! I could tell some of the regular guys who work out there noticed SOMETHING different about me but couldn't put their finger on it, even though their eyes kept straying to my boobs haha. Funny. Guys strut and preen more when you have boobs! Like, the hot-guy-who-looks-like-a-professional-baseball-player who didn't give me a second glance 3 weeks ago, is now puffing his chest out and following me to the water fountain. Me thinks he's a boob guy? I already had booty so a simple process of elimination tells me that a very high percentage of men are boob guys. Even the guys who say they aren't, their eyes are automatically drawn to boobs, whether they like 'em or not. I feel like I should write a book on this or something. "The Power of Boobs". That's what I'll call it :)

Oh, and I weighed myself again. I am 2 lbs lighter than I was pre-op. So I lost 7lbs or so? This surgery made me leaner because I had no appetite for...well I actually still don't have one yet. But I don't eat meals- I'm a protein n veggie/fruit snacker. I drink water all day/night. So skipping a few snacks can really set me back but in this case, it set me forward.

I made the mistake of wearing a too-small sports bra last night and yea...never again. I woke up with major morning boob plus pain in my right boob incision/scar. OUCH. WTF was I thinking? Otherwise, I am doing great. The boobs are getting softer each day and have a little bounce to them now (just a little). I'm getting used to having them although crossing my arms is a challenge. I'm still a little numb and swollen on my right side, under my armpit. My Dr said he put a couple extra stitches on my right boob, so that is why it has been giving me more grief than the left boob. I don't know if there is a special stitch-up technique that different surgeons use but mine feel like my tummy muscles have been tightened vertically. I know that there is going to be tightness until the incisions fully heal and the skin relaxes BUT I feel like this is a permanent change to my tummy's anatomy. It's like I got a tummy lift that I didn't need but I'm happy I got? I'm not complaining at all; I like how it looks. I just don't know if it's common. I have seen similar changes in other womens' reviews and before & after pics and I've noticed it's only prevalent in those who've gotten HP or UHP. I believe the projection of the implants requires more stitches and subsequently tightens the abs vertically. Just an observation.

Hey I just realized it's Friday! Happy Friday to all of you beautiful ladies! You all are amazing for sharing your stories and being so kind :) Especially those of you who are 6months to a year post op.....I really appreciate you continuing to update us on your progress. It's SOOOO helpful! Have a fabulous weekend girls!

3 weeks post op

Hello ladies! I am 3 weeks post op today and I'm feeling better and better every day. My main complaint was my incision site, especially the right boob. That pain has gone away and now they're just tender. I've been using the Scar Away silicone sheets for about a week now and I have to say they work. My scars were hideous before I started using them, they scared me! Seriously, I almost passed out looking at one scar so I stopped looking! They were raised, hard, red, and not in a straight line before; now they're flatter, faded to a light pink, softer and resemble straight lines now. Thank God. I thought I'd been butchered. I mentioned in a previous update that my Dr said he put extra stitches in my breasts to add more support to my implants. I went the biggest I could possibly go (450ccs), so I guess it makes sense that I'd need extra stitches to support these bad bitches ;) BUT DAMN those extra stitches have been such a huge pain in the butt compared to everything else. I'm just happy to see they're healing normally.

Massaging: I massage at least 5 times a day for 3 minutes, usually more. Even though they seem to be dropping at a decent rate, I still have a lot of upper pole going on. I'm pretty sure all the swelling is completely gone with the exception of a small area on my side rib area on the right side. I was actually completely numb on my right side up until a few days ago. It's still very tender there too. Like I got jumped or something.

Gym: My Dr has been one of the laid back Drs, with minimal rules. He approved me for cardio and lower body weight resistant training at 2 weeks post op. I've been to the gym at least 5 times and have been pretty good about not over doing anything. I haven't touched my upper body aside from bicep/tricep curls. My pec muscles are very very sore. Not painful. Just tender as hell. I honestly don't believe I'll be ready for more upper body workouts for another 2-3 weeks at least. In the meantime, my lower body will be on point lol Ironically, my arms and abs appear slimmer despite the lack of exercise simply because my skin is stretched so tight. No lie, I can feel the tightness all the way to my wrists. I have to apply my moisturizer in an upward motion on my tummy or else I pull the skin away from the incisions and the tightness is overwhelming..... it's like I'm learning to be left handed or something. Awkward af! But anyway, I'm happy to be in the gym but I'll be happier once I can do my upper body some justice.

Size/shape: I'm happy with the size. I wanted big and that's what I got. As of now, I am a Large in sports bras but I get Medium because I get zero support with Large 'cause of the loose band. I'm not in any rush to buy real bras or get sized. I swear VS has a silicone magnet device! Everytime I walk by a VS, I get this overwhelming urge to go inside! So far I've resisted their force field and avoided premature economic stimulation. I've already wasted so much $$ on sports bras that don't fit right...I'm not about to start wasting money on the big league bras. Besides, I love sports bras. Plus I'm one of those ladies who wants to go braless once I've healed completely. Pasties are what I'll be spending my money on lol BUT if I had to guess my bra size right now, I'd say 32D/32DD...somewhere in between? The swelling is 95% gone so I'm starting to see more and more shape (roundness). I love love love when I lift my arms and I see the round side boob attached to arm pit! That's so sexy to me!

Side boob: The side boob deserves its own paragraph for sure. Crossing my arms? A thing of the past. I'll have to find another way to appear impatient lol Oh side boob how I love you....don't ever leave me! Seriously though, does the side boob go away after D&F? Or does the side boob just get softer? The side boob LOOKS great but feels uncomfortable :(

Clothes: I have been wearing nothing but tight tank tops and very short shirts. And pants of course. But loose tops I've been avoiding because I look top heavy from the front (no likey!). Once they D&F I will wear looser tops. Right now they look HUGE in clothes, shit, just huge all the time. I just measure my bust....37 inches. My waist is 26. Hips 36 inches. I look ridiculous in loose shirts. I look like spongebob squarepants.

Attention: Ok so I know I'm not the only one who has had a hard time adjusting to the attention these boobs bring. It's conflicting to get good vibes from guys and bad vibes from women. Not all, but most. I'm not a judgemental person at all and I get along with pretty much anybody. I'm friendly ! I get out a lot, travel a lot, I'm around people all the time and up until this surgery I have been content with not being in the spotlight and enjoyed people-watching. NOW, I am in the spotlight and can't get away with people-watching anymore. Because they're watching me :( :( Now I have to get my visual rocks off peripherally.....Aside from the hateful stares from some women, and the overly excited men I DO love having my new boobs. I just have to adjust to owning them. I may be vain but I am kind and I hate being mistreated. I also don't like being the reason for another woman's discomfort (if she's small chested and her man is staring at my chest). This is not what I signed up for but it comes with the territory. Baby steps :/

Emotionally: I have been happy. Just happy. Nicer too? Not that I was mean before but I was definitely more uptight pre-op than I am now. Now I'm just like whatever...I have boobs! I don't feel the need to explain myself as much? Am I making any sense to anyone? My boobs have made me so laid back, I feel like a cat! Meowww lol

Sleeping: I am finally able to sleep on my side comfortably, I hug a pillow to my chest though....I just feel compelled to hold them in for some reason. It's a huge relief not being limited to sleeping on my back. HUGE. Now if I can only eventually sleep on my stomach again I would be so happy.

Energy/Pain: Pain is minimal. I haven't taken ANY kinds of meds since week 1. I just have tenderness now and it's completely tolerable. My energy level is high which is great since I'm back in the gym and burning calories. My nipples are still very sensitive but I'm used to it now.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my recovery so far. Mainly because there have been no complications. Everything I've been dealing with has been normal. I am a bit impatient for the D&F to run its course but the past 3 weeks went by really fast, hopefully the next few weeks do as well. They change everyday. Every morning I notice something different, especially how soft and round they're getting. I'm hoping to get some more cleavage once my skin relaxes on my sternum area. Sorry for the lenghty update but I'm only updating once a week and so much changes in one week!

I do have new pics but I gotta get my ass off this laptop....I'll post them soon! Have a great week ladies!

2 1/2 weeks post op pics

More 2 1/2 week post op pics :)

3 weeks post op pics :)

Breast itch OMG

I'm guessing the itching comes from the skin being stretched. I've been using BioOil daily now to prevent stretch marks. It's the kind of itch where once you acknowledge it, it sticks around for a while to torment you. Instead of scratching I kinda lightly slap them. Sounds crazy but anyone who has had weave or extensions before knows this slapping method truly works lol So now I'm not only massaging my boobs, I'm slapping them too. Geez. Oh and then my bf is like "can you lick your own nipples?" WTF lmao First off, I haven't even thought about it, you perv haha. Second, ask me again in about 6-12 weeks, when my boobs can actually move, ok? BYE!

North Valley Plastic Surgery is my new go-to place for anything beauty related! I am so impressed with the easy going nature of everyone employed there; everyone was absolutely wonderful. I never once felt uncomfortable or confused under their care. I feel exceptionally well informed about my after care instructions and expectations. And of course, about Dr Gitt himself. He is everything I feel a plastic surgeon should be: caring, kind, soft-spoken yet confident, and very experienced. He made me feel great about myself and my decision do have this surgery. He's like a big teddy bear and I just wanna give him a big hug! I'll have to wait until my boobs are huggable though :) Dr Gitt, thank you for giving me what I wanted and more.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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