24yo/ 150lbs/ 5'7"/ BA 450cc Under 36B/ Periareolar Lift/ Lipo on Side Boob Fat. Phoenix, AZ

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I want to post my specs and info to help women...

I want to post my specs and info to help women visualize what my journey was like with my BA and hopefully this will answer some questions! I am not a doctor.. I am a patient and I will be undergoing a BA/ Areolar Lift on my left breast and light Lipo on each side of my armpits or "side boob".

I am 24 Years Old, 150Lbs and stand at 5'7" tall.
Implant Size: 450cc
Before Breast Size: 36B
After Breast Size: ??? (projecting a Full 36DD-small 36DD)
Implant type: Mentor Memory Gel, Round, Moderate Plus
Implant Incision: "Underneath breast" Inframammary Fold?
Implant location: Sub Muscular

They will be rising my left nipple, lifting my breast 2cm.
And I have opted for light Lipo on that pesky "boob fat" next to your armpit. Yes, ladies you can have this done with your BA!!!!

I have a wide chest frame, so I chose Moderate Plus so that the base is a little wider on my frame and look more natural! I wanted to go a little larger because I know I will fall into the Boob Greed category after surgery. My surgeon said I may lose about 10cc on each breast, due to them going Sub Muscular. So I will be truer to 435-440cc! This still fits my frame without being "TOO BIG".

Ask me anything you like for my opinion! I will Post AFTER PHOTOS once I undergo Surgery next week!!!!!

Good Luck to all of you out there making this decision! I am super excited!

What size/ type of sports bra will I need post op!?!

I am starting at 36B... and I have never worn a sports bra in my life! So I don't even know what size I would be now! I am getting 450cc in both breasts and my Doctor says I will be between a 36D to 36DD. Should I plan on buying bigger to accommodate for the possible DD size? I just want to make sure I have enough support and am comfortable! HALP!

Thanks all!

TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!!!!!! I'm ready for my new boobs!!!

NERVES ARE WRECKED! BUT... sooooooooooo Excited. I have been googling non stop in search of women who started off with the same measurements and have the same type of implant. Let me tell you, it has been a CHORE. But that is why I make my review... to hopefully help someone with my measurements, see if the size I get will be too big or too small! I hope mine are perfect for what I want. I should be going from a 36B to a 36D or even Maybe 36DD with again the 450cc Silicone Memory Gel "Gummy Bear" Moderate Plus Implants!!!!! Cross those fingers!

Also, I posted some more BEFORE PHOTOS!!! To help you see my transformation clearer.

Feel free to ask any questions you have!! :)
Good luck to all of you women seeking the new you!!!

Some more 1 Day PRE-OP Before pictures

Looking like a little girl with my 36B chest! But here are some more photos of my body shape and size. I am usually a medium-large in shirts already, due to my shoulders being so wide and my wide rib cage. I am also a size 8 in pants. The pants i am wearing are, nine west and fit pretty well to form. Idk why I think this might be useful but when you see the after product... You will be able to decide for yourself if they fit to my body type!!! So sorry about all of them being sideways! I don't know how to change that on my phone! Gahhh! Boobie wishes!

Boobs are finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I got out of the Surgicenter around 2:15. Like everyone says... Tons of pressure!! I even got the numbing agent to help with pain and i can still feel pressure! Made my back tense up and that has been the worst part so far. Thank goodness for muscle relaxers!! And I'm at home.. Staring at my new girls and i am already obsessed!!!!!! Looking bigger than i thought they would post hour of surgery!! That is a good sign! Arm pits really ache do to lip and i can see some bruising starting to happen. I still can't believe i have my boobs though!!!!!! Omg they are finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post what i can with photos. Can't take anything off for two days so bare with me!

Post-Op day 2!

Still very sore and tight!!!!! Not as tired from anesthesia. More alert today even after i take pain killers. Going to stay sitting up because it's too hard to recline and sit back up. Bruising is still bad on "side boob fat" and aches most of the day. I have been icing off and on to help that. Breasts still look great so far! I took off pads under arms from lipo! I still haven't tried peeking under bra due to the left nipple having the incisions still on from periareola lift! Again, ignore lopsided bra!! Not too bloated either! Woohoo! Doing great though!

Post Op- Day 3

Sooooo sore!!!!!!! I can start to feel some itching from my left nipple where the periareola lift was and where my incisions are under my breasts. I feel like my bruising and swollen-ness on my armpits from lipo, is making things a lot worse for me. In the sense that i am so limited to little things still. But still very happy! Breasts seem to be healing okay. Not a lot of dropping obviously! And super square still.

Post Op - Day 4 - 1st Post Op Dr. Appt.

This update is for yesterday's date. I took pictures but did not post anything. Sorry! But not too much to discuss anyway. A lot of pain still, probably due to me tensing up and not really relaxing and have people open doors for me, etc. I felt some-what itchy all around. Which is a good sign of healing. Lots of muscle spasms, which is also good! I also had my first Post Op appt. with my Surgeon! Went great! He says everything looks great, no infection on any of my incisions. He suggested I start to do light "piano like" massages on tops of breasts and to start lifting my arms lightly to regain some movements. He also gave me my elastic band to help start pushing implants downward! YAY! Only downside is that it hurts my very tender/ bruised/ swollen armpits. I slept most of this day because I wanted to take some more muscle relaxers to help that tension as well. The pictures are from before my doctors appt. I wlll post a POST OP - DAY 6 Next.... so you will be able to see some improvement with the band on since I did not wear it very much yesterday through to this morning. Don't be shy to ask any questions!!!

Feeling discouraged and gross!

So today is day six! (Sorry if i am confusing you with my post yesterday for day 4... I was making up for Monday) Like i said.. I feel discouraged and gross. Discouraged because i am super impatient and my breasts aren't dropping a single bit.. And still very hard. I wish my muscle will release them already!!! Any tricks you ladies know of to help?? I obviously don't want to do anything drastic but when would be the ideal timing for moderate plus silicone gel take to drop?? And I'm feeling gross. Sick to my stomach and dizzy and not really adapting well coming off the meds. Or maybe the muscle relaxers are making me feel this gross?! I don't know? Also, i am trying to wear my chest band as much as possible but as you will see... My armpits are still veryyyy tender and swollen and bruised. So i have been taking it off sporadically. Oh and I'm SUPER BLOATED. All normal I know... Any pointers or advice? When should I start seeing "better" results?

Post Op - Day 7 (1 week down!)

Feeling much better today, in all aspects of boobs and body and image! Had a freak out session yesterday, probably due to me being alone all week with my bf out of town and him jot smacking the sense back into me. Breasts feeling better for most of the day. Still having a hard time breathing without taking semi large inhales. (Still tight in the chest) Nipple stitches, arm pit stitches and stitches under breasts still semi numb. No discomfort there. And i have been off and on with band on chest. Seeing little improvements! On a good sleep regiment with muscle relaxers to help me sleep easier. And using mainly acetaminophen for pain most of the day... Because i have been back at work since Tuesday. First day I haven't been completely groggy from scripts! Started a fruit and veggie diet since last night so i dont pack on extra weight with the lack of exercise. And hopefully i can get a head start on losing some extra weight.. Wanting to be more lean!!! Ask any questions you like, I'll hopefully be imformative for ya! Xx!

Post op - Day 10!

I can breathe normally!! Not so tense and not sore until i really over do my days! The stitches under breasts have been sore somewhat, but i blame that on over exerting myself this weekend and too much tugging and pulling! I need to remember I shouldn't do certain things but I am able to pretty much do most things .. Just slower I suppose. Just because i can doesn't mean i should! I'll send an update on or after this next Thursday coming up. That is my next post Op appt. good luck ladies!

Post op- day 18 "holy sensitive nipples!" 2 1/2 weeks

Sorry about the late update ladies! I had my 2 week post op appt last Thursday! Everything went great. The medical assistant took off all of my post surgery steri-strips on both my left nipple and under each breast. Healing looks great, says my surgeon. They placed new steri-strips on all incisions.
On another note, the only "issue" i thought i had, were these two lumps in my armpits. He said it was normal to occasionally form lumps post lipo. I forgot what they are called! But it's normal ladies, but check with your doctor first to be sure of them if they start to form.
Okay so my breasts are still very high. They are seeming to be softer and sorter everyday. But on the biggest note... GOOSEBUMPS ARE THE DEVIL. So my nipples are super tender. Not so much the left(from periolar) because it is still numb. But outer areola is feeling tender as well. Everytime i get cold my nipples seem to ache so bad to the point where I can't touch them. Lol i think since my implants are slowly dropping, it is making my "old boobs" on the bottom seem super sensitive. Ha
Anyway... The girls are doing fab! Ill post the next time i feel like there is noticeable change! Good luck ladies!

1 Month post op!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!! This month has really been so crazy! Well the girls are still diung good! They are taking their sweet damn time dropping! I am doing lots of massaging when i can and wearing my strap for most of the day still. I am still taking muscle relaxers at night to help speed up the process. Only new change: steristrips were taken off last Thursday! So they have been off for a week and i am starting to use coco butter oil that has vitamin e on my whole breast and on both. I am noticing a little but of a breakout on my tatas from the oil im assuming but id rather those than scars and stretch marks.
Still worried i will only end up a C cup. Pray i am a big ol D!!!! Or DD!!! I see a revision in my future.
Side note to all of you who are contemplating your final CC size: When choosing a size... Look at the stats of people who are your size, weight and starting cup size and see what they used to base a part of your decision off of. I am totally having boob greed and i jnow if happens to everyone. And most of you out there will say "i want them to look natural"... Word of the wise, no you don't. At least that was my process. You might think you want to look natural and you're thinking bigger size equate to dolly parton! No. And that's why i have boob greed. The consult told me that 450cc would bring me to a full D low DD. Now... Looking at people my size with the same cc's brought them to a C. So it's irritating me that they assume like that. But again they have not dropped.. So idk the real size yet. But in the back of my head i think, " what if they told me not to go bigger because they bank on you having a revision" but i trust very few so this could be the crazy talking.

If you have questions that I didn't answer please type in reply to this post!

Good luck ladies!

Post op- day 70 week 10 month 2+(finally a D cup!!)

Hi ladies! Omgsh, these last couple months have been super crazy and sorry I haven't been around to answer questions or post my updates!
So i have reached my 2nd month!! And I have achieved a D cup! So i am at a 36D, today. I am almost to the point of "overflow"... So with not being at my end result yet... I have hope for a end cup size at 36DD. So whoever you are that insured me i will be at least a D Cup.. You were so RIGHT! I will say though, as a visual, right now i "look" like a C... In my mind ahha. But i am definitely NOT a C cup. I know because, I tried C cup bras on and unless your nipples are supposed to lay on top of the bra.. I do not fit them.
Only weird things that have accured from the last time i have posted.. I started breaking out on my breasts. (You can see some scarring in my photos :/)
My surgeon had me on muscle relaxers from date of surgery until about a week ago. Because up until 2 weeks ago, my breasts weren't dropping. I have also been wearing my strap..but now that my breasts are dropping much much more i have only been wearing it every once and awhile because I don't want them to drop TOOOO far!!!
Update on my "Periareola lift" on my left breast. The scarring around my areola is still healing properly. I will say since my breasts did stretch A LOT my areola stretched as well. Which is no good. It is actually measuring 4 cm larger than pre-op. And that is with my surgeon "snipping" off additional skin from areola off during surgery to help be symmetrical with right areola. So we may have to go back in the fall once i am fully healed and stretched and have him snip some more off.
I can't think of anymore updates but please comment or send a private message if you have any questions about any of the "work" i had done. (450cc gummy bear moderate plus silicone implants, Periareola lift on left breast, liposuction on armpit area on both right and left arm)

Well as of yesterday my bra size is ...

Drum roll please.... A 34DDD. ???? I'm in shock. I was measured and adjusted at Victoria Secret and that was the magic number. I started off as a "36B" so who knows if that was right. Maybe i was a 34c?? Idk but i am now a Triple D? What!? And i have yet to drop to my "true" size so only time will tell.


Hi all! It's been awhile. But i am still in cloud 9 about my BA! As you can see i ended up with my left areola stretched due to the stretching of the entire boob with implant while i was healing from the periareolar lift. My doctor DR. Guerra noticed the same thing and has promised to fix this error with no charge (thank the lord) because as you can see in other photos, my left areola was not that big. Here nor there, i will send another set of updated pics when i have the second surgery preformed to make my left areola the same size as the right.

I (believe) i ended up being a 36DD or 34DDD (on a good day) and i am happy with that! Once i go have another fitting i will let you all know my actual current size. But enjoy the pics and happy "B Day" to me! ;)


Here are what a couple bras look like. Grey 34DDD Is from Victoria Secret store, and Maroon LRG bralette is from Pink by VS store.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Aldo Guerra has been so professional and makes you feel at ease with this whole process! I was recommended to him by a friend with an amazing BA from him and I am super excited to see what he can do with me!

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