For Those of You Considering Kybella, Here's What It's Been Like - Philadelphia, PA

I am on Day 3 and no one has noticed the little...

I am on Day 3 and no one has noticed the little bit of a "bullfrog" neck with a bit of bruising (the swelling is hiding it). The worst part was during the injections themselves. The numbing cream was great for not feeling the needle but the cream doesn't penetrate enough so you don't feel the solution "burning". The ice took the burning away immediately and I iced on and off on Day 1. I haven't iced since.
I took Arnica tablets four times a day 2 days before Kybella (and plan to do so for a week) and then 600 mg ibuprofen/500 mg acetaminophen/Claritin x 1 tablet an hour before the procedure. (These were things I had read about and some were suggested to me by my practioner). I had a Medrol dose pack lined up just in case I swelled a lot, but I didn't need it. The first night I took Aleve before bed, wore a chin strap, and used an extra pillow. I don't think I needed either one but I wasn't sure how I'd feel laying down.
At least on day 3, I'd say Kybella was not bad at all. Only I notice the jiggly stuff under my chin, I am just a little swollen (more so from all the liquid I'm carrying under my chin rather than inflammation) and the burning sensation was gone within a half an hour. More to follow over the next 6 weeks and after my 2nd injection.

2 week mark following first injections

The swelling was 100% gone within a week (went from bullfrog to back to normal). But I had a very unexpected surprise...I can already see results! Some of the pre-injection chin fat is gone! I wasn't expecting that until at least after my 2nd injection appointment. Area is still numb and "hot" to the touch but it looks amazing! I continued Arnica 4x a day through the first week. I wonder if that helped with the bruising - that was almost completely gone in 1 week (and usually it takes 2 weeks for my bruising to go away, like with my Belotero injections).

3 week mark

Very noticeable improvement compared to pre-Kybella! The area is still numb but gets less so every day. I only feel the numbness if I touch or press on the area. 3 more weeks until 2nd set of injections. I'd say I'm already about 75% there with only the first set.
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