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After years of debating, I am not getting jaw...

After years of debating, I am not getting jaw surgery for my underbite, but rather chin reduction. My.ortho wanted me to do the big jaw surgery, but I dont have any complications from my underbite, I just hate my chin. So going to do the chin reduction and then braces to fix the bite as best they can. Eek!

day 2

Surgery went pretty well. I am very swollen and in some pain, but I can tell it is smaller. I am.all bandaged up

Day 5

Pain is minimal, still pretty swollen which I expected. I ate some soft lasagna last night. Chewing is uncomfortable still, so still stickingn with fairly soft foods. I am a little nervous it looks long still, though the projection is definitley less, even with swelling. I am getting cabin fever, so going to go to CVS. Exciting! Lol.Oh, also my chin is tingly/numb still but lower llip is fine.

Day 8

Been a week. I am feeling pretty good. I definitley still swollen, but it more looks like I have gained a few pounds or am a little bloated. I am confident nobody will notice when I go back to work Monday. I have a little pain-more a very mild soreness, it is so mild I am not even taking Tylonel or anything. It is also t ingley. I get stitches out and see the doctor tomorrow!
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