37 Years Old, 350cc Saline Implants. Want to Go Bigger - Philadelphia, PA

I had my first BA in June of 2014. Dr. Ted...

I had my first BA in June of 2014. Dr. Ted Eisenberg did the procedure. Because of my measurements he felt conservative was the was to go to avoid any possible side effects. I had 350cc on the right and 340cc saline on the left under the muscle. I'm very happy with them but still wear a Victoria Secret bra that adds 1 1/2 cups to achieve the look I desire. I have a consult on Sept 20th to see about going bigger. I'm thinking 600cc saline but wondering if that would be too much.. I had a fabulous experience using this site during my TT.

Surgery scheduled for Nov 11th

Just had my consult with Dr. Ted. I've decided to go 650cc saline under the muscle replacing my 350cc saline implants. So excited!!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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