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I had my first BA in June of 2014. Dr. Ted...

I had my first BA in June of 2014. Dr. Ted Eisenberg did the procedure. Because of my measurements he felt conservative was the was to go to avoid any possible side effects. I had 350cc on the right and 340cc saline on the left under the muscle. I'm very happy with them but still wear a Victoria Secret bra that adds 1 1/2 cups to achieve the look I desire. I have a consult on Sept 20th to see about going bigger. I'm thinking 600cc saline but wondering if that would be too much.. I had a fabulous experience using this site during my TT.

Surgery scheduled for Nov 11th

Just had my consult with Dr. Ted. I've decided to go 650cc saline under the muscle replacing my 350cc saline implants. So excited!!

Pre OP! Surgery scheduled for Nov 11th

I had my pre op appointment and pre admission blood work yesterday. I have decided on 650ish saline mentor implants. All my rx's are filled and now the wait. I'm so excited and nervous! I will post pics once I can.

Tomorrow is the "Big" day! Going from 350cc to 650cc, Mentor Saline

I'm so excited and definitely more nervous than I was before my first BA. I have some trouble getting the EMEND filled since there is an issue with the manufacturer. My surgeon said they will put anti nausea meds in my line so I should be good. I will post pics as soon as I can.

My sisters are doing great!

I had my BA revision around 9am this morning. I feel fantastic. I ended up with 675cc. He is very conservative so I know if it wasn't doable he wouldn't have gone that big. You can see he truly loves what he does. I love the way they look so far. I'm not peeking until I'm allowed. I try to be a compliant patient. No pain meds needed as of yet and the best part is no nausea. Dr. Eisenberg is the best. The last thing he said to me before I went out was, they are going to look fantastic. The hospital staff was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. Here's to happy healing. I lifted up my shirt to show my fiance and he said, "wow they look so juicy so I know he's very pleased. Lol

Post Op Day 2

Morning. I'm feeling pretty darn good. I haven't had to take any pain pills. I'm very thankful BC I don't like the way they make me feel plus they wreak havoc on my GI system. I feel less swollen today but they are still sitting very high. Going to take it easy the rest of the weekend. Planning on going back to work on Monday.

Post Op Day 3

First Look at the new girls. They are still pretty swollen and need to drop a little more but in time they will be fabulous! I'm feeling great. I've never had to take so much as a Tylenol so I'm very happy. Incision is healing nicely. The right breast seems to be lagging behind but she did the same thing during my first BA. I'll probably post in a month from now.

3 weeks post op

Loving my new girls! They are nicely falling into place.. So excited to be starting back up at the gym on Monday. I went from 34D to 34DDD

4 half month post

Very happy with my decision. They look and feel great. I couldn't be happier.

I had a breast revision done on 11/11/2016 because I wanted bigger breasts. I chose Dr. Eisenberg because he did my first BA in 2014 and the experience was top notch. During my consultation I expressed to him that I loved my breasts but I felt that they were too small. He did an examination and determined that yes I had enough tissue and width now to safely double my implant size. I went from 350cc Mentor Saline to 675cc Mentor Saline under the muscle. I love the fact that he is conservative and will only do what he feels your body can handle without having complications. The surgery was done at Nazareth Hospital in NE Philadelphia. The hospital staff was equally fantastic and I felt completely comfortable in their care. I woke up without any pain or discomfort. I had my surgery done on a Friday and went back to work on Monday. I had my post op a week later and we were both very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Eisenberg loves what he does and it shows.

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