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Oh gosh, let me start off by saying I have been...

Oh gosh, let me start off by saying I have been obsessed with this website and have been stalking you sexy ladies for the past year now! I know I definitely need this done, not for anyone else but for me! After having 3 kids and pregnant with our last and due in July, I'm ready to bring sexy back!

I just turned 30 a week ago and have an 11 year old, 10 year old, 14 month old and due with our last in July! The hubby says I'm fine the way I am but they're just programmed to say that. Lol I would love to get this all done by the end of the year, the sooner the better! I'm 5'3", currently 160lbs and small framed. I was able to get down to 135lbs(goal was 125), 8 months after I had my last baby in October 2012 before getting pregnant again, so I've gained 25 lbs so far with this pregnancy which sounds about right with the last also. I'm okay with my body but hate the dents I have on my hips and I was always a 36DD so I would love to get a lift for my tatas as well. =)

So now I have been researching like crazyyyy!! I'm torn between Dr. Gabay and Dr. Yily! Dr. Gabay is only a few hours away from me and I loved a few of the girls' results so far and have read mixed reviews on him but I love the fact that he's affordable and fixes anything we may not be satisfied with for freeee! But with Dr. Yily, her results are amazing and I'm afraid things will add up and cost the same as getting the surgery done here. And afraid if any complications come up, I'd have to fly there which can get pretty pricey. My husband will be going with me, he's quite overprotective. Lol And he is quite hesitant about going to DR cause he doesn't want us to get mugged and etc. But I can't get over her results! And I have kids so staying there for over a week would be rough, especially with the kids school and everything. Oye, decisions, decisions. Regardless, I need to get this done by the end of this year; I'm determined to! I'll attach a pic of myself before I got pregnant with my 3rd; I was able to get down to 110 and a pic after my 3rd 3 months after. I don't want to lose too much fat after this pregnancy so I can have extra for a nice boothang! =)

As of right now, I've emailed Dr Yily and Dr Gabay, just waiting on responses now to find out how long I would need to wait after I have the baby to get a quote and to have surgery. Hopefully, they tell me I can get it done between 3-6 months, that'd be awesome..

Yayyy, they posted my review todayyy! I was afraid...

Yayyy, they posted my review todayyy! I was afraid that it got lost somehow. Lol

Still debating on whether I want to go to Dr. Yily or Dr. Gabay. After reading so many reviews on the girls that weren't satisfied with their results with Dr. Gabay and their sister's results and etc., it's making me nervous. I just don't want to throw money away. But Dr. Yily, I am IN LOVE with her work! I just don't know if I can leave for over 8 days unless I wait until next summer so I can bring my kids with me cause I'd miss them too much! Andddd at the same time, I don't want to wait that long; I don't have patience! Lol I still have time to think things through so I'm in no rush. Just trying to think of a plan to get it done before the year is up. I may just have to explore my options! Oye..

Yayyy, I finally got a response from Dr. Yily...

Yayyy, I finally got a response from Dr. Yily todayyy!! She quoted me 3950 for the TT along with the BBL and that includes the insurance. Here's the quote:

The price for Tummy Tuck, fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3,950$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, medical insurance (it covers possible complications that may present after the surgery, during the first 30 days), pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

I just emailed her back to find out how much more it would cost me to get the breast lift also and if I can get all 3 procedures done at the same time. I have to wait until January since I'm due in July though. She recommends waiting the full 6 months! Ahhh, I am so excited! I get to meet my little princess in 3 months then get my surgery 6 months later! LML. Lol

Still waiting to hear from Dr. Gabay also. I think his secretary and I have been playing phone tag; we're always missing calls from eachother. Lol The hubby just wants me to get a quote and get a little more info on him. Too bad there isn't any other local PS's that specialize in BBL's with lots of pics with reasonable prices I can go to. It would make everything so much easier!

Yes, Dr. Yily responded to my email today!...

Yes, Dr. Yily responded to my email today! =)

So my quote for a BBL, BL, and TT is 5000 which includes insurance! This was her response:

The price of a tummy tuck, fat grafting to the buttocks, BBL, liposuction of the abdomen, underarms, back, flanks, waist, breast lift is $ 5,000 USD. It also includes one compression garment, health insurance (covering the possible complications that may occur after surgery, during the first 30 days), pre-operative testing (TTP, HIV, Hb, HCV, fasting glucose, blood sugar, urea, serum creatinine, complete blood count, VDRL, AND RH bLOOD TYPE), a cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (continuous epidural block), medical expenses (room, operating room nurses, sera, 3 meals, surgical assistants , etc).
The procedures depend on their hemoglobin levels.

I am super excited! Because I have to wait 6 months after having my baby, I will be scheduling to get it all done at the end of January 2014! Yippee!! Everything together including the surgery itself, massages, extra garment, compression sleeves and medical spa will total out to be 6780 and if the hubby goes with me, it'll be 8030 which I think isn't that bad. Does anyone know if it will cost extra for the meds cause it doesn't say it in the email she sent me. Or is that included? I guess I'll just have to carry extra money on me just in case. Ahhhh, so excited! =)

Still waiting on her response. I would love to get...

Still waiting on her response. I would love to get surgery done in December; it's either that or February before the kids go on school vacation. Plus, I'm super anxious to get sexy already. Lol I also want lipo done to my inner thighs so they don't rub against eachother so hopefully, she answer on that as well. Once, she gets back to me, I will send in a deposit and book a date! Once that is done, I need to figure out if I want to stay at the JM medical spa or rent an apartment and hire a nurse and save money since my hubby will be going with me as well and maybe my sister. She's also interested and she has 4 kids that would like to have some work done as well. I've heard about group discounts but she didn't mention it in the email. Guess I will just call once she responds cause I hate waiting for responses via email.

One thing I know for sure is that we will be leaving from New York since my hubby has friends that work at the airport in Boston so we don't want them asking questions like where we are coming from and what did you do there and etc. Lol Can't wait to get things going already! 2 more months till I meet my little princess and months after that, it's surgery!! Yayyy! =)

Dr. Yily responded today and it'll be an extra 300...

Dr. Yily responded today and it'll be an extra 300 to lipo my thighs. I've always been quite active and maybe I can just tone them up on my own after the surgery. I'll decide the day of surgery I guess and see what she recommends. I don't want to do too much! She wants me to wait 6 months but it depends on how soon you recover also so I'm just going to try and book in December anyway. If they don't have the dates available, I guess I'm just meant to have the surgery in February. Lol

So I just posted a new pic of my 7 month prego...

So I just posted a new pic of my 7 month prego booty and about 25 lbs heavier than normal. Lol Now that I'm getting a good look at it, I don't think I need lipo to my thighs. It probably wouldn't match my new booty. I've always had chicken legs. I would love for Dr.Yily to fill in my dents and give me more projection though... =)

And so I tried wiring money this morning to her...

And so I tried wiring money this morning to her Chase account and they wanted to charge me 30 bucks to wire the funds. Is there a cheaper way of doing this? That's crazy! I heard that she also had a paypal account. Is there a charge for that also?

And so I tried wiring money this morning to her...

And so I tried wiring money this morning to her Chase account and they wanted to charge me 30 bucks to wire the funds. Is there a cheaper way of doing this? That's crazy! I heard that she also had a paypal account. Is there a charge for that also?

Just got off the phone with Yira! She is a...

Just got off the phone with Yira! She is a sweetheart! Lol Confirmed the date of December 13th and now I just gotta figure out how to send the deposit by this Saturday. I'm gonna call her again on Monday to confirm that she gets it. This deposit thing is such a pain in the arse. The hubby says I can send it to her chase account through Western Union. Either that or

I'm upset now cause there is just so much...

I'm upset now cause there is just so much confusion! And so I found a Chase branch nearby so I will make a deposit tomorrow when the hubby has off. But what makes me even more upset is that my quote came from 5000-6000 for the breast lift, tummy tuck and BBL but she said that's with implants! I don't want implants. I always thought my boobs were too big so I don't want implants. So I emailed her back saying I just want the TT and BBL at the original quote of 3950 then and do the breast lift another time if it's gonna cost me another 2050. I don't even know if I want to move forward with it kinda cause what if she changes it again? So frustrating. I've never even mentioned implants; I don't want boobs bigger than my head! ughhh..

I'm a big believer of honoring in saying what you...

I'm a big believer of honoring in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. I don't understand how this confusion even started. I was just emailing her the date that I wanted and to put me down and that I will send a deposit and then I get a response saying my quote has been jacked up by 1K. Not cool.

Emailed Dr Duran today. Just wondering what her...

Emailed Dr Duran today. Just wondering what her quote would be. Her results are actually pretty good and I heard that she is really good and quick about getting back to you which is AWESOMEEE! Lol =)

Yayyy, I finally sent in my deposit! I feel so...

Yayyy, I finally sent in my deposit! I feel so much better now thanks to all of you wonderful ladies for helping me out. I saved 30 bucks and a trip to the bank! =) Now it's starting to feel real. All I have left is to get supplies, my passport, book my flight and the Medical Spa. Also hoping Dr. Yily will honor the original quote she gave me so I have more money to work with. Do I need to email the receipt to her or will she just send me an email to confirm it? Ahhhh, I'm so excited! I'm so thankful to have you ladies here to help me out; I keep telling my hubby how awesome and helpful you ladies are! I love this site! Lol =)

Just noticed how all of my photos got deleted...

Just noticed how all of my photos got deleted somehow. Weird. But anyways, I got a response from Dr Yily stating this:


lo que podemos hacer es dejarte el , injerto de grasa de los glúteos, BBL, la liposucción de abdomen, axilas, espalda, flancos, cintura levantamiento de senos 4200$

PEROO si es con implantes serán 5000$ porque con implante cuesta es mas caro.

Que dices?

Translated with Google Translate:


we can do is let the, fat grafting to the buttocks, BBL, liposuction of the abdomen, underarms, back, flanks, waist breast lift $ 4,200

Peroo if implants are $ 5,000 for implant cost is more expensive.

What do you say?

But the thing is, I do not need implants. Lol I emailed her again with the original quote she gave me which was 5000 for the BBL, BL and TT. Hoping she will honor it. She also emailed me stating the received my deposit. Yayyyy! =) I noticed that she doesn't answer ALL of your questions although it's in bold. I guess I'll just call them tomorrow..

Yay! It only took her a day to respond this time!...

Yay! It only took her a day to respond this time! =) So we're sticking to the original quote of 5000 for the BBL, TT and BL. Thanks goodness! I'm so excited and can't wait now. Now it's time to make a list of the things I need to do so I can check it off as I go. Once my little baby bear gets here, all of my attention will be on her and my 14 month old. I'm getting a break now since she's napping. Lol I need to hurry up and book my flight before the prices go up! =) I thought my sister and I would be in this together but she said she's emailed Dr Yily 2 weeks ago and no response. Either that or she's messing with me. Oh well, I have my hubby to go with me so I'll be fine. I did tell Dr Yily though that my sister was interested and she did seem like she was at the time. I guess we will see..

Decisions; Love Dr. Yily's work but don't know what to doooo..

Damn, after reading certain reviews, it's kind of got me feeling super nervous about going to Dr Yily! I really want this and love her work but is she getting sloppy with sterilizing equipment because she's getting so busy? I think I need to start following more reviews so I can stay updated on what's going on. This is scary and I want to make sure I make the right decision before getting any type of surgery done. Anyone else feeling this way? Was it the doc? Or was it the RH? Or was it the antibiotic? Ahhh, this is crazyyyyy!!

Waiting on a quote from Dr Duran..

I emailed Dr Duran today just to see what my quote would be. I requested her on FB and she accepted and she seems so sweet. I messaged her to tell her I emailed her and she messaged me back telling me I need to email her again so I did and now, I'm just waiting on a quote. If I'm the first patient for Dr Yily on December 13th, I will keep my date with her but if not, I just might switch to Dr Duran. I have plenty of time till my actual surgery date so we will see. =)

Booking a flight..

And so I was trying to book my flight yesterday and wanted to get there the morning of surgery but they didn't have anything available and if they did it was super expensive($150 more than regular prices). Hopefully they'll have more flights in between now and then so I can hurry up and book my flight with the hubby.. *fingers crossed*

Yayyyy.. I'll be Dr. Yily's first patient of the day!! =)

So I got an email from Dr. Yily and spoke to Yira about my appointment on the 13th of December. I'll be the first patient of the day! Yippee! So I guess I'll hurry up and book my flight today.. =)

Flight Booked! =)

Appointment Booked- Check!
Deposit Sent- Check
Flight Booked- Check!

So excited that I've already done the major stuff! Now all I have left is to book the RH and order/purchase supplies and get my passport which I'm doing this Monday. I have 7 months so that's more than enough time.. =)

Giulia's Bed & Breakfast + AC + Wi-Fi..

This sounds like a great deal! They have great reviews; hoping to hear from them soon. This is what's included for 400 bucks!

Special package for guests they come to Santo Domingo because of Surgery
All included in the following price:
for just US 400.00 per week.
We'll pick you up at the Airport.
We'll take you to get change money, and Groceries even shopping
We'll take you to and from the Doctor's clinic, before and after surgery
Cook for you, breakfast, lunch and dinner every days for the first 3 or 7 days after surgery.
And finally we'll drop you at the Airport.

Hotel Booked! Great Deal at 50% off and extra discount with Promo on Travelocity! =)

Yayy, I booked my Hotel, guys! I booked it at Barcelo Santo Domingo and it's only 4 minutes away from CIPLA! The normal price was 130+ a day and I was able to get the Club Supreme Room with free internet and modern rooms for 65/night! So my total cost for 9 nights is $719! The Hotel looks gorgeous and it's so updated and the reviews are good according to travel advisers and we'll get our privacy! I saved an extra $50 with the promo code. They have double beds but I opted for the King size. =)

Switched to Dr. Duran.. =)

I love Dr. Yily's work but after reading all of the reviews on her attitude and her shortcuts, it made me nervous. I've heard so many good things about Dr Duran and even chatted with her on FB for about half hour last night and she answered all of my questions. I'm still booked for December 13th but with Duran. Her price is about 1300 more but she will throw in arms and thighs lipo free of charge if she thinks I need it. I love her TT and BL work also. I feel pretty confident about my decision and now I need to get my deposit back from Dr Yily. =/

Chatted with Dr Duran today!! =)

Okay, so after reading that the docs at CIPLA had students performing surgery on patients, I decided to ask Dr Duran myself and she said that was not true and that she could only speak for herself and not the other docs at CIPLA. She said she would never have someone else perform surgery on her dolls! So I feel so much better now. Lol She's such a sweetheart.. =)

Had my baby! She's perfect! =)

I had my baby last week and she's perfect! =) She came into the world weighing in at 7.5 lbs (2lbs lighter than my last baby.. Lol) and 19 inches.. I have 4 babies now so no more for me! Lol

I'm at 160 right now, and have lost 15 lbs since I had her. Yayy! Lol I am now determined to lose another 20 lbs at the most by the time I have surgery and will work out to lose the rest after surgery so she has enough fat to work with. I've already started doing light workouts so I know I'll get there in no time..

Now all I have left is to send Dr Duran my deposit, purchase supplies, apply for my passport and that's it! I have less than 5 months to go! Whoo! So glad I've already purchased plane ticks and booked my hotel.. =)

Also, I emailed Yily about my deposit and she said she is working on it and she apologizes for any inconvenience she may have caused. I said it was okay and I understand. I'll admit, until I found out she was pregnant, I was still torn between the two but finding that out just told me that it was meant to be with Dr Duran. Lol Both are master sculptors and I'm sure I would have been satisfied going to either/ or. Well, until next time ladies!...

Counting down the days till I get my dream bodyyyy!!

111 more days ladies! I am so exciteddd! Already sent Dr Duran my deposit. All I need to do now is order supplies and get my passport! =)


Almost there!

I'm almost there ladies. I'm all ready and have all of my supplies. Right now I'm just working on my hemo and losing about 10 lbs. I surprisingly gained 10 lbs from eating so much red meats to boost my hemo. I would like to weigh 150-155 going into surgery. So nervous but excited!

Almost there!

Omg, 12 more days ladies. I'm so nervous. I got my monthly friend today so I will be doubling my iron intake right after it's over. So glad I get it the same day every month too. Lol So crazy how things just fall into place. I booked surgery several months before I gave birth and my period just so happened to regulate itself 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after my surgery date. =)

I've got all of my meds off of and everything else is set. I will be starting my vitamedica supplements 10 days before surgery. Heard a lot of good reviews on it. It was an extra 92$ but heard it will be worth it! I'm ready for surgery, just counting down the days now. Oh and I have to throw everything in my suitcase! Will update everyone and post pics when I'm closer to my date! =)

1 more week! Ahhhh!

My before and how I wish to look like after surgery. =)

Got all of the vaccines needed before traveling...

Oh, I'm up to date on all of my immunizations. Got my final one on Monday and I got hit with all of the side effects yesterday. Nausea, headache, sweating, chills, everything. I feel much better now that I slept all day. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful hubby to love me and care for me the way he does.. Here's the link, ladies!

My Stats and before pics..

Soooo my preop height is 5'3" and weight is 165(gained a bunch of weight by trying to bring up my hemo by eating lots of red meat). I don't feel like I look that heavy but I stopped working out because I wanted enough fat for my new booty. Lol

Almost there!!

Omg, I'm almost there! Packed all of my bags and ready to go. Def going to miss all of my babies.

My supply list..

Here's my supply list, ladies. I'm packed and ready to go! =)

Here at Cipla!

I'm here ladies. Dra Duran is the sweetest doctor ever. I'm so glad I chose her as a doc. She took her time with me, marked me up and now I'm just waiting. We even chit chatted for a while. I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time. I met naturallycurlee here also and she is the sweetest and super gorgeous! =)

My room at Cipla!

Everything is super clean ladies! =)

Thank you ladies for all of your well wishes!

Ladies, I feel so much better today! I got a bbl, bl with no implants, tummy tuck and liopsculpture with lipo to arms and thighs. The first night on my butt was the worst but after I started getting up and drinking lots of water, I felt much better. I'm not gonna do the full review today but will update as much as I can! Later ladies! Xoxo

Thank you, loves for all of your sweet comments!

I'm feeling much better this morning. I had another fever last night but walked around and gulped down lots of water, a bottle of boost, ate some food and took a shot of geritol. The hubby helped me extend my bra last night because it was cutting off my circulation. Here's a before and after. Can't believe that new booty is mines! Lol

Had to post another because it got cropped. 3 1/2 days post op.

Hopefully this will be a better pic. Realself keeps on cropping it.

I love my boobs! Thank you Dra Duran! =) Lift with no implants..

I know how hard it was to find breast lift with no implants pics done by Dra Duran so here it is. I was a 38ddd before and the bottom one is 4 days post op. There were 2 other girls there that were very pleased with their lifts with no implants also. I love how perky they are now! Lol

Still swollen but loving the shape so far!

Hey my bbl loves, I'm 5 days post op and loving my shape so far. I feel great, wish I brought my sneakers with me so I can do some slow walking on the treadmill here at the hotel. I've been drinking lots of water and wandering around the room and hotel. Zara just left and I feel like a million bucks. If it wasn't for this drain, I'd be shopping at the mall right now. Lol I promise to do a full review when I get home. Hate typing up stuff on my phone..

She gave me an upside down heart shaped booty! Yayy! lol

I didn't realize it until someone had mentioned it. Yay! Lol Loving my waist and hips and overall shae so far. Finally got home last night without wheelchair assistance which is good but exhausting especially if you have a connecting flight in New York! Lol Promise I will post a review soon. Missed my babies so spending some extra time with my loves. =)

Upside down heart shaped booty!

New pics!!

New pics! I promise to answer all of your questions soon ladies! 2 weeks post op!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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