First Consult W/ Gabay & Gattlieb Phila

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Ok, so I am looking into getting a tt, lipo, &...

Ok, so I am looking into getting a tt, lipo, & maybe a breast lift. My weight is 150pds & I am 5"7. I have 3 beautiful daughters, but have a loose belly that looks worst the thinner I am. After my last daughter I find it hard to lose anymore weight. I seem to be stuck at this 150pd point. I don't look over weight at all, but without clothes I don't feel confident. even though my husband loves me the way I am i need this for myself. I scheduled an appt. with Gattlieb and Gabay for the beginning of July. I am super nervous about choosing the right doc that is in close proximity to my house. Any suggestions on any other good PS's.

Consult Tonight

Ok, so I have my consult tonight with gattlieb. I am a little nervous about exposing my nakedness to a I would def say that I might feel ore comfortable with a woman, but his consult is free so its worth his opinion. Since I've joined i been reading so many reviews & I have to say that Laura Cardenas has been a top runner for me. I never thought I would have the guts to do surgery at all, yet alone in a different country. Her patients seem so satisfied with her care and concern it makes think I wouldn't be that bad. So, i'm going to see gattlieb tonight get his quote & opinion and also get 1 from Cardenas. I think I'm gonna wait to upload pics since i'm not planning to have my surgery until June 2014. I would love to have it sooner but it would not be possible financially or for my lifestyle.

Gabay & Gattlieb's Consult

Last night I met with Gattlieb & he quoted me 7,000 for a tummy tuck and lipo to the abdomen,flanks, & back. I also inquired about a breast lift and he said he would do both for 12,000. The breast lift itself would be 6,500, but with doing them both I would save 1,500. My first impression of the office was neutral. There was a short wait time maybe 10 min. Gattlieb seemed confident in his ability to deliver, but i feel cardenas will give me a more womanly shape. I thought the before & after pics looked great, but the shape was more boxy. I also sent my pics to Cardenas & i'm waiting for a quote from her. I'm sure it will be much lower that 12,000 & I would be able to stay 3 weeks at the recovery house. I have a concern about my girls seeing me like that with the drains and all. That can be scary for an adult let alone a child.

Cardenas Quote

I will be very glad to answer your questions.

If you are planning to have your surgery until June next year, please send your updated pictures around January for a revised quote that might or not increase a little bit.

For the type of procedure Dr Cardenas suggest you the best Anesthesia is Epidural, because you will be only sedated and not depending on any device to breath, another important thing is that the nausea minimizes as well the pain, I am telling that because I have had 2 TT, and the recovery from the first one with General was the worst, as soon as I woke up from the surgery I start to fell all the pain, horrible. In my second TT, I had Epidural with sedation, I never felt anything not even when Dr Leyva was putting the was like 3 seconds, and I woke up and everything was done and no pain!!

Dr Cardenas prescribes Tramadol with Ketorolac and Ibuprofen 500mg for Pain.

The quote given to you was for a full/extedend Tummy Tuck with the BBL, if you only want the ETT without the BBL (Lipo and FG) the quote is for $4800dlls. Including and excluding the same. Quote honored for 6 months.

Please let me know if I may assist you with anything else.

Kindest Regards

I feel like they are very informative and answer my questions promptly. I am really excited to get the procedure done with Cardenas and can honestly say I feel a good vibe with having it with her. I know I will get the results I want. Im just a skeptical about BBL. I want this surgery to be the last & if my butt doesn't turn out right or if i lose to much volume i don't want to go through it again. Unless its for my breast lift :-). Ladies I need some advice on BBL's. I need to see pics of what it looks like a year from the surgery. Its hard to find pics later than post op. Well, thats my only concern. Thanks

Cynthia Disla is my PS

I made my deposit & scheduled my surgery for 3-24-14. I'm super excited. I have all my supplies & started my vitamins. I made a new review under breast lift in order to start fresh. Check it out on my profile . Thanks ladies, blessings!
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