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This is my first post in the realself community...

This is my first post in the realself community and is hopefully a good way to introduce myself to you all. I'm a 20 year old female living in Perth, Australia. Ever since I started puberty I have been deeply bothered by the bump in the bridge of my nose and most specifically by my bulbous, undefined tip. I feel like my nose is a very unflattering element on what could be considered a generally attractive face. I would love a thinner more defined nose tip from the front and a sharp and straight profile with a slightly more upturned tip. I'm terrified by the prospect of having surgery on my nose and then hating the outcome. I have told a few people about my decision to undergo rhinoplasty and they have all said that I'm crazy and that my nose is fine, but I of course do not agree with them. So what do you all think of my nose? Am I right in thinking that rhinoplasty could be a fabulous opportunity to improve my looks and self confidence? Sorry that the pictures are very small and discrete but I'm a bit frightened of posting my face online.

Had my first consult...

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I had my first consult with a potential surgeon and I left feeling very confused and slightly saddened. The surgeon really seemed to know his stuff, but I found his bedside manner to be a tad too abrupt for me, which is odd because I'm not usually bothered by that sort of thing. It turns out I have a deviated septum, wide nasal bones, wide-ish nostrils and (too my complete shock) rather thick skin. My dream has always been to have a petite, more defined nose and this new knowledge of thick skin pretty much puts an end to all of that. Having researched all last night, I'm now really frightened that no matter how nicely the cartilage beneath and bone are defined, I will end up with a nose that is possibly even wider and bigger than the one I have now. I don't heal well and tend to bruise and swell for YEARS rather than days weeks or months, so this has just really upset me a lot. The worst factor is that when all the costs are added up, I will be paying around 13,000 (I don't have private health insurance) for a procedure I'm not even sure will do me any visual benefit. (Is 13,000 much more than normal? - I didn't realise it would cost more than 10k!)

Please, please, please anyone with thick skin who had work on their nose tip would you tell me about your experiences and maybe even show me photos? I would appreciate it so much because I'm so sad right now I'm starting to think it's not worth it.

And anyone in Perth or really anywhere in Australia, if you could recommend great surgeons you have been to I would really appreciate that as well.

Overcoming my fear

So it has been about a month since my consult and last post. Over the past month I have been extremely confused about my feelings. After my consult I felt pretty gutted - knowing that I have thick skin and could never expect really nice definition was a big issue for me, because the bulbousness in the tip of my nose has always been the biggest problem I see. I hate how blobby, wide and undefined it looks, particularly in photos, and it has made me truly fearful to ever be in pictures or go out of the house without make up and contouring. For this reason I wondered for a while if it was even worth my time to have this procedure done. I have seen a number of before and after pictures of people with thicker skin and in a lot of these photos the nose looks even wider and more undefined than before!

Recently I was talking to a friend about my worries and how I wasn't sure I wanted to spend this much money if I couldn't be guaranteed that I would get a better result. She then asked me, 'Will you ever come be okay with your nose though? Will you ever be at peace with it being the way it is?'. I realised the answer was a definite no. My nose has been the one great source of low self esteem and worry for the last ten years and I know that it will never go away. I will never be okay with it. I said this to her and she said 'You know what to do then.'

Therefore... it is decided. I will undergo rhinoplasty because the fear of having a less than ideal result is less than the paralysing fear that I experience every time I see a camera or a photo of myself, or I sit down next to someone in a cinema or lecture theatre. The photos I have seen of my preferred surgeon's results show profiles which are absolutely gorgeous, however I have not been thrilled by the view from the front. None of the nose tips look any thinner or more defined in the after photos - mostly they look quite boxy - think Blake Lively or Jennifer Aniston. If money wasn't such an issue I would think 'get a better profile and functional breathing now, then get the tip revised later' but this isn't really financially suitable or logical. I don't know if I should stick with this surgeon and hope for the best regarding the nose tip or prolong my waiting but look for someone whos tip results look more aesthetically pleasing.

If anyone has any more advice or suggestions I would truly appreciate them. I am so grateful to everyone who has reached out to me and shared their experiences and wisdom. You are all wonderful xxxx

It's been almost 2 years.... but I'm back!

Almost two years ago I had started this review. I was sure that a nose job was the only thing that would ever bring me peace regarding my face. I saved and saved and finally when I had enough money I went for a consult with a surgeon, the only surgeon in my city who seemed worth seeing. Unfortunately I left feeling very sad and dejected. The doctor seemed confident and capable, but I had a sick feeling in my stomach that something was wrong. I waited to see if the feeling would subside, but it never did. I kept telling myself for the last year or more that this surgeon was my best option and that when the time was right I would go see him... but I never made the move. Getting a nosejob has always been on my mind, but I felt so unhappy with my original consult that I just kept putting it off. Recently I was talking with my mum about the surgery and about the surgeon I saw and I said that rhinoplasty was something I had to do, but that I was sad that I would probably get a result that I was unhappy with because the surgeon's aesthetic was quite different to what I liked. She asked me why I wouldn't see another surgeon, but I said that the surgeon I saw was the best in Perth. My mum just looked at me like I was an idiot and said 'so don't do it in Perth'. So obvious. I can't believe for so long that I restricted myself to going to a surgeon in Perth, even when I knew he wasn't right for me. Suddenly I realised that my nosejob was going to (hopefully) be a once in my lifetime experience. My nose is right in the middle of my face and it causes me so much embarrassment and grief. If i'm going to change it, then money and location should not change that! So I started looking for the ideal surgeon for me, regardless of location, and......

I FOUND HIM!! Booked in and SO excited!!!

and I FOUND HIM!! (Sorry to be dramatic but I'm over the moon!) I came across Dr Grigoryant's photos on realself and online, and I realised within minutes that he is the one! His results are AMAZING! Usually I'm pretty unimpressed by most Before and After photos - sure the profile usually looks gorgeous, but front on is generally worse after the procedure. I don't like my humpy profile, but it is my super wide and bulbous nose tip that kills me. I hate front on pictures! Dr G's noses front on are GORGEOUS! Petite, slim... beautiful! He is located in Glendale, California. The idea of flying across the world for a nosejob used to seem ridiculous... now the ridiculous thing is that I didn't do this sooner! Am I terrified of spending my life's savings on a nose - YES! Am I terrified of having Dr G do my rhinoplasty - no way!! I can't believe how positive I feel about this. Such good vibes. I really trust my instincts. Within a week of finding Dr G's results online I have enquired and booked in for surgery. That's how sure I am! Sorry for all the CAPSLOCK and !!!! but I am about to change my life and bring peace to my soul and feel beautiful for the first time in my life and that is HUGE! Bring on December 2015! X

Thinking about Lip Augmentation

I've been thinking for a while about getting a lip procedure at the same time as my rhinoplasty. I have always wished I had more luscious lips and intended to get lip injections 'one day'. Now I'm wondering if I might be happier getting permanent lip implants. I know that this is a procedure that Dr G does but have not discussed it with anyone at his office just yet. I'm thinking that before I go for the permanent option I should try fillers and see whether I like the look. Can anyone give me any advice? Has anyone had lip implant surgery? Particularly with Dr G? And if anyone has had lip injections can you please tell me how long the swelling lasts for and how long I will need before I can go back to work? Xx

Making my Survival Kit!

So this past week I have been buying everything I will need for my surgery. This has meant a lot of trips to different pharmacies, but I have almost got everything I need! I'm really relieved because I don't want to spend the next 5 months stressing! I have a few questions, hoping all you lovely realself members will be able to help me out.

I have found Arnica Montana pills at a chemist here in Australia which are 6C. I have had difficulty finding much information about the strength of Arnica tablets, specifically which strength is appropriate for plastic surgery recovery. Can anyone help me with this?

My other question regards ice packs. I have seen that makemeheal.com sells some amazing facial ice packs for use post surgery. These looked great, but the shipping cost to Australia is CRAZY!! Has anyone found good face ice packs for surgery in Australia? Or can anyone tell me where I need to ice afterwards and what is most effective?
Thanks in advance for your help xxx

Worrying about the flight home!!

So I booked my flights to and from LA this week which is SO very exciting! I got an amazingly cheap rate which is brilliant, but I will be forced to fly back a bit earlier than I would have liked - the evening of my 6th day post-op. On top of this I will be taking 3 flights instead of two and will have a good 8 hours of time waiting in the airport. I am starting to fear that this early flight back was a very bad idea. Could any of you lovely realself ladies (or men for that matter) please give me any advice on flying post-operatively? How did you find it and what made a difference to how you felt during the flight? Did anyone have a very long trip home?
Thanks in advance xx

One month to go!!!!!

Nothing much to say, except it's one month exactly until my nose surgery with Dr G and I'm so unbelievably excited and happy!!!! I feel like the start of my new life is just around the corner!

3.5 weeks post op

Hi everyone. So it has been about 3 and a half weeks since my surgery. I didn't post back then for a few reasons - one I felt way too out of it to write about my feelings, and secondly everything was just as every other poster had described, so I felt there was no point me repeating the same things.
At this point I am not sure how I feel about the surgery. Sometimes I feel really confident and happy, and other times I feel disappointed. The nose is definitely way nicer than what I was born with and a huge improvement in size and appearance. I just feel like I don't really look like me anymore. I did want a fairly drastic change, but I didn't think that anything would be different except my nose, which was obviously a mistake. I no longer look 'striking' or 'beautiful', instead I have been described as 'cute' and 'pretty' - certainly not what I was going for. My nose is too upturned for my liking and my partner says this really takes away from what was special about my looks before. Obviously these comments really hurt my feelings. He has said that my face is no longer special like it was before and that he is less attracted to me. He is a lovely person, and only said these things when I pressed him for an honest opinion, but still this makes me feel pretty devastated. Often I feel like a pig or a chipmunk and I don't really like taking the tape off my nose so have been wearing it in public for weeks. I don't mean for this to sound like a negative reflection on Dr G - he is really amazing and did pretty much everything I asked for. I do not regret choosing him for a second, nor do I regret my procedure, more I wish I had thought about my aesthetic choices a little more. My nose tip is very pretty but looks quite boxy at the moment, which I do not like. I am hoping this is just a part of the swelling. My profile is very nice and improved, but it's much too snubby and upturned at the moment and I feel like the blobby tip I had before is returning. I really wanted a very smooth nose tip. At 3.5 weeks I doubt my nose will drop anymore at this point, if it has at all which I haven't noticed.

Sorry for rambling - these are just all of my feelings. It has been hard to talk to others around me because frankly they are sick of any conversation about my nose. They are not inside my body so don't understand how much turmoil I'm in or why I constantly obsess over little things. I am really up and down at the moment and just wanted to vent all of my feelings and frustration. I will post some photos of everything when I don't feel so mixed up inside.

5 weeks tomorrow

So it's been almost 5 weeks and honestly I'm so very happy. When I last posted I was pretty hormonal and I think I felt down because of that. I've taken more selfies in the last week than I have before in my whole life. So much newfound confidence. I have my ups and downs and don't want to call things too early but right now tonight I feel like this was the best thing I ever did. Also I got lip injections the other day and it gave me a HUGE self esteem boost. Everything looks so proportional and I honestly feel attractive every single day. Dr G is a magician and I'm so so so glad I trusted my instincts and chose him! Big smiles from me xx

2 months!

All I can say is dr g is a genius. I'm not showing pictures of my whole face and I think this makes it hard for people to see what I'm saying, so you will just have to take my word; dr g won't just give you the nose you want, he will give you the nose you need. I originally wanted a sharper, straighter, more angular nose. He gave me everything else I wanted, but made my nose soft and feminine. He knew better and I'm so grateful because I see now that what I wanted wouldn't suit me and what he gave me fits me perfectly. My nose is soft, a little rounded and still kept my signature bump at the bridge which I loved and didn't really want to part with. This procedure has absolutely changed my life and I'm grateful to dr g every day. I was so worried in the beginning, but now I am the happiest I have ever been. :)

Swelling is a b*#%h!!

Recently I've been hating my nose tip in photos and wondering why that is. Then it hit me that the difference I'm seeing between 2months p/o and 4 months is that the skin on the bridge of my nose is now clinging on really tight to the underlying bone etc. whilst the nose tip is still swollen. It's probably not that the tip is getting bigger and uglier, but that the top half of my nose has shrunk and the tip hasn't. Swelling is making me so annoyed at the moment, but all I can do is try and be extremely patient! I am going to start taping religiously again each night and cut out alcohol and salty foods, to see if this helps!!

Has anyone had both a primary and revision with Dr G?

It's fast approaching my one year anniversary with my new nose. Whilst my current nose is an incredible improvement on the mess I was born with, I will sadly admit that I'm still not truly happy. Dr G is a wonderful surgeon and I think he did an amazing job with my nose. My profile is really lovely and I am mostly very happy side on. Front on had always been my weakest angle, and unfortunately it still isn't great. My nose tip is still thick and bulbous - obviously this is just genetically how my tip cartilage likes to go. Dr G said he wouldn't even think about doing a revision until at least 18 months had past, as he said I am still very swollen. I have attached a picture of my current look. I am really hoping that someone else on RS has had dr g refine and tweak their primary rhinoplasty that he did, and can give me some advice or information. Please reach out to me if you have dealt with dr g for a revision!!!

Front view

As requested this is a front view photo of my nose at almost 11 months post op. As you can see the bridge is nice and narrow and the nostrils are well spaced - about as symmetrical as they're going to be! Also happy with my columella - it looks particularly great side on.
What I am miserable about is my nose tip. It looks thick and bulky and rounded at the sides. I would do anything to have a thin little nose tip! Praying it's possible with a revision!
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