Juvederm Lip Filler Day 1 to Day 8 - 42 year old, Perth, AU

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I went and visited my dr initially regarding...

I went and visited my dr initially regarding rhinoplasty which i have booking in for in june (woohoo). He suggested in the meantime fillers in my lips would help with the symmetrics of my face. (lips to nose)

When I visited him last week he applied numbing cream around my lips for about 45mins then applied a smaller amount the second time as I told him I didnt want to feel any pain. I waited for about 1hr with numbing cream before the procedure.

Having the injections wasnt painful just a small sting on inital prick, it felt really weird when the filler went in. It feels like a bubble under the skin. As my top lip was quite thin he used 1ml of jurvederm when he showed me in the mirror I immediately felt like a duck and he said i would need more to make my bottom lip fuller also. in all he used a full 2ml.

I did bleed a lot so he wants me to go and have blood tests before my rhinoplasty. bruising didnt really start to show up until day 2. overall i am happy with the shape but concerned with the upper lip being pouty.

My upper lip still feels stiff and I cant smile properly yet. hopefully this will soften over the next week.

I still have bruising on day 5 so am hoping that it is still swollen and will go down a bit more.

I do notice that they seem to be fuller in the mornings and settle during the day.
I am still very concious of them and feel like i am pouting and think people are staring at me and can tell Ive had them done.

On day 3 I saw my botox dr and she said the lips have a lot of nerve endings so it will feel like they are larger than what they are. she was really impressed with the overall effect of my lips.

I have mixed feelings at the moment and not sure if i would do it again.

Will keep you updated on the progress. :)

Day 6

My bruising has gone done which is great I think another couple of days and it should be gone completely.
I am a little concerned with the shape of my philtrum (above the upper lip). to me it seems a bit cat in the hat like. I am feeling very pouty and still have a few lumps under my top lip. from time to time I get tingles thru that area and it still feels numb at times, so hopefully there is still some swelling to go down.

I still cant smile properly and can see some lumps when I smile.

It does get better :)

On day 8 and feeling so much better about having my lips done. I still feel a little pouty and do have some lumps I can feel with my tongue, but they are going down, I am loving the shape and fullness.
Believe everyone when they say it takes a couple of weeks to settle. :)
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