My Very First Facial Filler

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I am a "young" looking 41 year old. This...

I am a "young" looking 41 year old. This year I decided that the deep creases next to my mouth and the slight downturn of my mouth due to aging was bothering me. I went to my doctor for a consult and told him that my girlfriend loved Perlane so he injected some into my smile lines. He explained to me that Perlane would not remove my smile lines completely because it was a denser filler that needed to be injected deeper than some of the other fillers. Regardless, I am pleased with the results. My smile lines are improved and my mouth is no longer down turned. I probably will try Juvederm the next time just to see what the difference is. The only side effects after the injections was that I was a little swollen and slightly red around the injection area for about a day. I went to a hair appointment right after the injections were performed and I spent the next day at home with my husband. Neither of them noticed the swelling.

Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

Dr. L is very experienced and professional. I have been very happy with the multiple procedures that he has performed for me.

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