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I've never really liked my nose but it wasn't...

I've never really liked my nose but it wasn't until I started losing my facial fat that it really stared sticking out. I have a long slender shaped face and the hump on my nose began to look very boney and overall unattractive to me. So I decided it was time to get a nose job. No more wishing it would look better, I was gonna go for it.

Still unsure

So I'm still taking different pictures trying to decide what I think. Even though the right side is the one that still has a bump , I thin it looks better in pictures. The left side looks longer for some reason and the nostril bigger. I can't catch a good picture of the bump on pictures because it is more noticeable from the front. Strange I know. I know it is improved from what I had because I'm not focused on it as much as I was before. Just still not in love with it either.

So frustrating!

So I'm just not happy about my nose. The more the swelling has gone down the more noticeable the bump is. It's not a cute nose. I really wanted a cute nose or at least a nose that wasn't noticeable for bad reasons like bumps and overall size. Still waiting on my follow up with the dr in a few weeks sooo idk. Can't fix it for a year anyway but just not fair I have to look like this for a whole year then go through it all over again!

Follow up

I went to my first follow up since the splint was removed. It went kinda how I expected. He didn't ask me anything about my experience or how I was. He barely looked at me and said if I still had a hump after 6 months we could do an in office revision. He said he could just numb it and file it down. I stated that it wasn't going to go down because it was bone. He then told me how Spurs can form when filing blahblah. I said well that at be but this is the same injury that was there since I was 12. I asked how soon it could be done as I have read most say a year. He said it could be done sooner and that made me happy. I asked how much of the tip was still swollen because it was too long. He said we would wait and see. I felt rushed but managed to ask why it felt like someone was punching my nose slightly. I do not breathe near as well as before. So he got his light and looked in my nose. He said we could cauterize some of the tissue to retract and give a better air flow? I was there maybe 10 minutes. I did not feel like he was interested in hearing my thoughts or experience at all. Oh well not much of a choice at this point. Can't afford another dr until I have to.

So anxious!

So I am having so many mixed emotions at this point. On one hand I think I should consult with a few other Drs about my revision and see if any of them would be willing to do it at the same time as a tummy tuck at a possibly lower price since I would combine them. If I cannot get any kind of help with the price then I have no other options than to go with my original Dr. I hate that I'm stuck in a corner here. I sooo wish I would have found this website before my surgery, I promise you I would have done things so differently. Anyway just frustrated that I still hate my picture taken because I still have a big nose! Crazy how they get away with it. I mean when I asked about any kind of a refund his nurse said he will keep at it till it's right, why would I continue to go back? Oh yeah because I can't afford another surgery! Anyway I thought about consulting with dr Shah in Chicago, Dr Nyakk I'm St. Louis, and of course Dr Grygoriants. Hoping maybe the 2 that are close to me would pan out but man I do love Dr G's noses! Here are some bad pics of my nose is still so blah.

Tough decisions!

So I contacted Dr Grygoriants office and sent my pics. I was shocked to find out that for not much more money I could have had my surgery with him. I never would have thought that I could have afforded someone like him in CA. I agreed with all of his recommendations, however, I'm not sure I can afford another surgery anytime soon. I will not put my family in financial hardship over my nose. My husband is sooo not happy with this whole thing and asked if he should call my surgeon to demand a refund or partial refund. I of course said no I don't think your going to help matters. My husband works his butt off like no other man I know, so I understand. I feel the worst over that part of it. Even though I know it's not my fault, it still puts us in a huge dilemma like many on here I know. Everyone has said although my nose is different than before does not mean it's better. That's sad. Although I have been ver lay hesitant to post my bad pictures I am going to upload a few so that I am being really honest about how bad it looks. I decided to take my time and think about it long and hard and not rush into anything. Whether it's a no charge revision with my original dr that scares me to death or forking over money for a revision with Dr G.

Revision coming soon!

So I have really felt like I am to just chill out and be patient. In my personal prayer time I felt like waiting was what I should be doing right now.? Well I am so glad I listened to that voice because I got to thinking since now I cannot breath as well I wonder if my insurance would pay anything for my revision. I gave dr g my insurance info and thank God they are going to cover some of it. Not sure at this point in time how much because they review your post op notes and decide from there but it looks like I will be saving a minimum of $3500. That is pretty good but I could end up getting more just don't know how much yet. It is still a chore to figure out when is a good time to go as my husband will now have to use his vacation days to stay with our youngest . A whole lot of planning and inconvenience for sure! I think that is the worst part for me is having to ask others to give things up for me to do this again. Like time or vacation days or whatever it will be. Either way I am happy that it is now a possibility to have a revision this next year when I really didn't see how it would be possible any time soon.


So I was wondering where to stay at when I have my surgery with Dr G. My mom will be going with me and I would like o be as close to his office as I can be. Maybe have a pool to lounge by and some things within walking distance to shop at or site see. Any suggestions from those who have already been out there? I have been looking on Airbnb but would also like personal recommendations. Thanks in advance!


I did want to also say that my nose really has changed over the last few months. I am glad I did not do a revision yet. NOT because my nose looks better because it actually looks worse. It because there were things I could not see with some of the swelling still there. I can now see a flat spot on the top of my nose. I am assuming I have an implant or something in the tip, I have always felt it but could not see it till now. The bone left on my dorsal hump is way more prominent now. It is just really a bad nose job. I asked a different Dr for a second opinion on the revision process. My initial ps said he would "fix" it using a local and if I was really nervous he would give me versed. That just didn't seem right to me so I ask if this sounded safe. The other ps said absolutely not. I guess when you have to use that much lidocaine to numb the area it causes a lot of tissue swelling and he said your results will be inconsistent because you can't really see what your doing. Hmmm might be why I'm in this predicament to begin with. Also he said you cannot maintain the airway which he felt was very important. Now I know Drs will disagree on this to some point because I did look up iv sedation before I did it because I was kinda nervous but I do know that when I woke up from this my mom said she heard me from the waiting room screaming I could not breath and was coughing up blood. I don't remember a lot of that but I know it worried my mom. So hope that helps. I didn't realize any of this before so now we know.

I changed my review

So after thinking about it and contemplating all that has went into this in the outcome and results that I have received, I have decided that it was not worth it. Although I do look different, I don't believe I look that much better. I received a mediocre results, mediocre care, and still paid a high price. I now have to have a revision. This will equal more time and more money, at this point I don't really have either. Probably the most disappointing part is that my nose does not function as well as my original knows. I didn't have any breathing issues before, and now out of my right side I do. If and when I choose to do a revision I will post a review of that separately. And for the record, original plastic surgeon did offer to shave down the bone that was left. However after reading numerous other reviews I had decided to not go that route . Almost every review that I saw where people used to their primary surgeon who had failed the first time they were even more unhappy with the results after the second attempt by the same surgeon. I have decided that artistically I do not believe we are on the same page and therefore I cannot use him. Even if the rest of the bump was shaved down my tip is awkward in my nostrils are huge. It's still protrudes too far out and needs deprojected more.
Peoria Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr P travels to a town near me once an month for consults so I met with him then. He seemed to know what I wanted and was confident it would be an uncomplicated surgery since it was all cosmetic. He didn't think I would need to have it broken which sounded great to me! He said he would just file down the dorsal hump and refine the tip. I knew he had the education needed I just wasn't sure about the skill. I mean his pictures he had brought with him were ok but very outdated by the styles In there. I was pretty set by then though that I just wanted it done. So I scheduled the next day.... Let's do this. I had made my apt for six weeks later. It came and went really fast. I had iv sedation and it was fine. No complications and recovery as far as discomfort has been minimal! I did however have concerns when I had the splint removed. I still saw a bump! I said ummm it still has a bump will that go away?? He said to give it time and be patient. I said ok and made a follow up apt for March. I got in the car and really looked at it, then the big test., I felt it with my fingers. Yep it's bone not swelling! One side is smoother than the other but the other side still has the almost like a spur in it where I had injured it as a kid. So almost three weeks out. A lot of the swelling is down and I still have a bump. No it's no as bad as before but it is noticeable not only to me but those who know me and knew I did this. Soo being that it wasn't broken I guess I just assumed it would be this cute smaller nose with no bump at all I mean that's what you want when you have a dorsal hump is no hump at all! We I'll see what happens with my follow ups but it is a lot of money to look a little better but still not like to look at your nose :( I want other things done like a tummy tuck and booty lift (4 kids and I'm 40) but I'm just not sure how your suppose to know who to choose now. Also things like his office is outdated. Staff was nice enough but the nurse didn't wear gloves when starting my iv. I wouldn't say I felt like I was important by Any means but they were not rude either. So it's like whatever. I'm not sure I want to do a revision with him because what if it's worse? Idk if I should just live with it or what. Sad though really that you have to decide that. Another surgeon would just cost a lot more money than a revision and I can't that right now. So we will see.

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